21 Gorgeous Long Wavy Hairstyles

Long Wavy Hairstyles are becoming popular nowadays. Especially the women with long hairs are enjoying wavy hairstyles and wavy hairstyles are their hot favorite. From Hollywood celebrities to top elite socialites, wavy hairstyles are appearing everywhere. Several of the celebrities are having wavy long hairstyles which make them look beautiful and gorgeous.

If you have long hairs then a wavy hairstyle can enhance your beauty to a staggering amount. Whether for a party look or for a simple look the stunning curls and waves can make you look seductive amongst the people. Here are the few of the best long wavy hairstyles that are inspired from beautiful celebrities.

21. Shakira’s Flattering Wave


Shakira is always full of life and lively. But her liveliness is also shown by her flattering long wavy hairstyle. Her long thick wavy layer with brownish texture, her hairstyle brightens up her face and adds to the glow of her smile. Shakira’s hairstyle is one of the splendid looking and shinning long wavy black hairstyles.

20. The Glamorous Garcelle Beauvais’ Wavy Hairstyle


If you want to have a look of a movie star, then this is the easiest one to try out. Take your unwashed hair and spray them fully with a style spray. If they look greasy , apply a little amount of dry shampoo in the root zone of hairs. After the application of styling spray, using large hot rollers, roll your hairs a little upwards and spray slightly. Later take out the curlers and let your hair hang loose. However if you are bent on achieving the same long wavy curly hairstyle as Garcelle Beauvis then utilize a deep side part of your hair.

19. Wavy Hair Of Olivia Wilde


Olivia Wilde’s hairstyle is popular among the long wavy braided hairstyles. To do it, use a big bent brush after a deep shower. Now by using a blow dryer along with the brush pull the hair upward. The waves in your hair will fall themselves according to the style. The style will be more pleasing if you have thick hairs. After drying your hairs completely, utilize a deep side part so that you can divide the hair. Using hair rollers, roll it with only those sections that can be managed. Later on use a little spray and apply it so your hairs remain bouncy all day long.

18. Long Wavy Hairstyle Of Ashley Judd


This wavy hairstyle can work perfect with unwashed hair. Women who have straight hair can easily create this hairstyle quite perfectly. Apply the foamy mousse through your hairs and add volume. By parting off the hair to one side, tease out a section from the front. Move this section at the back of your ear and do the same process with the other side. In final step add a styling cream on the top tips of hair to smoothen the loose ends and drag the remaining hairs forward for a perfect frame of your face.  In the list of popular long wavy hairstyles, this one is called throwback.

17. Heather Graham’s Wavy Hairstyle


If you want a disheveled and rolled out homecoming hairstyle look, then this one is for you. Shampoo your hair and wash them properly but take care that you do not use any conditioner that can make the hair weigh down. After the shower, use a volumizer as a spray and take a blow dryer. Instantly dry your hairs by the blower and roughly shake your hairs with your fingers. To intensify the tousled look, use a dry shampoo once the hairs are completely dry.

16. Simplistic Wavy Curls Of Alyssa Milano


These curls are the best in the long wavy hairstyles. If you avoid using conditioner often or you do not use a deep conditioner, then you should surely give Alyssa Milano’s hairstyle a shot. Later you may use any styling product to smoothen out the hair. During blow-drying of your hair, utilize a round brush so that slight curls are visible throughout the sections. When you are done with this, use a shine spray to add gleam to your Hollywood styled hair look.

15. Bohemian Chic Hair Curls Of Mary Kate Olsen


Mary Kate Olsen is famously known for her Bohemian dressing. She does a marvelous hairdo without overdoing it and creates a simple, pretty chick beauty. Her hairstyle is adopted by many women over other long wavy hairstyles. To experiment with this hair, comb through your hair using your fingers. This will add some volume and divide the distinct hair strands. Now use a spray gel which will help your style to stay on throughout the whole day. For a perfect bohemian look, pull back two strands from the front of the hair so that the remaining portion will look undone.

14. Classy Waves Of Jane Krakowski’s hairstyle


Before you prepare your hair for this hairstyle, use a moisturizing shampoo on your hair followed by a conditioner. When you have efficiently applied hair conditioner, you may now wrap your hair with a warm towel so the conditioner works even better. Then you can wash out the conditioner and dry out the hair till it is damp. Dry the hair a little more by using a curl cream combined with a diffuser. Finally, dry you hair in air and use large hot curling iron to produce beautiful classy curls with each one of the curl made by using three inch sections.

13. Carey Mulligan’s Waves


This style creates lovely and elegant waves. To try this out, apply gel to the front portion of the hair before drying out the hair entirely. Now stretch parts of the hair to forward direction so they frame the face after drying up. If your hairs are not straight naturally then make sure that you straighten the bangs. Eventually ruffle them to create more volume as well as movement.

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12. Elegant Anne Hathaway’s Wavy Hairstyle


This hairstyle among the long wavy hairstyles is an old Hollywood hairstyle but still possesses glamour and beauty. Go back into the 1940s Hollywood with curly hairdo. While you blow-dry your hair use a styling spray with a round brush. Later use medium rollers and use them for two inch sections of the hair and leave them for about 30 minutes. Apply a hair spray prior to taking out the rollers so the classic curls still remain. Use a paddle brush for brushing out the top portion of the hair so that they fall right over your eyes.

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11. Kelly Rowland ‘s Wavy Hairstyle


Kelly Rowland’s Hair style is more popular among teens than any other long wavy hairstyles. To do it use a styling paste to work on different parts of hair rather than leaving your hair straight. Next use a curling iron and wrap your hair around it. This will help to create some wavy pieces that add texture to the hair.

10. Angelina Jolie’s Glittering Wavy Hairstyle


If you want Angelina Jolie’s Hairdo then treat your hair deeply and wash out the conditioner. Hereafter dry your hair by an air blower. This will help to maintain a natural glow and gloss on the strands. Rather than using a brush, use clip to lock your hair at the back and fall down the hair around your face. This will give you a relaxed look which can be used for daily use and has an unspeakable beauty.

 9. Spring Curls Of Elizabeth Hasselbeck


If you are looking for long wavy hairstyles for your long and loose hairs, then spring curls of Elizabeth Hassel beck is worth trying. During the shower, use a shampoo if you possess dry hair. You may also use a moisturizing conditioner. Next apply a straightening balm on the hair and allow it to dry naturally. After it is dried out completely, use a foamy mousse on section while using your hand to scrunch it. This will help it to frame the face and give a glossy, messy look.

8. Leslie Mann’s Stunning Long Wavy Hairstyle


Apply a styling cream in your damp hair and blow-dry your hairs. Now use a spray that settles for long on the hair ends. Then to create a beautiful curl on the bottom most portion of the hair, use a roller around two inch section. Let this sit for about five minutes then unroll the hair and utilize a dryer set on cold which will give it a tousled look.

7. Sherri Shepherd’s Wavy Hair


Some long wavy hairstyles are a perfect match for special events and this is one of them. For this, style your hair when they are dry. Apply a moisturizing conditioner along the hair ends which will make your hair bouncy throughout the day. Using ceramic hot roller, wrap the hair around roller in sections for about three to four minutes. DO not leave it any longer than five minutes as it can cause the hair to break. At the end, use a mist and tousle your hair by using your fingers.

6. Easy To Make Carrie Underwood’s Wavy Hairstyle


This is the easiest of long wavy hairstyles. After drying your hair soon after taking a shower, use a little glossy serum on the top section of the hair. Now pull your hair off to one side. To get a messy effect, let the hair fall over the eyes and slight tousle them through your fingers.

 5. Simplistic Hair Waves Of Jenna Dewan


To give a gleam to your hair, use cool water when you are taking a shower. Partially dry your hair by using your towel and use a straightening cream. Now in order to complete drying your hair, use a big round brush to flip up the hair ends. Use the deep side part at the end and apply a little anti-frizz on the crown portion.

4. January Jones’ Wavy Hair For Working Women


This hairstyle differentiates itself from long wavy hairstyles by the reason that it can be used by working woman. To create this hairdo, you will need a huge curling iron along with some shine serum. Wrap the strands of one inch section of the hair around the barrel in such a way that curling iron is always parallel to the head. Wrap a little above the middle strands in order to keep the flat roots. Now apply shine serum on the curls and waves which will soften the appearance.

3. Catherine Zeta Jones’ Hairstyle


This hairstyle will make you look a hot chick. For this, apply a conditioner to your hair and leave it for about five minutes and ensure that the hair is completely moisturized. After this use some mousse to keep the strands in place. Wrap the sections of your hair around a curling iron. Next unwrap each section and run your fingers through the sections so that hairs are loosened up. Make sure that the hair stay in place. You may also use a hair spray on the ends of your hair.

2. Fran Drescher’s Wavy Hairstyle


Boost up your wavy hair. Use a heat protectant on your hair in order to prevent damage to them. Next wrap the hair around a big curling iron but start from the middle strands. Repeat the same for the entire head. When you are done, use a hairspray as well as shine serum to make the curls look more real and naturally beautiful.

1. Sandra Bullock’s Hairstyle


Among various long wavy hairstyles, this one can be used to achieve a side-swept appearance. Begin with a texturizer on dry hair. Take out a vent brush and spray a good quality hairspray onto the brush and comb the hair with it. After this section out your hair to one side and push it back gently. Use light hairspray at the end along your hair.

A light and romantic hairstyle can make the people go attracted without any effort. To achieve a perfect wavy hairstyle is not so difficult. Just remember that too many layers can cause the hair to look round. Try out the long wavy hairstyles mentioned here and see which one fits your hair!!

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