25 Stunning Prom Makeup Ideas You Must Try

If you are confused about the makeup you are going to wear then throw the confusion away and take a look at these prom makeup ideas. You can select one of these ideas that accentuate your complexion, hooded eyes and dress and practice that so that you get immaculately flawless outlook on the prom. Planning ahead of any event is better than experimenting on that very day; getting shocks and ultimately going to the event with an ordinary look. So here you go with the gorgeous prom makeup ideas:

25. Silver And Black Eyes


Silver and black eye makeup looks absolutely dramatic. You can try shimmery blush on your cheeks to enhance the appearance; remember to keep your lip color light as focus are the eyes in this look. Dress your hair with a messy high updo to get a completely dazzling prom outlook.

24. Black Eyeliner With Shimmery White Shadow


These unique prom makeup ideas will make you look elegant and luxurious. Dress your eyes with black eyeliner and top it with shimmery white eye shadow. Get your cheeks colored in peaches tones and keep your lips bare to get this amazing look.

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23. Black Eye Shadow With Peach Lipstick


Light skin complexions can carry this outlook comfortably. Use black color on the eyes and take it little out towards sides while blending to give a dramatic effect followed by black eyeliner. Use a light tone of peach lipstick to finish the outlook.

22. Crimson Lips With Vaguely Smokey Eyes


If you have porcelain skin and you want to be the queen of prom then try out this simple prom makeup idea.  Choose for dark lips instead of eyes and dress them with crimson red color and couple it with barely there Smokey eyes and generous blush on. Enhance the prom look with curls and feel the difference yourself.

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21. Cat Eyes With Glossy Lips


Cat eyes give a remarkable look when done in the right way. Cat eyes can be created by coating your eyes with heavy mascara and smudging the black eye liner. Glossy lips and neutral blush on will furnish you with extraordinary image.

20. Neutral Brown Eyes With Pink Lips


Incredibly simple prom makeup gives a romantic outlook. Eyes with neutral brown hues and dark black mascara with pink lipstick and subtle cheeks will furnish you this amazing outlook.

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19. White And Pink Eyes With Glossy Lips


If you want to keep your prom makeup simple and subtle than you should definitely go for this one. Put on white eyes shadow at the corners and pink shades on the edges coupled with heavy mascara. Keep your cheeks smooth and dress your lips with clear gloss and you are done with an eye catching makeup. This makeup works well with light skin tones and serves to brighten up the looks.

18. Gray And Blue Eyes With Peach Lips


Generous amount of eyeliner, mascara and blend of steel gray and blue hues furnish romantic eyes. When coupled with peachy glossy tinge on the lips and soft peach blush on is a perfect makeup for prom night.

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17. Shimmery Brown Eyes And Peach Lips


This prom makeup goes immaculately with dark colors so if your prom dress is black or any other dark shade than you can try this makeup on. Apply shimmery brown eye shadow on the eyelids, under the eyelids and on the area above the lids to get a perfect shimmery look. Use a deep black eye liner to give a little highlight. Finish the outlook with peach lipstick.


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