7 Useful Tips for Gorgeous Blue Eye Makeup

When you meet people they often notice your eyes. Eye color, especially blue, has a great engaging effect on the onlookers. But only 10 percent of the world population has blue eyes, proved that blue is one of the rarest eye color out there. So if you have such eyes, then you must flaunt them to look more beautiful. To enhance your sparkling blue eyes with such makeup tips and eyeshades you must consider the following list for blue eye makeup.

7. Sheer Shadow

Sheer ShadowThere is no need to use many colors to apply on your blue eyes, to bring out the color, as blue is already such an intense and calm color. You can just pop your blue eyes with sheer shades or some lighter colors. It makes a perfect eyeshadow for blue eyes to enhance their natural beauty.

6. Matte Shadow

Matte ShadowIf you want to apply such colors that are not lighter, then matte shadows would be the right choice to wear on. If you are looking an office work it will also work for that. With a small bit of any shiner or shimmer you can also get the makeover for any night function or party. It is perfectly suitable for your eyes especially if you’ve thick eyebrows.

5. Orange Shadow

Orange ShadowOn the color wheel blue and orange are totally against to each other. That’s why it sounds crazy when to talk about orange shadow for blue eye makeup. But the use of this color will enlighten your eye color. It can be opposite if you go for bright or neon orange shade. It will give you unique look with this amazing dramatic eye makeup and enhance your beauty.

4. Navy Eyeliner

Navy EyelinerThis is one of the most working makeup tips for blue eyes. Navy eyeliner actually brings out your eye color at its full force. For that it beats the black eyeliner and gives your eyes a smashing look.

3. Winged Eyeliner

Winged EyelinerIt is another very amazing blue eye makeup tip that will give a fabulous look to your blue eyes. Winged eyeliner also called cat eyeliner, a way to apply eyeliner on your eyes. Winged liner will make your eyes the focal feature of your face and draws everyone’s attention to your eyes, no matter what shade has been applied. You can also add some drama by applying thicker and bold eyeliner or it can be a thin line to give the effect of winged liner. Winged eyeliner can also be used if you want to have beautiful smokey eye makeup.

2. Overlap Colors

Overlap ColorsIf you have blue eyes then you are able to layer numerous different colors on your lids. It would be more impressive and effective if you do so with light shades like brown and copper. Both of these colors make a wonderful blend to give your eyes the most prominent and attractive feature of your face.

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1. Avoid blue Shadows

Avoid blue shadowsA blue shadow on blue eyes is not a right choice for eye makeup. It is a very authentic tip for blue eye makeup especially if you want to know how to make blue eyes pop. But if you have a quite different blue shade of your actual eye color, it can work. As if you have the baby blue eye color you can apply navy blue shade to bring out the darker hues of your eye color. But do remember not apply two and more shades of blue at the same time.

As you have fantastic blue eyes and blue is such a calm and icy color, so there are tons of tips and ideas for blue eye makeup. The above mentioned superb eye makeup tips can give you such eyes to make you the most prominent personality among your fellows.

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