7 Worthwhile Small Tattoos For Women

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While tattoos may look beautiful quite different to look at, one thing should be kept in mind that they are permanent and cannot be removed without severely scarring your skin. Since these tattoos are for life, care is to be taken in selecting their shape and position; they should be both meaningful and be such that you do not regret having them in the next couple of years. Mostly, small tattoos for women are recommended. Here are a few worthwhile designs that are both relatively painless and meaningful.

7. Stars Tattoo


Stars are a symbol of success, knowledge and sometimes power. As a pentagram stars have a kind of holy etymology. The top arm of the star is said to point to the heavens while the remaining four arms allegedly each point to the elements; water, air, earth and fire. Not only do they accentuate the beauty of the female body but are also suitable for all ages. Sometimes these tattoos for women also have an inspirational aura to them.

6. Butterflies Tattoo


Butterfly is a symbol of growth, rebirth and matured beauty. Butterflies look particularly good on the shoulders and wrists. These tattoos can range from a single small butterfly to multiple even smaller ones. Sometimes these tattoos are used in conjunction with articulately designed lines. Their reference to feminine fertility makes them an excellent candidate for small tattoos for women.

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5. Dragonfly Tattoo


Have you ever seen a dragonfly fly? They seem to hover, almost stagnant, in the air. Dragonflies symbolize consistency, grace and otherworldly intellect. They are a sign of a deeper mysterious subconscious. So if you prize yourself as an intellectual and want to be a harmonious combination of beauty and brains then this is a worthy classy tattoo choice.

4. Infinity Tattoo


This is the best place to get a tattoo among the small tattoos for women and is for those who aspire to be the perfect representation of “beauty with brains”. It has various meanings. It can be used to symbolize eternal love for oneself, one’s family, one’s life or one’s lover and it can also symbolize continual growth, rebirth and regeneration.

3. Rose Tattoo


It is said that rose is the symbol of love. Whether you want to eternalize your love for someone or if you just want to show that you are a lovely person. The rose dainty tattoo is something you will never regret. This tattoo also depicts feminine eloquence. This tattoo looks particularly good on the shoulder, behind the ear, and on the inside of the arm.

2. Snowflake Tattoo


The snowflake tattoo is both beautiful and unique in its designs. Since this tattoo is based on a water crystal, which has 18 different varieties, this tattoo design can be modified to suit the mindset of its wearer. Moreover, it represents completeness, symmetry and purity and it doesn’t have to be large to deliver its message. An ideal choice in the list of small courage tattoos for women.

1. Dreamcatcher Small Tattoo


This beautiful design is a small tattoo for women who have a fantastical approach to life. The dream catcher is thought to ensnare the bad omens from your life and also protects them from nightmares.

All these tattoos are small yet portray a very strong meaning. Moreover, care should be taken in choosing the placement of tattoos. Tattoos should be on a place such that they can be covered in professional environments. Yet, the design is not restricted to these seven. Small tattoos for women can also be designed according to your own aesthetical sense. 

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