15 Awesome Makeup Tips For Green Eyes

The art of make-up is depend on your aesthetic sense, the combination of colors make it beautiful. If you are an expert in making new combinations, merging different shades and blend them well together, than make-up is not a difficult task for you. But if you are not that expert it will bit difficult for you. When we talk about colored eye makeup so the person should know which color make up will look pleasant with her eye color. So we have chosen the ‘Green eyes’ today. Green eyes have so much options to try new combination, but before applying makeup you should know the perfect combinations for green eyes so here are some useful tips for making your eyes more enchanting and glamorous.

15. Tip #15

tip 15First you have to buy the make-up of genuine brand, which offers quality make-up, before buying you have to search about branded make-up, it is good to consult some make-up artist and dermatologist for taking an idea, then choose the colors and shades according to your skin tone and eye color.

14. Tip #14

tip14To get the perfect look of green eyes, toil with your skin tone and hair color.
Light tone skin and hair:
If you have green eyes with lighter tone skin and strawberry blonde hair so you may wear the makeup of light shades of purple, peaches and teal, you can also try the grey.
For medium tone:
Sandy, golden brown or reddish brown hair and medium tone skin color with green eyes can use medium purple, shades of copper and gold, scalded shaded can brought best effects on this tone.
Darker tone of skin and hair:
For darker tones it’s good to go with medium colors so they can merge with your skin and hair color easily, normally girls think dark should use very light but it is not true it will not merge as nicely as medium colors, use mauve, brown and teal shades.

“Green eyed girls have diversified collection of make-up combinations to captivate the attention towards their eyes.”

13. Tip #13

tip13The color tones like purple, lilac, plum, lavender and dark green are for green eyes, you can use copper and gold to highlight your eyes, match the softer tone eyeliner like brown and grey for green eyes. The combination of light to dark is most suitable for green eyes.

12. Tip #12

tip12The shades of purple look great on green eyed girls, It is the perfect choice for close set eyes to look wider. You can use deep plum shade on the outer edges of eye and blend it with light shade of purple on the inner side of eye. You can use purple with lavender or grayish shade to ease the look but do not use blue with purple it will not look as good as you think.

11. Tip #11

tip11Art of makeup is not complete without new experiences, if you want to try metallic shades do not go with silver. Use gold, bronze or copper, they will look marvelous, dark green shade or earthy brown with the blend of gold is also fabulous choice to give tremendous look for green eyes.

10. Tip #10

tip10Remember the black eyeliner is not suitable for every color eye. So if you have green eyes than stay away from black eye liner, you can use plum, gold or chocolate brown to pop up your eyes. You can spice it with espresso liner also, if you are really in love with black liner don’t use exact black go with charcoal, but brown looks more elegant on green eyes.

“The beauty of the colored eye attracts everyone, skilled eye make-up makes the eyes even more attractive.”

9. Tip #9

tip9Take the creamy eye shadow three times darker than your skin, blend it with the help of your fingertip beside the lash line. Then apply mascara, it should be two times darker than your original lash color. Curl the lashed and finish your look. This is for your everyday natural look for green eyes.

8. Tip #8

tip8Use the copper eye pencil on the upper eyelid, smear it with the help of eyeliner tool. Now contour it with some green eye shade and balance it with light copper shade along with brow bone, merge it gently to get pretty look.

7. Tip #7

tip7Apply the white liner into the lower lid’s inner part, conceal the rumple are with purple or pale teal shades and slightly use the white shadow at the corner of eye, under the brown bone and merge with the rumple side. You can give the touch of color shade on the top lash line. It will give your eyes brighter look.

6. Tip #6

tip6Golden shade gives pretty look to green eyes, apply the metallic gold eyeliner on the lower and upper lash line. With this you have no need of eye shadow so skip it, double the coat of mascara to give thick look to lashes. Gold make up gives you natural look and it is best for those who don’t like to wear so much make up. It will not look overdone.

5. Tip #5

tip5Give your green eyes beach look by sandy brown shadow. Conceal the rumple area of eye with soft sandy shadow, gently merge it with peach beside the eyelid. Now finish the look with soft teal liner, you can apply aqua too. Use it on both lash lines, it will give the prominent look to green eyes. These four will make great contrast for green eyes and balance the look.

4. Tip #4

tip4You can pulled off grey eyeliner on your green eyes without any hesitation, to give a charming smoky look, use orange base to conceal the rumple lines, light copper and peach are suitable to use on eye lid, then apply the grey liner lightly on the top line and little heavy under the eyes. Now give them smoky effect by smear with your fingertips or liner brush. This combination will enhance the color of your eye and it will give soft look with smoky effect.

3. Tip #3

tip3Another shade of brown which gives you neutral gaze is cocoa brown, this should be used with some soft shade, pair the cocoa brown thick line on the top lid of your eye. You can enhance it more by using the touch of fawn and soft cocoa on rumple lines of eye. Soft make up can easily merge with rumple lines and hide them.

2. Tip #2

tip2If you are going in party and want to give yourself glamorous and romantic look so apply very thin line on the top and bottom of your lid with green and teal shade, now apply the thicker line with charcoal color or grey color liner and merge them well to give smoky effect. Then apply peach or pink eye shade, your dazzling look is complete.

1. Tip #1

tip1You can only use mascara on your green eyes, it alone gives stunning look to you, but you should stay away from dark colour mascara if you have dark hair. For capturing attention towards your eyes you should go with light green, purple or copper. This will give your green eyes more enchanting look.


  • Make smoky eyes it gives contemporary look to green eyes, and easily merge with any color palate.
  • Splash the gold color with copper and brown to enhance the beauty of green eyes.
  • Use brown shade, it gives the gratifying effect if you have real green eyes. You can use light brown or sandy brown also.
  • Use fawn, mocha or tan shades to sparkle the green dot of your eye.
  • Apply the shades in contrast of green, because similar shades will strive with the green.


  • Don’t use the shade which exactly same like your eye color, use some strong shade of green or darker/ lighter tone but not the same one.
  • Don’t use pastel colors on your green eyes, also not to use silver and white shades, they just wash out the beauty of green eyes.
  • Don’t use the yellow tone colors like mustard or lemon they will not highlight the green color of your eye.
  • Don’t use the pure shade of blues it will not look as sweet as your green eyes are, but you can use the color which made up with blue like teal and turquoise. Blue is not the perfect dominant color for green eyes.
  • Don’t use the sharp shades of purple for highlighting, it will give you the witch look not smoky, use the plum shade of purple to contour the rumple lines and merge it on lash line.

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