7 Valuable Tattoo Care Tips You Must Follow

Submitted By Alissa Ward  

Tattooing is a really painful process and you must not be willing to fade away your tattoo due to your carelessness. To help you maintain the outcome and heal the wounds here are some useful tattoo care tips to be followed in the first few weeks.

7. Follow Your Tattooist’s Advice


An essential of all the tattoo care tips is to follow your tattooist’s advice seriously. Tattooist knows exactly what methods you should be using for after care as he is the expert and knows what works well with his procedure and the skin type.

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6. Bandage Type And Timing


Bandage application is done after carefully cleaning the tattoo with an antiseptic soap and should preferably provide sterile and effective absorbent padding. The most commonly recommended duration for keeping the bandage is two to four hours but can go to a maximum of twenty four hours and not any longer; as keeping the bandage on for long time will suffocate the area and the wound will turn into a trouble.

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5. Keep Your Tattoo Clean


This is amongst indispensable tattoo care tips that should be followed strictly no matter what type of tattoo you have. Tattoo is a wound and should be kept clean in order to avoid infections. An antibacterial soap that suits your skin will work with the tattoo also and will help you keep it germ free.

4. Avoid Rubbing Your Tattoo


Never rub or scratch your tattoo even if its itching badly. Always let your tattoo air dry after washing or you can pat gently with soft tissue but be careful as wet tissues can be sticky.

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3. Moisturize Your Tattoo Adequately


Whenever it comes to tattoo care tips moisturizing is the part where most people spoil their tattoo. They extensively apply the moisturizer and in turn spoil the wound while hindering the healing process. Moisturizing is indeed important as the healing will slow down if the skin is kept dry but you need to keep it at a moderate level and avoid applying thick layers that can block the air. Let your skin and wound breathe by applying a gentle, thin layer that will serve the purpose. The tattooist’s prescribed moisturizer should be used as tattooist knows the best than any other person and even the internet.

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2. Avoid Exposure To Sun


As tattoo is basically a wound, sun exposure should be avoided at least for two to three weeks until the wound has healed completely. This is probably the most crucial of all tattoo care tips. Direct exposure to sunlight will not only damage your kin but will simultaneously fade the colors of your tattoo. So there is a risk to wash away the art work that you gained after undergoing painful and expensive process.

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1. Right Clothing


Loose clothing should be worn after tattooing to let the skin with tattoo breathe and to avoid getting rubbed with tight fitted clothes.

After going through the tattoo care tips you must have got a fair idea of the dos and don’ts after getting tattooed, but remember that everyone has different skin types, different level of sensitivity and the healing time and process might be different for everyone.

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