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Top 100 Appealing Tattoos For Girls Worth Piercing

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The word Tattoo originates from the Polynesian word ‘tatua’. The word was initially presented by one of the famous British explorers of the Royal Navy, Captain James Cook. He wrote in one of his books about his discoveries in the land of the Polynesian people. He carefully mentioned that these were sacredly involved in painting their skin in a very different manner. For they used animal teeth/bone turned into sharp, pointy objects that they then dipped in an ink like substance in color that looks either blue or black and is made out of oil from a nut or maybe coal. This thus leaves a very ineffaceable mark on the skin. The natives there called it tatua.

The trend worked its way through young sailors, pirates and fishermen who then got tattoos on their arms and shoulders that said a tale or two regarding their journeys. The art of tattooing kept crawling for 200 years and above and it was in the 19th century when famous people of England opted to get tattoos that the world could see and debate about. In America however the story was a little different. The tattoo shops as well as the people who knew the art were not deemed to be as socially or morally accepted because of the they did because tattoos were initially the bate of prison inmates, some hippie motorcyclists or some wandering sailors. It wasn’t until closer to the 21st century when common people realized the aesthetics behind the art and now there have been so much artistic and technological advancements in the field that it has almost become an undeniable reality.

We can see more and more celebrities dwelling in the art and people actually love the tattoos artists get on different parts of their bodies. However, one must understand the basic fact behind tattooing and that is permanence, when you sit down in front of an artist and the needle of the machine starts doing the job, the change that comes beyond that is irreplaceable. Many people have made such stupid mistakes that they have instantly regretted, a few of these mistakes are not knowing what tattoo that they really wanted and ended up getting something that they not think of and now there’s nothing that they can do to replace it and the second most committed mistake in the world of tattooing is to go for a cheap and available artist who doesn’t give a damn to what you want and ends up messing with your money and your body, for good.

Here at ‘’ we have compiled a list of the top 100 best-selling tattoos for girls, designs and have even taken time to explain what meanings are thus associated with those tattoos in general, just to make your tattoo selection ritual a lot easier. Take a look at the world’s top 100 tattoos for girls, with their symbols and meanings.

Top 100 Best Selling Tattoos For Girls:

1. Butterfly Tattoos


Butterflies have a very fascinating impact on the minds of people. They are like those flying, tiny creatures that hold about 90% of the world’s beauty. The faith in having a butterfly near you is like that your life is in the phase of transition where you might be in some hard cocoon like casing and you are soon to come out all victorious. Butterfly tattoos for girls recognize such a change and are the most searched tattoos on the web. If you see a tattoo chic somewhere always check her for a butterfly tattoo somewhere since women love to adorn a butterfly tattoo on their body.

2. Rose Tattoos


What is the name for a Rose will always be beautiful no matter what you call it. Roses are the symbol of beauty and innocence along with that striking elegance that attracts both men and women towards it. Rose tattoos are like a safe bet. There are numerous artists that have been accepted as fine artists since they incorporate rose tattoos in almost every form of tattoo that they are creating on their clients. You might have often seen burly men having skull tattoos with a beautiful and intricate design of rose tattoos around it. Rose tattoos for girls are all about finesse and beauty.

3. Flower Tattoos


Women are fond of flowers since the day they are able to enough to hold themselves on their feet. It’s not like men don’t like flowers, but flowers are always associated with the essence of femininity. Flowers are delicate, beautiful and they definitely lift the spirits. Most people if they are confused about that actually to have on their bodies when it comes to decide a tattoo often go with floral designs, maybe a bouquet of flowers or a bunch of flowers designed around another design. An artist shall never fail you while designing flowers on your body.

4. White Ink Tattoos


Tattoos these days are all about innovation and a chase after doing something completely different. Many tattoo artists have completely devoted their lives into introducing all kinds of new and safe techniques that makes their work different than the rest and this has been indeed a great initiative. In the old years we had only seen simple and plain tattoos in a shade of green ink but now the whole market is after the inception of white ink tattoos. They are the ones that are not completely invisible but that clear and almost skin like appearance makes them look incredibly cool and eye catchy.

5. Owl Tattoos


People have been deceptive about all kinds of superstitions associated with owls as they are often considered to be a bad omen. But only the wise like owls know what the worth of this bird is. This bird depicts strength, wisdom and patience. Nowhere would you have seen an impatient owl trying to catch up on to something. Owls are always seen calm and seated at their place with such a great demeanor. People who are in love with this animal and its wisdom feel no regret having an Owl tattoo on their body.

6. Couples Tattoos


The next time in a relationship might be having the courage to go for a couple tattoos for girls. Now the most old school manner is to get a name engraved as a tattoo but now things have gone way on board creativity. People know the risk of having a name engraved because relationships aren’t that strong these days so the key is to get similarities and differences tattooed together like a constant sweet reminder. Many couples get their marriage or even their engagement dates engraved, while there is even a trend where people get stuff like, Vegan and Omnivore tattooed like a cute reminder.

7. Anchor Tattoos


People look for a very solid support all throughout their life, sometimes in the shadow of their parents and family, moving on to having friends that would give them that firm support and even then most people don’t find the courage to move on ahead on their own and they still find that support in their spouses and lovers. That support is the anchor in their life that keeps them grounded. Initially anchor tattoos were a charm of navy men and sailors but today nothing is just associated with a particular group of people. Rock starts and the female population now equally celebrates anchor tattoos.

8. Heart Tattoos


Our heart is the most emotional organ within the body. Though all emotions are generated and held back inside the brain but all of them have an equal impact on the heart which makes us feel sharp pains when we are hurt and an elevated heartbeat when we finally see our loved ones in front of our eyes. Heart tattoos for girls are all about celebrating love, happiness, freedom, friendships and everything that connects with the heart, directly. Since the heart is the central organ of the body, a heart tattoo also resembles unification and steady flow of emotions throughout life.

9. Star Tattoos


You might have heard it like a gazillion times from your parents, your teachers, your mentors to always have the heart that strives to touch the stars and that you should always be aiming the stars. Stars are the simple of light, hope and success. But there are about more than a dozen categories of starts to look out from since all of them have different meanings associated with them. These stars and the meanings are associated based upon the number of pointers in each design. Some stars are also a part of gang or discreet signs of the devil worshippers.

10. Dreamcatcher Tattoos


Everybody wants to have all kinds of beautiful dreams throughout their lives and there have been many cultural and tribal stories associated with the values and works of a dreamcatcher. The dreamcatcher is basically a rounded piece of woven net that is adorned with all kinds of embellishments depending upon your taste. Similarly in the world of tattooing, the symbol of a dreamcatcher promotes the presence of a happy and optimistic aura around the individual as what the dreamcatcher does, that it holds back all kinds of nightmares, pessimistic thoughts and negative aura within it allowing only happiness around the individual.

11. Tree Tattoos


Trees are the symbol of growth, prosperity, shelter, longevity, wisdom and resilience. There are a number of cultures around the world who hold trees sacred to their culture and to have a tattoo of a tree engraved on their bodies might hold a different meaning for different people. Tress of different kinds are though preferred in most cultures because of the nature of the meaning that they posses. The Arabs like the Lebanese have cultural values associated with the Cedar trees, the Greeks and the Celts find Oak trees closer to their thoughts and culture while the Asians associate Cherry Blossom with femininity and beauty.  It is all about the perception of people in different cultures. But whatever the tree might be it looks equally beautiful and magnificent.

12. Crown Tattoos


The crown is one of those powerful and meaningful aspects that are strongly associated with royalty and grandeur. It is indeed one of the most glorious  moments to witness the charge of an empire being handed over to the next ruling King, Queen of the state and this all symbolized when the then crown is placed upon the head of the new ruler. Since the time of Old England people have been getting tattoos of crowns engraved on their bodies and it was since those times when a cross had to be incorporated on to the crown to make it visibly understood that power is indeed a divine right and the emperor is a mere soldier of the God. Crown tattoos for girls to symbolize their lives to be powerful, full of strength and authority.

13. Moon Tattoos


One of the most overly romanticized objects in literature is the moon. The moon though thousands of miles away orbiting in the Earth’s radius, the moon is known to be the Earth’s secret lover, vowed never to leave its side. In old English Literature, lovers in their earliest stages of love often claim to have the courage to move on and reach the sky, the stars and the moon to prove the strength of their love. There has often been a mystical power associated with the moon for the mere placement of the moon is responsible for turning up the tides in the seas. The moon tattoos for girls that are used symbolize all kinds of dreams, mysticism, femininity, fertility associated with the Goddesses and a positive and raw energy.

14. Watercolor Tattoos


Only true art lovers can understand and accept the fact that tattooing that was long taken as a taboo by many cultures has now transformed itself into a piece of magnificent and glorious art work. If it were ever allowed, many tattoo artists would love to have Galleries in their names where they would occasionally keep exhibitions of their live samples and then people would understand their work and their talent. Watercolor tattoos for girls is completely a technique of pure art where instead of rigid and straight lines the client is taken as a canvas and that tattoo artists paints with as much freedom as they want. These watercolor tattoo samples will surely blow away your mind.

15. Infinity Tattoos


There are many signs and symbols that are though simple enough but the meanings that they hold are un-numbered and anyone can associate and kind of meaning with them. Infinity symbol is one of them, that is the simplest of all tattoos for girls that are bet upon and they hardly end up disappointing anyone. Infinity can be termed and associated with a large of things. We can connect infinity in terms of love, power, wisdom, strength, and even a great symbol for the geeky nerds. Many couples get their heart tattoos twirled around an infinity sign to showcase an infinite exchange of love for the years to come.

16. Sun Tattoos


The greatest asset of us humans living and breeding upon this planet is the sun. The one planet that never tires or retires and has been there shining upon us and helping us live a life that is meant to complete its circle and fulfill its purpose. Very similar to the use of tree tattoos, sun tattoos also hold different sets of meanings in different cultures and can be associated with both positive and negative imagery. Sun’s greatest meaning is the symbol of life, because if it weren’t for the sun and the light, there wouldn’t have been life possible on the planet, but along the same lines a sudden rage from the sun has the strength to perish all life that ever existed. Thus it isn’t wrong when said that any meaning can be associated with a tattoo that winds around the sun.

17. Bow Tattoos


There are a lot of symbols and signs that are specifically associated with feminism and femininity. You would hardly end up any man having one of such tattoos where the sole purpose is to flaunt, beauty, innocence and charm until and unless you are inclined more towards being a female than a male. Similar to having butterfly tattoos, bow tattoos are also one such symbols that are heavily endorsed by the female tattooed population.  Bow tattoos for girls can go on alone or can even be made a part of other designs like hearts, gems, jewelry and other such kinds of symbols, more like a gift-wrapping your life kind of bow.

18. Praying Hands Tattoos


We all believe in raising hands to praise the Lord that has made the world, has made us and has been nourishing us throughout our lives and has given in this Earth everything that is for our best. We raise our hands to pray in front of God to grant us what we dearly want, it could be anything material or anything that is simply close to your heart. A hand raised in prayer is never let down by the Lord. The praying hands tattoo is also the sign of all what has been mentioned. The praying hands tattoos for girls are now adorned by women as well and are often associated with the remembrance of a lost loved one.

19. Feather Tattoos


Feather might be one of the most delicate and light weight things in the world. They are considered to be pure, innocent and about love. Feather tattoos for girls were used by many tribes to associate the innocence and strength of the bird with the individual. The bird is said to have a purifying spirit that is full of love and freedom. Native Americans preferred having feather tattoos for the uplifting of the spirits and as a gratitude to the spirited souls around that were symbols of honor, strength, bravery and courage.

20. Gemini Tattoos


Zodiac lovers wouldn’t leave a chance to flaunt what they strongly believe in and how proud they are to be under the influence of the star sign they are born in. Having your zodiac sign tattooed on your body is like you have embraced the goods and the bads that are associated with it. Just like the dual nature of their star sign these people are all about adding all kinds of fun and spice in to their lives. All about having a firm intellect, being diplomat in their decisions and often covert in terms of their feelings is all what a Gemini tattoo would tell you about the individual.

21. Elephant Tattoos


Animal tattoos for girls are the second preference of all who opt to go under the needle. Women often opt for the delicate and lovable forms of animal tattoos like butterflies, panda bears, to even cats. Men on the other hands being the bearers of power, strength, anger and avenge go for animals that are wilder in terms of their nature and appearance. Lion is one of the most common animals that are tattooed by men, falling at elephants at number two. Elephants are animals of great strength and power. They are not wild in terms of their nature but they are clever and informed animals who know how to love and stick together with their family and loved ones in the time of need.

22. Fake Tattoos / Temporary Tattoos


As kids we have always been fans of tattoos that came in the pack of gums, some of which were water based that needed a drop of water to be drizzled on top of the tattoo that was resting on your skin and the key was to neatly press the entire tattoo on to the skin. But these tattoos were always much of a disappointment. The other form of fake or temporary tattoos for girls are still available in sticker or glued form where women mostly opt for such fake and temporary tattoos to adorn their bodies in times of need, mostly festivals, concerts and weddings.

23. Hourglass Tattoos


Time is the most precious asset in a man’s life and to have a firm grip on it throughout your lives is what makes an individual stronger, successful and always ahead of time. It has been believed for many centuries that only those men succeed in life that are always ahead of time. Unfortunately, the ones that were ahead of time were always ridiculed and laughed at. The hour glass tattoo is a symbol of both steadiness and change. There is no doubt about life being uncertain and that if there is a time of extreme pain and sadness then this phase shall pass and there will come a ray of hope and happiness. Hourglass tattoos for girls are symbols of hope, hope for everything better and good.

24. Mom Tattoos


A mother is that firm and solid tree in a child’s life that is always there to protect and to nourish and to provide all kinds of pushes and support whenever a child needs her. Mother is the first best friend a child ever has and she remains the same till her very end. The love that children share towards their mothers is inevitable. There is no doubt about it that there is no second to a Mom and that nothing can ever replace her. Many individuals go for having Mom tattoos engraved on their bodies out of their live for their mothers who might not be with them anymore as a strong and unparalled support.

25. Strength Tattoos


To be able to hold on and stay strong in the roughest of situations is what keeps an individual firm on their toes for the rest of their lives. To be strong is nothing easy and doesn’t come as easily as one might think of it to be. For people who have been constantly struggling to be strong in their lives goes for symbols that clearly signify strength and endurance. There are many Japanese signs and symbols that are associated directly with an individual’s spiritual strength. Animals like lions, eagles, bears and other wild and fierce animals are also strong symbols of strength and endurance.

Tattoos For Girls Categorized In Terms Of Design / Color

After the top 100 most looked up tattoos in the world we must now give you a detailed overview about what kinds of tattoos are basically there in terms of coloring and this might make you well able to decide which suits best with your attitude, personality and the theme of the tattoo that you may have selected. In the yester years when your parents might have also been involved in getting a tattoo, the techniques were pretty much solid and monochromatic but now things are really charged up.

A. Black/ Gray Tattoos


The titles pretty much gives up the basic detail. These tattoos are actually the epitome of monochromatic art.

  • Black and Gray tattoo doesn’t mean that it will look all pale and purposeless.
  • Artists these days are involved in creating some amazing 3D monochromatic tattoos that it looks as if they are life like.
  • The black and gray tattoos that were done in the past can be considered pretty dull then what artists are capable of creating now.
  • It is not necessary for you to get a 3D monochromatic tattoo. An artist can engrave a perfect looking, solid monochromatic tattoo as well.

 B. Colored Tattoos


You guessed it right, life isn’t that boring after all in the world of tattoos, not everything is in a dull and dark shade of black and gray everywhere, you should feel happy and great for there are many tattoo artists that are known to have a full command on colored tattoos.

  • Colored tattoos look extremely aesthetic, more like a piece of art when the artist has actually done justice to the toning and shading.
  • There are old school colored tattoos that do not include any shading or gradiance and are based purely on solid colors.
  • People fond of tattooing; opt for both old school solid colored as well as shaded colored tattoos.
  • After getting a colored tattoo one must work an extra mile to save the tattoo and the color from excessive sun exposure because it might end up damaging the skin cells holding the tattoo together.

 C. Portrait & Fine Line Tattoos


You might have come across people that have had some amazing portraits tattooed on their bodies, this isn’t as easy as it may seem because many artist wither painters or tattoos fail miserably in copying a good portrait o to the skin based on a number of things.

  • The place of the tattoo plays a real important part in determining the final output of a portrait tattoo.
  • Many artists have a certain image size criteria and artists do not accept samples that are below the required resolution size because that way it is almost inevitable to understand the fine lines required in pumping up the sketch.
  • This is required for both human and animal portraits.

 D. Tribal/Solid Ink Tattoos


Many men and women are not too fond to get fancy tattoos on their bodies and you might as well noticed thick lines and as of what seems like symbols belonging to some ancient or discreet language, well that’s the beauty of solid ink or in other terms Tribal tattoos.

  • These tattoos are usually not filled with colors as it is not the demand of the tattoo.
  • Many solid ink tattoos are not just geometrical designs but are basically sacred symbols belonging to different tribal or ancient cultures.
  • Such symbols hold some very religious or moral significance with them.
  • These days designs adapted from Celtic, Japanese or other Asian characters are preferred for such tattoos.

E. Freehand/Custom Made Tattoos


Most of you won’t really be acquainted with the idea of having a freehand or a custom made tattoo but there are a lot of people who are going after this technique in terms of having a tattoo that is completely original and unique for them.

  • Freehand tattoos basically mean that they wouldn’t be engraved after the skin has been pre-prepped with a draft image or something of that sort.
  • Freehand means that the tattoo artist will start right away and will keep on adjusting the design and the technique as per the place of the body where the tattoo is being made.
  • Custom made tattoos is done on the paper on spot for the client to work it up according to their demand.
  • Most custom made tattoo clients hold the right to the created masterpiece and do not allow replication of their desired work.

F. Touch –up/Rework Tattoos


It is true that tattoos actually fade away when they are tremendously exposed to sun rays this happens due to the constant UV based damage brought to the cells in the dermis layer that are holding the ink. These layers are than immediately discarded by the body and hence the ink of the tattoo fades away along with the cells.

  • Touch-up tattoos are basically quick work tattoos that are immediately taken in by artists who have done the work themselves Artists do recommend people to look after their tattoos but some mistakes are inevitable.
  • Cover-up tattoos on the other hand are based usually on people who are to make something good out of their hideously looking tattoos.
  • So for those who have had a bad time with a previous tattoo can actually look for comfort in another artist’s work?

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