20 Best Makeup Tips That Every Woman Should Know

Mastering the art of makeup is not easy. It requires a lot of practice and knowledge of the perfect blends and combinations. Regardless of the experience you have had in makeup, there will be a point where you would struggle to get that desired look. This is because there are a lot of techniques which you need to practice to make sure that you end up looking beautiful after the makeup. To help you with this task, we have mentioned these important tips for you. Let us see what these tips are:

20. Get Rid Of The Fake Look

get rid of fake

We have all faced the problem of an unnatural look after the application of foundations. Some foundations can give us a fake look even when we have selected the right shades. To avoid this problem, all you have to do is to gently pat your face with a tissue every time you apply the foundation. The tissue will rub off the excess foundation on your face, preventing you from an unnatural look.

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19. The Mascara Trick

mascaara trickMany women believe that mascara should be thick on the ends. This is not true as it will not enhance your lashes. To make your eye lashes stand out, apply your mascara in such a way that it is think near the base and thin towards the end.

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18. Hide Your Dark Circles

Hide your dark circlesDark circles can really spoil all the hard work you have done on our face. It is better to get rid of them or hide them through the makeup. To make sure that the dark circles are well-hidden behind the makeup for a long time, do not just apply a concealer. Apply a hydrating eye cream and a corrector before you apply your concealer. These layers will help you seal your dark circles for a long time.

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17. Do Not Stick To Just One Brand

Do not stick to just one brandBuying the entire makeup kit of a single brand is not a good idea. Each brand has its best and worst product, and you should always go for the best of every brand. For example, brand A may have the best possible eye shades, while brand B can have the best shades of lip colors. So instead of buying all the products of brand A, you should diversify your kit by trying high quality products of other brands as well. This will ensure that you have the best of everything.

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16. Learn The Art Of Applying The Red Lipstick

Learn the art of applying the red lipstickWe all know how powerful a red lipstick is. You just need to learn the best way to apply it to get the desired look. Always apply a lip liner of the exact same shade before you apply the lipstick. First fill the gaps with your liner and then complete the look with the lipstick in the end.

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15. The Perfect Winged Eyeliner

The perfect winged eyelinerHaving trouble applying your favorite winged eyeliner? Try using a tape to get those perfect lines. Put a slanted tape besides the edge of your eyes and apply the eyeliner. The tape will make sure that your lines are straight, giving you attractive eyes to flaunt.

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14. Enhance Your Cheekbones

Enhance your cheekbonesTo make your cheekbones more attractive, you should apply a shimmer on the cheekbones and a nude blush on the area which goes hollow when you smile. Then apply the blush on your cheeks in circular motions to finish off the look.

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13. The Best Smoky Eyes

smoky eyesTo get the best smoky eyes, you need to make sure that your liner is properly applied near your lashes. After you are done with the liner, smudge it out to create a smoky look and then apply your shades in such a way that they approach the temple but do not touch the area.

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12. Enhance Your Brows

Enhance your browsTo get those enhanced brows, brush them using a mascara brush. Then define them even more by applying a brow pencil and some shimmer beneath the brows.

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11. To Shine Till The End

to shine till the endTo make sure that your highlighter does not look fake and lasts till the end, you need to apply the highlighter even before the application of foundation. This will retain the shine for a long time and will make it look more natural.

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10. To Get The Perfect Bronze Glow

To get the perfect bronze glowTo make sure that you get the appropriate amount of bronze glow, you need to start applying your bronze highlighter near your temple and extend it till the cheekbones in a curved manner. Remember not to overdo the bronzer as it may end up ruining your makeup.

9. Get The Fresh Look

Get the fresh lookThere may be times when you had to show up in an event despite being heavily tired. The good news is that you can now hide the tiredness in your eyes through simple makeup tips. Try to use light and shimmery eye shadows and make use of the white eye pencils. Also avoid applying mascara on the lower eye lashes if your eyes show a lot of tiredness.

8. More On The Natural Look

More on the natural lookWe have another tip to make your makeup appear natural. The tip is just to make sure that your blush and lipstick are of the same color. Although it will not hurt you much if you choose different colors for cheeks and lips, it is advisable to go with same colors for both. If it is difficult for you to get your hands on similar colors for the blush, use your fingers to apply the lip pencil to your cheeks as a blush.

7. Define Your Lashes

define your lashesIf you do not want to go for artificial lashes, you should always try to enhance your natural lashes as much as you can. Besides using mascara, you should always use a lash curler too to make your eye lashes look more prominent. Make sure to curl you lashes before the application of the mascara though.

6. Use The Glitter Wisely

Use the glitter wiselyGlittery eyes can spoil the whole look if the glitter is not applied appropriately. Always make sure that you do not apply your glitter to any other part of your eyes except in the center.

5. More On The Dark Circles

More on the dark circlesAnother good tip to conceal the dark circles under the eyes is to apply a concealer of the darker shade. We know you might be tempted to make the area as light as possible, but a darker concealer can actually hide the area well without making it look fake. A light concealer, on the other hand, will make the area look more prominent.

4. Blend, Blend And Blend!

Blend, blend and blend!A good technique to achieve an attractive look is to make sure that your foundation is blended well. While you might have been using a brush to blend your foundation, professionals blend their foundations using the fingers first and then the brush. This ensures that the foundation is pressed well along the skin.

3. That Lip Shine!

That lip shine!To get the lip shine that those celebrities have, you need not apply the gloss every time. You can easily achieve the shine by applying a light shimmery lip color in the center of the lips as well. Blend the color well with a darker shade and you’re done with the gloss.

2. Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

make your teethA bright makeup with yellow teeth can put anybody off. To ensure that your teeth are white, apply the red lip stain on the gun lime and your teeth will instantly look whiter.

1. Tip For A Lighter Coverage

tip for aLighter coverage can easily be achieved if you mix a few drops of argon oil with your foundation. Make sure that the two are blended well before the application on face. It will give you a glowing look which is especially required before a photo shoot.

Practice these tips and techniques at home to get a flawless makeup before an event. Remember that your makeup can really make or break your appearance and personality. Unless you master these techniques, you will not be able to dazzle and shine when you go out.

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