Best Places To Get A Tattoo: 7 Options

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Tattoos have been profusely liked by people. It’s not merely the symbols to express particular meaning, rather they are made to show a wide variety of interest and desires .There are several best places to get a tattoo on the body as per one’s likeness. In the following you will find a list of most of the common places people like to engrave tattoos for women in the world.

 7. Ears


If you want a tattoo that looks fairly dashing yet small than ear is the most right option. It gives a very tickling sensation and doesn’t hurt so bad while getting a tattoo. The music lovers have the best choice to let the world know about their taste of interest and dreams.

6. Inner Wrist


It’s one of the best places to get a tattoo as it’s least painful and extremely flattering. A prominent place in appearance yet it can be hidden at work places by wearing watches or bracelets etc.

5. Ankles


The tattoo at ankles looks more lustrous in females than males. The women have drawn very unique and intricate sorts of tattoo design at their ankles. Moreover the simpler tattoo design like the star or heart shape also looks very striking. The tattoos at ankles can also be hidden easily by wearing top shoes and socks.

4. Top Finger Tattoos


One of the most stylish and best places to get a tattoo can be the top fingers. The pain sensation is generally higher in such areas because of the finger bones but due to lesser tattoo size, it subsides pretty much early. One of the famous top finger tattoos is the “Love” tattoo. Many people express their love for someone by top finger tattoos.

 3. Inner arm


The sensation to pain is also very less, when tattooing the inner arm. Here the tattoo looks very adorable and elegant. Mostly the tattoo on inner arm is of few words despite the symbols and big images.

2. Back Shoulder


The tattoo on the back shoulder looks pretty cool and amazing. Here hiding such tattoos has never been a problem. It can be done by wearing a T shirt or else. This is probably the best place to get a tattoo of larger sizes and images. Mostly the women used to have back shoulder tattoos of various images and symbols.

 1.Upper Back/Lower Neck


If you want the tattoo on lower neck or upper back than you must have to be bold enough to argue with your boss. There are some office policies about the dress code and tattoos are generally considered to be a little offensive in office environment. The pain while getting a lower neck tattoo is pretty much higher as compared to others.

If you’re dying to get a tattoo and wants to feel more young and styling than go for it now. Among all the places for tattoo, there are still the best places to get a tattoo that you’ve to discover and let the people follow your design.

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