15 Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

From bronze to copper, amber to rich mossy hues, hazel colored eyes are the least understood but owned by many. People lucky to be owners of these jewels are fun loving, unpredictable, mischievous and great lovers. Being famous for their iridescence, it is arduous to decide the perfect apportion of the earthy browns with hints of moss greens. Therefore, it makes it difficult to decide which colors will pop out the tints of contrast in them.

Hazel eyes change shades from outdoor to indoor and certain pigmentation of makeup products highlight these minor tints. Makeup like any other is an art and requires just as much finesse. When you put in some efforts while doing your makeup, it all shows.

Here are some tips on how to apply eye makeup to enhance your beauty by dressing up those babies adequately:

15. Fresh Start

fresh start

Clean and wipe off any previously applied eye makeup to start fresh. Washing the face is preferred as it gives us a clean slate but makeup wipes do just as well, whatever is easily accessible.

  • There are more than several ways to do the job. You can wipe off all the dirt with wet facial tissues.
  • You can clean all the dirt by using a suitable face wash.
  • Ideal, however, is to cleanse your face prior to any makeup applications.

14. Primer Time

Primer time

Many a times we forget to give our eyes the necessary ingredient to a fine recipe of gorgeousness, it being the primer. Drug store bought or an expensive one whichever suits your skin, apply a small amount on your eye lid, we do not want a cakey finish, then with your finger rub it in gently (in small circular motions). This smooths out the pores and makes your skin makeup ready. It helps your eye shadow stay for a long time and makes the color more vibrant.

  • This should always be one of the first few steps to your makeup.
  • Leave the primer to get absorbed on your skin before applying any other makeup.

13. Concealer – The Ketchup To Your Fries

Concealer - The ketchup to your fries

Done with those under eye bags? So am I and more than a few times concealer has been my knight in fancy loubotins. With a lighter shade of the product than your skin color form a triangle under your eyes and blend the concealer in so it does not mismatch with your skin tone.

12. Time To Bring Out That Beautiful Shade

Time to bring out that beautiful shade

Flecks of color give the eye color an ethereal look. Bringing these out with the right shadow can definitely increase the wow factor.

  • Rich, autumnal colors like browns, gold, bronze and greens make your eye color shine and gives a mermaid run for her money.
  • Shades of blue go equally well with hazel eyes. They however soften the blue shades in your eyes.
  • With no intention of promotions, urban decay – Naked palettes are a must have for hazel eye owners.

11. Play With The Color Wheel

Play with the colour wheel

If you are going for a darker and more mysterious look I would suggest winter shades. Deep colors like maroons, purples and lavenders provide a great contrast to your eye color. It gives you the old school feel and goes well with perfectly done winged eyeliner. Such contrast provide some of the best eye shadow palettes.

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10. Create The Depth That You Desire

Create the depth that you desire

Warm, neutral browns enhance the depth of makeup for hazel eyes. These colors bring out immense love and affection you have within you. Especially when you want to downplay your look for an occasion or if it is a small gathering, it adds more dimensions to your personality.

9. Would Want To Highlight That Green

Would want to highlight that green

You must have notice that hazel eyes have a green tint to them. The green tint, however, is not always prominent. Sometimes it is there while at other times it is not. Gold and bronzes bring out warmth in hazel eyes. They make the brown greens radiant in the eye. Lucky for you that if you have green eyes than you might want to check out makeup for green eyes specifically.

  • Use the gold and bronze shades in your eye shadow palette to get the job done.
  • Do not go overboard with your shadow.

8. Softening It Up For A Bit Of Romance

Softening it up for a bit of Romance

Hazel eye owners are lucky people for they can pull of a very romantic look with ease. And by ease I mean simply by a swift stroke of brush on their lids. There are certain colors that soften up those bright enduring eyes.

  • Soft pinks and mauve colors really soften up your hazel eyes.
  • You can pull off a romantic look really easily by pairing it with nude lip colors.

7. Add A Little Drama

Add a little drama

Line your upper and lower lash line to add a little drama for the perfect get away makeup you can wear for a formal event. This is not just for hazel eye owners but everyone else too, whenever you want to add a little drama, do it with your liner babe!

  • You can choose from purples, mauve, lavenders, maroons and blacks as all of them compliment your eyes.
  • Blend the eyeliner a little to give off a smokey eye makeup look when using dark eyeliners, works like magic!

6. Blues Are A Big NO!

Blues are a big NO

Avoid blue-hued eye shadows even if navy blues and baby blues look great on you. You do not want to have too many blues paired up if your eyes are already blessed with flecks of the very colors unless off course, if you want to soften the blue shade in your eyes.

5. Lippies To Complete The Look

Lippies to complete the look

Opt for your eyes instead of your lips to take the attention. Choose a color that is more subtle and does not overpower the beauty of your eyes. A copper or shimmery gold highlights the browns in your eye. If going for purple liners or shadows, try mauve, coral, red, pink or berry colors on your lips.

4. Clothes


Do you notice the effect of grey fur on those eyes? It is not just the eye shadow color that can help accentuate your eyes but it is also the clothes that can affect the colors your eyes have. Green clothes emphasize the green, while earthier shades bring out the browns more. Go for earthier and neutral shades when you want your eye color to be the center of attraction.

3. Don’t Forget Those Lashes

Don’t forget those lashes

There is good news for you. Black is not the only color of mascara you can choose with those gorgeous hazel eyes. Browns and purples do equal justice and look equally good.

2. Bronze It To Flaunt It

Bronze it to flaunt it

Bronze color helps in popping out the ever-so-pretty hazel color in your eyes. With hazel eyes, try to keep it as simple and elegant as possible. Enjoy the beauty of nature by simply adding some bronze to your perfectly lined eyes.

  • For a sun kissed look to accentuate the color of your eyes use a golden bronzer to give a 3D effect to your makeup.
  • If it is an evening look, use a bronzer 2x to 3x darker than your natural skin tone.

1. Smile


The most important part of a makeup routine is to keep those gorgeous cheeks of yours on display and bring out the brilliant smile for the world to see. Work those eyeshadow for hazel eyes! In fact not just for hazel eyes’ owners but for the rest of the girls out there too; your smile is your weapon; use it to own the world with your beauty.


  • As we all know, confidence is the key to everything so own your features, flaunt them because unless you do not love yourself no one else will.
  • Always remember to remove your makeup before going to bed and do not rub your eyes when you have the makeup on.
  • Never use old or expired make, as it may spoil the overall look because of dull colors and may cause skin damage.
  • Always take an expert advice before applying any makeup.
  • Always keep blotting paper in your carry bag to suck any sort of oil residue on your face and save your makeup look.
  • Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated and fresh that will also enhance your makeup look.
  • Keep away any unwanted makeup products in contact with your eyes.
  • Harsh makeup on eyes can cause severe eye allergies.
  • Stay fabulous!

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