7 Dainty Tattoos That Are So Arresting

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By far tattoos for women are surrounded by so many controversies. Some people think that it makes you dirty. Even in some social circles people don’t approve those having tattoos. If you are comfortable with it then it does not matter that what others think. If you want a tattoo and cannot decide and it is also your first one then nothing can be better than dainty tattoos.

7. Initial On Nape Tattoo


The good thing about a nape tattoo is that no one knows that you have one until you lift the hair from your neck and when you do so you really look chic in that dainty tattoo of yours. You can also choose the format in which to get your initials tattooed.

6. Butterfly Tattoo Behind Ear


Butterflies have always been loved for their beauty and so are their classy tattoos. It has a feminine touch to it and is also very attractive. When you get it behind your ear it is not easily visible except from a few specific angles and when someone does see them he will simply be amazed and you sure will be getting a compliment for it.

5. Ring Finger Tattoo


These tattoos for girls are really in demand these days especially among couples who instead of displaying a ring get a dainty tattoo on their ring finger to show their commitment and devotion for each other. Commonly they get the initials of each other tattooed. It is not just for the couples only but the singles also get such tattoos but they usually go for music symbols or a heart.

4. Rib Cage Tattoo


People usually go for flowers, scorpions or other tall tattoos on their rib cages but this idea is very unique. Decide a single word that best describes your personality like fearless, courageous and etc. and get a dainty tattoo of it on your rib cage. The next time you go the beach with it the reaction of the people will tell you how awesome your tattoo is.

3. Outer Wrist Tattoo


You see people with courage tattoo on their wrists very often but go for an outer wrist one as it is showy and trendy too. Remember to get a simple and dainty tattoo instead of a big one as it looks awkward. The best choice will be a small heart, a crescent, and the religious ones can even go for a cross.

2. Collarbone Tattoo


The next time you wear a shoulder less along with this tattoo it will look amazing and will be so attractive as you surely will be noticing so many turned heads and remember to fill the star up as it will be making it bold and gorgeous with such tattoos.

1. Skull With Hearts Tattoo


People have seen skulls but what makes this skull so enchanting are the hearts which have replaced the eyes. Go for a dainty tattoo as a bigger version won’t be that good. You will find people starring hard on it and trying to figure it out and you can give them a smile in return.

If you think that tattoos look good and are charming only when they are oversized then you need to think again as these dainty tattoos are way more cooler than their bigger versions.

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