18 Ravishing Smokey Eyes Makeup

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Smokey eyes are always fascinating and most of the girls consider it to be a mission impossible.  This article is solely about Smokey eye makeup options and how you can dress yourself with the below mentioned dramatic eye makeup. So without wasting further time, move straight to learn the techniques for ravishing Smokey eyes!

18. Subtle Brown Smokey Eye Makeup


Apply an ivory base coat of eye shade and then apply a brown hue on the outer half of the eyelid and sweep the same shade along the crease to highlight. Use the same brown shade under the lower half of the lid from outer side; finish the look with lining the upper lid and the waterline with black liner followed by black mascara on lashes.

17. Neutral Smokey eyes


This is basically a neutral Smokey eye makeup that you can wear in everyday routine. Start with applying eyeliner just below the waterline followed by application on the waterline. Finish this elegant Smokey eye look with generously applying mascara.

16. Smokey Eyes For Day


You should not go for dark eye makeup for the day time as it doesn’t go very well with it.  This one is a subtle and utterly gorgeous Smokey eye makeup for day event. Begin the eye makeup with primer application, head forward with cream colored eye shade on the eyelid followed by applying shimmery brown eye shadow above that, use a darker shade of brown on the half lid from the outer side and blend the eye shades so that there are no clear lines. Complete the looks with eye liner and lots of mascara.

15. Silver And Black Smokey Eyes


Silver and black Smokey eye makeup is effortless to wear and give a splendid outlook. Start with a base on the eye area followed by applying silver eye shadow on the inner side of eye lid, apply dark gray on the outer side and blend till the harsh lines are gone. Apply the black eye shade on the outer corner followed by blending and applying a shimmery white eye shade on the area above the lid. Use a black eye pencil to line the waterline, liquid black eyeliner to outline the upper lid with wings and medium thickness followed by mascara and the eye makeup is complete.

14. Soft Emerald Smokey Eyes


Start with a base on the eyes followed by applying a nude shade all over the eye lids. Apply emerald green shade on the outer side of the lids and blend it towards the center of eyes and also use the shade to outline the lower lash line from center to outwards. Finish the soft emerald Smokey eye makeup with a single coat of black mascara.

13. Black With Pink Shimmer Smokey Eyes


This is one of the easiest Smokey eye makeups. Apply plain black eyeshade on the lids till crease area, followed by applying black eye shadow with pink shimmer over it and under the lids, blend generously to get rid of any harsh lines. Highlight the upper lids with any light shimmery shade of your choice; ivory or very light pink will compliment the looks. Finish off the Smokey eye makeup with false eye lashes and mascara.

12. Shimmery Black Smokey Eye Makeup


After primer or a base coat dissolve in a shimmery black eye shade on the lids covering just the area till crease of eyes.  Apply burnt sienna eye shade above the black one leaving just a little area on the brow bone; also apply the same shade below the eye lids. Apply a normal thickness black liquid eye liner on the above lid. Sweep a little bit of black eye shadow on the outer side of area just below lash line. Highlight the brow bone using an ivory shiver eye shade followed by applying mascara to complete this dramatic Smokey eye makeup.

11. Taupe Smokey Eyes


Absolutely gorgeous among Smokey eyes that will help you enhance your beauty by adding splendor. Begin with a primer on the lids and under them. Sweep the lid with constructivist paint pot from MAC; use the same to line the lower lash line. Apply taupe eye shadow on the areas where you applied the previous eye shadow and blend the two shades together. Apply Soba eye shade on the area above the lid but below the brow bone. Highlight the brow bone with Retrospeck eye shade and blend it very well with soba. Use a mix of crystal avalanche and nylon eye shadows to highlight the inner corner of the eyes. Line the upper lids with black pencil eyeliner and smudge it with a brush to make it appear softer. Apply generous mascara and false eye lashes for more dramatic look.

10. Green Smokey Eyes


Most of the gals think of black when considering Smokey eye makeup but Smokey eyes can be made with numerous eye shades. This is one of exclusive and amazingly marvelous eye makeup. After base apply a bronze eye shadow on the lid below crease and under the lid. Apply any light brown hue in the area starting from crease and little below the brow bone followed by applying vanilla eye shadow on the brow bone.  Now apply a dark green shade on the lids and blend it with the bronze to smooth out the transition. Line the waterline with black pencil and finish off the look with mascara.

9. Smokey Eye Makeup Using Kohl Pencil


Smokey eye makeup seems expensive but you can get the flawless look by using just a plain kohl pencil and mascara. Here is how you can get an entirely stunning eye makeup; take a kohl eye pencil and start applying on the lids in the manner you outline your lash lines, cover the lid and the below lid area. Take a clean brush and blend the liner in upward and outward motion. Apply the kohl pencil to enhance your upper lid. Finish up this remarkable eye makeup with loads of mascara.

8. Golden Smokey Eyes


Gold eye shade can be effectively used to brighten up the outlooks. Golden Smokey eye makeup gives a perfectly splendid outlook when carried with the right lip color. You can get this magnificent look by following these steps; Apply a dark brown pencil liner to outline the upper lid, matte white pencil liner on the lower one.  Apply a chocolate brown eye shade on the lid, remember not to go above the crease and apply the same just below the waterline; sweep a medium brown shade over the crease area avoiding the brow bone. Use these shades in the matte and then use a shimmery shade of champagne as the highlighter followed by use of golden shimmery shadow on the inner corner of lid sweeping towards the middle. Finish the spectacular eye makeup with mascara.

7. Shimmery Smokey Eye Makeup


After getting done with the primer, apply a black shimmery eye pencil on the lid and crease of the lids. Apply a black shimmery eye shade over that black base and the area below the waterline followed by blending. Apply a dark bronze on the outer corner and sweep it over the crease; use a light hue of beige as highlighter afterwards and blend to blur the lines and smooth them up. Use a shimmery gold shadow to sweep under the waterline followed by gold glitter on the same area to highlight. Use a black liner and mascara to finish off.

6. Metallic Smokey Eyes


Start off with a base and forward with application of gold glimmer eye shade on the lid and blend it towards the crease to aid in creating dimension. Apply a platinum eye shadow on the outer corner and the lower lash line for further definition. Use carpates eyeliner to outline the upper lids and apply a volume boosting mascara to complete this evening Smokey eye makeup.

5. Dark Smokey Eyes With Kajal


Another dramatic Smokey eye makeup you can do by utilizing some hues of brown with black kajal. Cover your lid with black kajal and blend with a brush dusted with brown eye shade to spice up. With an appropriate small brush sweep the eye shadow downwards from the outer corner of your eye lids, cover half of the area below the waterline. Use a chocolate brown shimmery eye shadow at the inner corner of lids and blend. Finish off this extravagant eye makeup with loads of mascara.

4. Plum Metallic Smokey Eyes


Apply a primer and the use a plum eye pencil and apply it on the outer and inner corners of your lids followed by blending with brush. Apply a plum eye shadow over the liner and blend perfectly and move the brush all over the lid to get some tinge of color in the middle too. Use a loose pigment on the center of eyelid to get a perfect color followed by dapping glitter on that primer. Use liquid eye liner on the inner waterline and to outline the upper eyelid. Apply mascara and you are all done.

3. Smokey Cat Eye Makeup


Extraordinary dramatic Smokey eye makeup to transform your eyes from simple to flattering. After getting done with priming apply vanilla eye shade all over the lid followed by applying  a dark gray hue outlining the middle of your lid and flowing upwards towards the end of eye brow just as you would do in applying cat eye liner. Use a medium brown tinge above that gray and blend it upwards and inwards to work as a base. Apply black matte shade above it and blend it immensely to get a Smokey outlook. Apply a black gel eye liner to further define the cat eyes. You can enhance the cat eye look by using a winged false lashes that’s adds extra definition. Finish off with mascara.

2. Smoldering Smokey Eyes


This will give your eyes a smooth melting effect that is absolutely eye catching. Prime your eyes with a primer of your choice and apply a white eye shadow to serve as a base. Apply a golden shade on the inner corner of the eyes both on the lid and below the lid followed by taupe silver on the middle of lid and blend generously. Apply a darker shade of gray at the outer corners and blend softly. Apply a light orange brown hue on the crease and above the crease to get the highlighted effect afterwards. Add a dark gray shade with pencil brush on the outer corners and blend. Keep adding and blending till you get the darkness you desire. Use the same shade below the lash line just from center to the outer corner and blend. Use liquid eyeliner and apply over the upper eye lid and outer corners of lower lash line followed by smudging it perfectly. Apply mascara to finish the dazzling eye makeup.

1. Navy Blue Smokey Eye Makeup


Apply a white eye shade as a base and use peach over the crease followed by medium brown over it, don’t forget to blend in. Take a tone or two darker than the previously applied medium brown and blend it over the crease. Take a dark navy shade and apply over the outer corners in V shape. Apply a shimmery silver on the inner corner (above and below), followed by sweeping ink blue hue in the middle area.

Apply black on the outer corner and blend followed by applying a metallic navy shade over the middle of shade and blend over the eye. Apply thin eye liner followed by mascara and discover a new spectacular you.

You must be thinking after getting access to completely ravishing Smokey eye makeup that the mission impossible is very much possible. So now you know so many techniques to get the dramatic eyes, you just have to change the shades and you can get the super astonishing eye makeup with the colors of your choice but be sure to use dark shades as light shades do not furnish you with the same impact. Go ahead and try the eye makeup of your choice and add little spice to the way you do makeup!

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