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7 Classy Tattoos for Women

The classy tattoos for women not only make a lady more beautiful but a lot more expressive and bold. There’s a wide range of tattoos that a women can get. Following are some suggestions for women to get a best tattoo at right place.

 7. Tiny Tattoos


One of the classy tattoos for women starts right of with tiny tattoos, especially when they are done at right spots on body. It has been observed that various sorts of small shapes/words or letters have been tattooed at various places in the body. It includes the hands, fingers, ears, behind the ears, feet, wrist, upper shoulders, and neck, clavicle etc. The females have been seen tattooed with shapes like arrow, heart, small birds, music sign, simple rings or any number like IV etc.

 6. Tree Of Life Tattoo


The Celtic tree of life is one common and classy & top tattoo design for girls. This tattoo has been inked down in most of the bodies of females. Mostly the women prefer to get tree of life at back shoulders or feet etc. This tattoo looks highly beautiful with skinny bodies, most of all, this tattoo suits most with white skin and teenagers.

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5. Bird Tattoo


The love bird tattoos are also the other way of expression of love to someone. Women mostly get the tiny love bird tattoos done at their inner wrist and the bigger ones at the legs, back shoulders and feet. These tattoos are mostly the combination of 3-4 colors which shows the high class of elegance and romance.

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4. Elephant Tattoo


The Elephant tattoos are also one of the classy tattoos for women to be inked on the body. The philosophy behind the elephant tattooing is the loyalty, compassion and strength of this animal. The tiny size elephant tattoo can be inked in inner wrist and if you want a large size elephant tattoo then legs, feet or back can be most suitable option for elephant tattoos.

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3. Dragon Tattoo


Mostly the girls with adventurous and ferocious nature go for dragon tattoos ideas. These tattoos are mostly large in size inked in the back side of body, while some prefer the dragon tattoos at the sleeves or ribs section. These tattoos look extremely lustrous and purified of their own kind.

2. Feather Tattoo


The black colored large feather tattoos in females mostly at back or shoulders looks simply amazing with white skin bodies. They show the character of in-dependency and it casts a very charming effect. Apart from feather there are many other courage tattoos, like the fish tattoos etc. The music lovers usually get a tiny tattoo of music symbols for their passion and love to music.

 1. Life Tattoo


The life tattoo is also the one other way of conveying a freedom message to the world. Women get this to show their freedom and how much they are satisfied with their life. It can be tattooed anywhere, because mostly the words or quotes are inked in these sorts of tattoos.

The classy tattoos for women have yet more to discover. It’s you who have to decide what to be inked on your body and set a trend. All it takes is to go and get the tattoo done of your dreams and let the tattoo speak for your silence.

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