How To Make Your Hair Wavy; 8 Easiest Ways!

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How to make your hair wavy is a question asked by many women across the globe. Some find it tricky while others think it’s a time and effort consuming job. But all of these apprehensions are unfounded. There is nothing tricky or effort and time consuming in making your hair wavy. You can make your hair wavy by carefully following a couple of simple steps. You need to have a few styling products and gadgets to aid you in your pursuit of acquiring wavy ombre hair.

The use of curling irons, or pins or hot rollers can be helpful in answering the question; how to make your hair wavy. Given below is a list of methods which you can follow to make your hair wavy with relative ease and in a less time consuming manner.

You just have to focus on the demands of these methods and equip yourselves with whatever simple products your hair need to be wavy. Once you have completely understood how to make your hair wavy, you are free to try all the long wavy hairstyles.

8. Scrunch Method To Make Your Hair Wavy


This method is very easy and handy. It works with the help of your blow dryer in making your hair wavy. You need to start with damp hair, putting some mousse on them. Take your head upside down, divide your hair into different sections and start scrunching those sections turn by turn.

After this, take your blow dryer with the diffuser attachment installed on it, set the air on cool and pour it on your hair. Be careful to cover all the sections with this procedure. The last thing is to apply any light holding spray and then work your fingers through your hair to make the acquired waves more neat and visible. Here you are with your wavy hair.

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 7. Wavy Hair With Braids


This method is very exciting and also healthy for your hair but it requires a little patience as you have to wait for one night to get the waves. It is healthy in the sense that it saves you from the heat which can damage your hair. All you have to do is to divide your damp and mousse applied hair into sections, each of 2 to 3 inch width. Now comes the careful-to-be-with part, you have to French braid all these sections.

Be careful in doing this if you want perfect waves for a fantastic look. After making the braids, tie all of them using non-rubber elastics. Now sleep with these braids and open them the following morning. Here you are with your awesome looking waves. Apply any light spray and tousle your fingers through your hair to make the waves accentuated.  This is the way about how to make you hair wavy.

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 6. Wavy Hair With Mini Buns


Many methods have tried to answer how to make your hair wavy but this one seems to surpass all owing to its simplicity and the clarity of results. This is another heat-free and simple method, and when the word heat-free comes you should understand that it requires a little more time than other heating methods.

But it is worth the wait because the health of your hair is also being preserved. You should start with damp hair and work your fingers through your hair to apply some mousse. After this you should divide your hair into different sections. Keep in mind that smaller sections along with tight buns will result in intense waves, while larger sections along with loose buns will give you loose waves.

Take each section and make a bun out of it. Sleep with the buns as you finish with them. The next morning open your buns and witness the magic. Such awesome curls were never possible with any other method. Tousling your fingers through these waves will help you to increase their look and clarity. Now you are free to try different long wavy hairstyles on these waves.

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 5. Wavy Hair With The One Bun Method


If you ask any friend or search the internet to find out how to make you hair wavy you are most likely to get the answer: The One Bun method. This method is very simple and doesn’t require much effort. You have to start with prepared and damp hair and divide them into two strands.

Now start twisting these strands against one another until there is no part of the strand left untwisted. Further, you have to tie this strand on the back of your head in the same way as making a single bun out of your hair. Now secure this bun with a hair tie. The last step is letting the hair in your bun to dry.

As soon as they dry you are good to go. When dry, take the bun out and tousle your fingers through your hair to single out the waves. There you are with awesome and beautiful looking waves which can go along on any occasion.

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 4. Wavy Hair With Pin Up Method


This method is very simple and it gives beautiful and dense waves. Your waves can be very attractive when they are dense and healthy. So carefully follow this method, it is your ticket to the best waves ever had. After washing your hair, comb them to untangle and then let them dry.

Now with the help of your fingers only, twist the strands of your hair. You have to make them smooth and tight. If you keep them loose you are going to have loose waves. The last step is to pin each strand in order to make it stay where and as you have put it. Let this setting be for one night.

And the next morning, open these strands to witness the magic. You will have unbelievably dense, smooth and shiny waves which will augment the beauty of your hair manifold. Give it a try and you will love your waves.

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 3. Hair Straightener And Braids Method


In a hurry? Getting late for office or party or whatever occasion it is and don’t have time? Now you are wondering about how to make your hair wavy in such short time. Well you don’t have to worry at all. This method is specifically time saving and requires minimal effort.

You just need to have a hair straightener and some braiding skills. Start with dry hair, divide them into sections and start braiding them. Keep in mind that the braids should be 2.5 centimeters in width for optimum results. After a little while straighten the braids with the help of your hair straightener. At the end take out the elastics you used for making your braids stay into place.

Now you just have to work your fingers through your hair to make the waves more beautiful. This way to make your hair wavy is probably one of the best.

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 2. Wavy Hair With The Curling Iron


This method is a fruit of the advancement in technology. You have to give 15-20 minutes to your hair to create perfect and beautiful looking waves. You need a hot curling iron and work it onto your hair from roots to the ends thoroughly.

Keep in consideration that you should make twists while moving towards the ends of your hair. Till this point you have done most of the work. What remains is to finger comb your hair to loosen up and brighten the waves. How to make your hair wavy was never this easy as it is now with the curling iron method.

You can also marginalize the adverse effects of heat of the curling iron by using a mildly hot curling iron. This will induce beautiful waves at the same time it will also keep the heat damage minimal.

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 1. Wavy Hair With Hot Rollers


The hot rollers have the capability of producing waves in your hair in a very short time. Everyone is clear on their use. What you need to know is how to make your hair wavy along with saving them from the heat damage.

As you know excessive heat may make your waves frizzy and hair breakage may also result from it, so you need to use an anti frizz spray to keep the frizzing effect at bay plus you should also consider using a heat protector. This is all you need to know about the hot rollers.

Beautiful wavy hair is a style craved for by many women. It reveals the more adventurous and audacious you by accentuating the beauty of your hair. Creating waves in straight hair can be a bit confusing if you don’t pay the required attention to the methods explained above.

But if you just pay heed to what’s discussed above then you will be pretty much clear on how to make your hair wavy. Non heating methods are more preferred but they consume more time as well. So if you don’t have much time and still want to make your hair wavy then you must go towards the heating methods with great care.

You should not put the health of your hair at stake. To mitigate the heating effect you can use heating protector.

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