The Most Useful 9 Eyeliner Tricks

Being new to wearing makeup means learning what’s best from overwhelmingly large amount eyeliner types and brands. To become an expert at using eyeliner, a task easier said than done, a variety of basic eyeliner tricks things should be kept in mind. Fundamentally it boils down to picking the right kind of eyeliner and using the appropriate amount of eyeliner.

Different kinds of eyeliners and different techniques to apply them should be mastered in order to become an expert. Celebrities like Lauren Conrad make eye makeup look like child’s game. The perfect symmetry achieved alongside the understanding of beautiful shades makes learning eyeliner tricks a true form of art.

Being accustomed to different kinds of eye makeup is also an essential component to mastering eyeliner tricks. There are four main kinds of eyeliners which are liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, gel/cream eyeliner and using eye shadow as eyeliner. In order to achieve a model like posh look, grasping the understanding of how eyeliner tricks are performed is crucial. There are pros and cons of every type of eyeliner. It is important to choose the right kind of eyeliner as well as the best way to apply. There are many hacks and tips to quickly learn eyeliner tricks. In this article we will learn about how eye makeup is done properly.

9. Keeping The Surrounding Skin Clean On The Upper Eyelid


This is a very useful eyeliner trick when it comes to eye makeup. Always remember to pull the skin around the eye when eyeliner is being applied. This will prevent skin from peeking through and make the working area clean from unwanted spots and smudges. If the eyelashes are being pulled up then pulling the skin back helps a lot. But remember that the eyelashes can be brushed downwards as well. This will allow the user to create a softer line and a much more accurate smudge if desired.

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8. Keeping The Surrounding Skin Clean On The Lower Eyelid


Smudging is a real menace when eyeliner is being applied on to the lower eyelid. The secret of eyeliner tricks to make this menace go away is applying pressed powder underneath the eyelid. This will allow the lower line to stay in place without smudging. The pressed powder can be applied with a small brush. Moreover, using pressed power as eye makeup on the lower eyelid really highlight the area and present neat lower line.

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7. How To Make A Tight Line


Making a tight line takes skill, but there is a very useful and easy eyeliner trick that can help achieve that. To achieve that subtle eyeliner look with a tight line gently lift the eyelashes upwards with clean fingers. Now the gaps between the eyelashes can easily be observed. The next step is to dab the eyeliner slowly between the gaps. Dab the eyeliner as close as possible to the roots of the eyelashes. This will allow an even spread and create a tight line.

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6. The 30-Second Eyeliner Trick

curling the eyelashes

This eyeliner trick is surprisingly easy and yet very effective. When curling the eyelashes through a curler, use the eyeliner to draw a line along the curve. Now when the curler is used, a perfect line will be drawn along the eye.

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5. Choose An Eye Fashion Design Wisely


There is a long list of eye fashion designs. It is important to choose an appropriate design for the eye since everyone has different facial structure and idea of beauty.

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