7 Ideal Tattoo Locations

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When you are going to get a tattoo you have to consider more than a thing. You have to undertake your career so that the tattoo location might not affect it in any way. Then you should know your body that which parts are the more attractive and which are the less attractive ones for tattoo. Another major factor is the level of pain as the pain is different for every part of the body while getting a tattoo for women and if it’s your first time then it is the most important factor.

7. Legs


It is the best location for a tattoo because if you get a tattoo on legs you can easily hide it under your clothes while on work. They will be easily visible when you are in a playground or gym in your shorts or on a beach. The pain is not too much making it an ideal location for the first timers.

6. Shoulder


It is usually termed as a universal tattoo location and both for the boys and the girls. Except from a shoulder less any type of dress can easily conceal your tattoo too so you need not be worried about work.

5. Forearm


This tattoo location is the most difficult to hide but on the other hand a tattoo on your forearm looks chic too. So it’s up to you whether you go for it or not. If your job environment is very uncompromising or if you are going for an interview then make sure that you are wearing long sleeves. Getting a tattoo on your forearm is moderately painful.

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4. Chest


Tattoo themselves attract quite some attention but a big chest tattoo cannot be matched in terms of attractiveness and can be easily put out of sight as well. It is very painful to get a tattoo on the chest. but surely the pain pays off as it goes no pain no gain.

3. Wrist


An amazing tattoo location but a very sensitive place making the procedure very painful but surely the pain pays off as it goes “no pain no gain”. Avery good place for dainty tattoos and will be hardly visible as well.

2. Ribs


This tattoo location is surely not for the first timers with the skin underneath so thin it makes tattooing very hurting and is not visible lest you are roaming around shirtless but in that case way too much heads are turned.

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1. Finger


The finger tattoos are as old as the tattooing itself but nowadays they are getting more and more in demand. These look chic and are very hard to notice as well. If you want a concealed one then you can go for one on the inner side but if you have one on the outer side you can use a ring to draw attention away from it.

If you are a first timer you should be choosing such a tattoo location that you can hide easily and you can get comfortable with it easily and if you are veteran then go ahead do whatever you like.

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