7 Striking Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Submitted By Jenny Smith  

Every eye color is beautiful and has its own uniqueness. Among other eye colors, blue eye color is not very common. Blue eye color is already making you unique so you should add those things in makeup which will compliment your eye color. Putting up right makeup will boost and enrich the blue color of your eyes. Here is the article giving you the best makeup tips for blue eyes.

7. Put Primer On Under Eye Circles

Put Primer on Under Eye CirclesUnder eye dark circles should be covered before doing anything. So the wonderful tip regarding covering dark circles is use primer or concealer to cover them. By this, under eye area will get brightened.

6. Pick The Right Eye Shadow

Pick the Right Eye ShadowApplying eye shadow on black eyes and blue eyes is yet a different thing involving different techniques and colors. Blue eye color is actually an outstanding color so you should pick up those colors which go well as contrast with your eye color. So the makeup tips for blue eye shades includes warm colors like gold, copper, orange are those colors which adds up to blue eyes. You can give your eyes a funkier look by mixing colors. Like mixing brown with orange. Neutral shades also goes well with blueness of eyes.

5. Complementing Eyeliner

Complementing EyelinerEyeliner enhances the eye shadow as well as make your eyes look more prominent. Important makeup tip for blue eyes is winged eyeliner which always look classy with them. Eyeliner in any color creates a very amazing look. Whether it is black, purple, green etc. You can add variety into it by making the eyeliner line thin or by making it thicker.

4. Go For The Smokey Look

Go for the Smokey LookSmokey look using charcoal gray, turquoise or copper shadow adds more drama in you. You can use blue color also but better to apply it with some other color like black.

3. Mascara

MascaraMascara creates a very pretty look as it makes your eyelashes bolder and thicker. You can go with black mascara but brown mascara is the one which will give your eyes a very wonderful and catchy look.

2. Tone Down Your Lips

Tone Down your LipsAmong the other useful makeup tips for blue yes, another important thing is to use matte lipstick in pink, peach or brown shade. As your eye color is already making you look different so dark or bright lip colors will shift all the attention away from your eyes. Pink or peach blush colors also compliment your eyes and gives you overall a very fresh look.

1. Avoid Same Blue Undertones

Avoid Same Blue UndertonesAvoiding same blue undertones doesn’t mean that if you have blue eyes then it becomes necessary to put on everything in blue. Like applying the same color eye shadow, liner or mascara as your eye color is, will create a dull and boring look. So the best makeup tips for blue eyes is come out of blueness and add some fun in your appearance by playing with other colors.

Blue color eye in any shade whether pale blue or bold blue looks very attractive. All you need to do is just enhance that attractiveness. These makeup tips for blue eyes will be helpful in creating a flawless and pretty look.

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