7 Worst Celebrity Tattoos

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Celebrities are the icons of grace among people. They set the trends fashion and style. People love to follow their fashion and feel pleasure in associating themselves with their beloved celebrities. However, there are some celebrities without makeup who are known by their weird fashion styles, dresses, accessories and tattoos.

There is much talk on the worst celebrity tattoos that are usually inked on bodies to get attraction of fans. In the following, you will find a list of such celebrities and their weird tattoos.

 7. Justin Bieber


The young pop singer Justin Bieber has also got a place in worst celebrity tattoos. He tattooed a Korean stereo and a mask. The stereo and mask were captioned with the statement “I Love you Korea”. Strange, isn’t?

 6. Lily Allen


The other celebrity known for her bizarre tattoos is Lily Allen. She has got a tattoo for women on her wrist inked with a map indicating her future aims and desires. Though the idea is novel but who can tell future.

 5.  Megan Fox


The stunning, the beautiful yet a bit depressed Megan Fox got a tag of worst celebrity tattoos. She has inked down at her back with the words “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies”. Someone really needs to ask Megan that what was the point of getting such tattoo? Megan Fox beauty, but without brains!

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 4. Miley Cyrus


There is no doubt in affection to pets, like everyone out there having a pet must have a deep love and bonding to his/her pet. But the love of Miley Cyrus to her pet was something stranger than fiction. She inked the tattoo of her pet dog Floyd on body when it died. The story doesn’t end her, she also forced some of her friends to get tattoo of her pet which is totally ridiculous “no offense”.

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 3. Mike Tyson


The famous character in Hangover 2; Mike Tyson got a permanent tattoo on his left eye, which was once temporary inked in for the character demand. It’s so prominent and tribal sort of tattoo that looks so awful sometimes. Learn the best places to get a tattoo.

 2. David Beckham


The renowned soccer player David Beckham has inked in various classy tattoos on his body. However his new tattoo serving as an image ambassador to Chinese Super League is a bit confusing and controversial. It says that “Life and death are determined by fate, rank, and riches decreed by Heaven”. David Beckham why so serious?

 1. Nicole Richie


Nicole Richie’s “virgin” tattoo on her inner wrist looks quite strange and meaningless as well. She is herself depressed on her choice according to media reports. She says she got it inked when was 16. However, it seems now quite ludicrous and has already marked it up in worst celebrity tattoos .

It happens to everyone, but to celebrities it goes viral and ultimately they get a tag of worst celebrity tattoos even if these celebrities are without makeup. Moreover, tattoos are mostly permanent; so if you want to get a tattoo, never do a crappy thing with your body. It counts a lot in determining your personality indeed.

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