7 Beauty Secrets Around the World

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In the past, if we wanted our hands on some of the amazing beauty tips from around the world, we had to visit other countries or ask our friends abroad. But now as the world has become a global village, it is much easier to get some of the best beauty secrets from around the world. Now it is not impossible to know the secret of the Japanese women’s flawless skin or know about the natural products Indian women use to make their hair shiny and strong.


Here we’ve collected some of the best beauty tips and tricks from all over the world to make you more beautiful. Most of these things are easily available at your nearest supermarket. So enjoy!

Japanese Double Cleansing Skin Care Routine


Cleansing is the most important part of your beauty treatment as it makes your skin clean, clear and healthier than before. Japanese women normally use double cleansing which not only helps them to get rid of all day’s make up, but also thoroughly cleans skin and prevents from bacteria. You can try this method by selecting some quality oil-base cleanser. Make sure it contains olive oil, apricot and kukui oil in it. Massage each product gently with your finger tips, as it will make your skin fresher and nicer.

Brazilian Skin Care Routine: Oatmeal Bath


The next beauty tip is one of the most amazing beauty secret around the world that is very effective in healing from sun burn and inflammation. Oatmeal is not only used as a wholegrain clean food that energizes us and makes us healthy, but it is also very effective for your skin. Here is a simple tip from Brazil to relieve you from itchy uncomfortable skin. Pour oatmeal flakes in a large gauzy fabric, make it like a sac and tie it around the tap of bathtub with rubber band or string . This way, water will pass through oatmeal bag and the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative oatmeal will mix in the bathtub. Pour some drops of lavender oil in this water for a soothing effect. Soak in this water for 20 to 30 minutes and it will relieve you from inflammation, cleanse your skin and relax your body.

Eye Make Up Remover from Greece


Olive oil has been used as a skin care for ancient times in Greece. In these beauty secrets, we’ve selected olive oil’s use as a skin care product. It is rich in healthy fatty acids, vitamin E, carotenoids and polyphenolic compounds. Olive oil is a natural skin moisturizer and skin softener. In Greece, women also use it to remove eye makeup. Just drop one or two drops of olive oil on a cotton pad or your palm and gently massage into your eyelids to get rid of make up without any skin irritation. For moisturizing you skin, pour a few tablespoons in your bath tub for smooth and supple skin. A part from just cleaning the skin Olive oil for hair growth is also one common practice all over the world.

Beauty Moisturizer from Ghana


Next tip from beauty secrets around the world is from sub-Saharan Africa, especially Ghana. In Africa, women have been using Shea butter to make their skin beautiful for centuries. Shea butter provides perfect moisturizer for skin without being too much greasy. It is full of healthy nutrients like vitamin A, Vitamin E, antioxidants like polyphenol and phytonurtients. Shea butter is also used in soups and healing ointments. It is known to prevent from wrinkles, acne eczema and sunburn.

Indian Hair Care Therapy: Coconut Oil


Indian women are known for their long, glossy beautiful hair. In these beauty secrets around the world, we have included this special beauty tip for beautiful and strong hair. Coconut oil is a favorite product of Indian women to for making their hair, long strong and shinier. According to a recent research, it was found that coconut oil was proved to be the best product to prevent protein loss. It is also great against dandruff and other hair problems which makes it perfect for improving hair health. For providing perfect treatment and nourishment to your hair, massage your scalp and hair with coconut oil before sleep and wash your head in the morning.

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New Zealand Skin Care Treatment: Manuka Honey


In New Zealand, Manuka honey (produced from the bees that are fed of manuka plant) is used as an expert skin treatment. According to scientists, this honey has special properties of healing and protecting skins from bacteria and skin problems. It is also known for repairing damage skin cells and reducing inflammation. Use Manuka honey to make your skin smooth and beautiful. Using Manuka honey is one of the best beauty secrets around the world for skin treatment.

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Philippine Beauty Treatment: Aloe Vera


The rejuvenating, nourishing and soothing properties of aloe vera are known around the world. But women of Philippine especially use it for making their skin smooth and beautiful and their hair look glossy. Break aloe leaf and use its juice to massage your scalp and hair. After ten minutes, wash your hair to complete your hair treatment. For a good treatment of rough and dry skin, mix lime juice and crushed ginger and massage it on your skin.

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