15 Most Painful Places To Get A Tattoo

Tattooing is an art and art is beautiful in all its forms. However, this form of art is not very beautiful in its initial stages – the part when it is needled into your body. I love the part that it stays there forever because that makes the pain worthwhile but hey! Are you sure you will be able to tolerate all the pain?

Let me give you some things to recall while getting a tattoo done. Let us call this, “A list of things to think during our tattoo-needling-process.”

  • The pain is temporary; the tattoo is forever.
  • You can show it off to your loved ones.
  • I can do better than this. This is nothing!
  • Beauty is pain and pain is beauty.
  • Kill me but make me beautiful.

Well, chances are you will remember none of this while getting a tattoo done because the pain makes you forget everything for a while. Tattooing is a beautiful art, unless you are about to make a spelling mistake that will last forever. There have been cases when the tattoo people made a spelling mistake because they were not aware of that particular language. Like OH MY GOD! Just imagine that, first the pain of the needle, then the pain of that spelling mistake.

If you or any of your loved ones are about to get a tattoo done then this article is a must-read for you so that you may be informed of all the consequences of it, more specifically the areas, which are not very welcoming for the needle.

“15 most painful places to get a tattoo including a hip tattoo and a spine tattoo. Find out how bad do tattoos hurt and does getting a tattoo made hurt by reading this article. Less shaded and single lined tattoos hurt the least.”

15. Spine Tattoos

spine tatoos...The area with bone is where you don’t want the needle to hit for that is the area which will take forever to let the pain go away. The bones take much longer to recover compared to a muscle area. In a muscle area, you will bleed, the area will swell and redden but that is about it. It will take a maximum of one week to recover completely from all that, for a deeper, darker, more shaded tattoo, it might take two weeks but not more. However, the closer you get to the bone, more the time it will take to recover from all the pain. Spine is the area that is completely bony with least amount of muscles and pretty much just the skin. When the needle will hit there, you are calling for a hell lot of pain. Shift your spine tattoos a little right or left to avoid the pain.

14. Inner Arm Tattoo

Inner Arm TattooThe area under the arm and the triceps area are both going to hurt a lot when being tattooed. Though it is said that the area with muscles hurt lesser than the bony areas, the area under the arm is an exception. If on a scale of 10 I had to rate the pain experienced in any other muscular area compared to the inner arm area, I would rate the other area a 3 or 4 and a 8 or 9 to the inner arm area. It pains the most there. If you want to get a tattoo there, keep it minimal with least or no shading and a lined tattoo.

13. Under Arm Tattoo

Under Arm TattooI do not really have to emphasise much on the fact that the area under the arms is very sensitive. Remember the pain experienced during a razor cut. Now imagine having a needle inserted there to get the tattoo done. I guess you get what I am talking about.

12. Tattoo Behind The Knee

Tattoo Behind the KneeThe area behind the knee is quite similar to that of the inner arm the under arm. The skin there is very thin and sensitive. Even if you wax in these areas haphazardly, you will notice the area underneath reddening. Tattooing in these areas is the worst.

11. Wrist Tattoos

Wrist Tattoos..The wrist area or most specifically the inner wrist area is another very fragile area. The skin over there is so thin that you can see your veins running there. The inner wrist area aka the suicidal point is very fragile, which is why when you hurt yourself there, you lose your conscience very soon. Playing with needles in your inner wrist area will hurt really badly so if that is where you really want your tattoo to be at then, again, keep it minimal.

10. Hand Tattoo

Hand Tattoo..To get a hand tattoo done, you need to get ready for some serious pain. The area in your hands is made of 75% bones, 15% muscles, 5% ligaments and 5% skin. Tattoos on hands are usually made above the hands, not on the palms. When you will introduce needles to a bony area, pain is obvious. If your hands are really the place, where you want your tattoo at then stay away from the fingers and as I said earlier, keep it minimal.

9. Foot And Toe Tattoos

foot and toe tatoosThe feet and toes, just like the hands and fingers are all about bones. When you are getting a tattoo done on your feet, the needle will hit the bones there and it will most definitely hurt a great deal. Having a look at the picture, it looks more like a henna design, so if that is how you want your tattoo to look like then go for henna application instead of a permanent foot tattoo. It is pain free and it looks beautiful.

8. Back Of The Neck Tattoos

Back of the Neck TattoosThe neck area is pretty close to the brain, when you hurt your neck, the brain is also getting affected. Secondly, the area behind the neck is your spinal cord, where I mentioned earlier hurts the most. It is completely bones in there, the bones that hold your whole body, the bones you don’t want to mess with. The good part is women usually do not get bigger tattoos done at the back of the neck, they keep it small so the pain will end soon.

“What are the 15 places where tattoos are most painful? Tattoo at the back of the neck and elbow tattoos hurt a lot. Tattoos hurt the most on bones and sensitive skin. Find out how to avoid tattoo pain.”

7. Knee Tattoo

Knee TattooKnee – the area with no muscle, only bone and ligaments is bound to agonize. There is no cushion to overcome the vibration of the needle so it will definitely hurt a great deal. If you want to get a leg tattoo, consider getting it done on a muscular area; like your thigh or shin.

6. Elbow Tattoo

Elbow TattooThis is an elbow tattoo. The elbow looks the double the original size and so swollen that it looks more like a knee. The swelling and the pain associated to an elbow tattoo is serious. Besides, a tattoo does not even look good there. Getting a tattoo made on elbow is like wasting your time, money and calling for some severe tattoo pain.

5. Eyebrow Tattoo

Eyebrow TattooTalk about how bad do tattoos hurt, eyebrow tattoo will come at the top in the list. You will feel serious vibrations in the head and since you are dealing with the head, so closely, you need a professional to make your tattoo. A professional is necessary for this because eyes are such a blessing, you don’t want to hurt your eye in any way. Anybody who does not have a perfect brow shape can get this tattoo to get that perfect brow look or you make choose an easy way out and use make up to do that.

4. Ankle Tattoos

Ankle Tattoos...Ankle is another one of the most painful places to get a tattoo. When you get a tattoo made on your ankle, you can feel the reverberations and the friction of the needle throughout your feet. It won’t feel like tickling, it is pain; real pain. I cannot think of a tattoo looking good over there so why not just get a tattoo on your thighs and avoid the pain. If you are considering getting a tattoo made on your legs, side thigh tattoos should be what you are looking for.

3. Tattoo Behind The Ear

Tattoo behind the Ear..A tattoo behind the ear is shall be your gateway to pain, my friend. The area inside and behind the ear is so sensitive that it can be damaged by sound that is too loud and during a tattoo making process, we are dealing with needles and serious vibrations. Here we are not just talking about pain but serious pain; fortunately, the pain shall end soon since we do not get bigger tattoos made behind the ear.

2. Hip Tattoo

Hip TattooGetting a hip tattoo is one of those excruciating processes that you don’t want to go through. The muscular area around the hips is not where it hurts much but the side area where you have your hipbone. When the needle will hit your bone, pain is obvious. To avoid the pain, keep it away from your hipbone. Find out how bad do tattoos hurt and does getting a tattoo made hurt by reading this article by further researching.

1. Clavicle Tattoo

Clavicle TattooClavicle is just not the area to get your tattoo done if you have ever had a neck or shoulder injury since you will be feeling the needle vibrations more around that area. Secondly, clavicle is a bone and when you will insert needles on or around the bone, pain is necessary. Be prepared for some serious pain if clavicle is where you want your tattoo.

A Little Piece Of Advice

In females, clavicle is also known as beauty bone. A flawless and well-contoured clavicle looks very sexy. You do not want any scars on your beauty bone; you want it to be flawless. Getting a tattoo made on your clavicle will only hinder in the perfection of your beauty bone. If you want to get a tattoo, get it made on your arms, at the back of your neck or on your shoulders.

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1 Comment

  1. Danika

    Feb 12, 2016 at 8:05 pm

    Behind the ear tattoos. Do not hurt at all. Unless you have -50 pain tolerance. Then it might hurt you like a tiny bit.

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