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7 Most Appealing Courage Tattoos

Many people think tattooing as meaningless but this is an art with great depth and meaning to it. In tattooing, courage is among the most popular themes. There are some of the most exquisite ideas on courage tattoos for women that really inspire and recreate some unique designs.

7. Lion


It is one of the best possible courage tattoos for girls. Lion is a true presenter of courage, power, strength, leadership, bravery and the list goes on. It is a truly glorious animal that pictures one’s love of courage and bravery. This tattoo is not only for those born under the sign of Leo but also for those who believe in its strength.

6. Tiger Tattoos


It is again similar in nature and is also the king of the eastern jungles. It also represents beauty along with the usual courage and strength. In the eastern families, it is also considered as a symbol of good fortune and is supposed to scare away the evil spirits and the samurai also used its image to motivate and give them courage.

5. Anchor With Ribbon


Anchors are getting in tattooing trend these days. They are very popular among the tattoo lovers. If you are looking for some sort of courage and classy tattoos why not get an anchor tattoo with a ribbon revolving around it with the words courage and strength written on them. It will not only serve the purpose but will also be stylish choice in courage tattoos.

4. Infinity Courage Tattoo


You can play with this symbol in any way you like. You add the words of strength and courage to the symbol using the words instead of the line and it will become a beautiful courage tattoo. Furthermore you can use stars, butterflies or birds to form the horizontal eight figure along with the words and it will add to its beauty.

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3. Wave Courage Tattoo


Water is the most essential need of life and one of its forms a wave represents great power, courage and steadfastness. Despite the fact it is something very powerful but still it is calm. Don’t try to recreate this dainty tattoo making it look funky as its true beauty lies in its simplicity.

2. Courage Quotes Tattoos


Getting a quote that is promoting courage is an excellent tattooing choice. There are various designs that may suit your taste easily. You can vary the fonts according to your choice and can beautify it by adding symbols to it. This will also be a distinct and individual option in courage tattoos.

1. Courage


Simply get the word courage tattooed on your body as no other tattoo can as specific, simple and to the point courage tattoo as this. Furthermore you can play with it and recreate a unique design as you wish.

Tattooing is not something new but it is ages old and with the passage of time it also has evolved. The courage tattoos in simple designs are more inspiring because their true beauty lies in their original form. Before getting one yourself you must think about it.

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