Makeup for Brown Eyes – 8 Things To Do

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You might think that there is just one makeup style for all eye shades but you couldn’t be more wrong. Eye makeup is different for each individual eye and varies with not only the shape of your eye but also the color of your eyes. You cannot use a certain makeup for brown eyes and also use it for green or blue eyes.

It is true that for eye colors of darker shades similar makeup can be used just like similar makeup can be used for light colored eyes. However even that varies after a certain degree as well. So if you are new to makeup, or if are bored of your old makeup and are simply running out ideas of what to do.

Then don’t worry this article is for you. It will help you break out of your routine and help you get the right look with the right make up, for those brown eyes.

8. Metallic Colors For Brown Eyes


To enhance the natural beauty of those gorgeous and stunning brown eyes, you must bring them out a little more by using metallic colors like bronze, gold, browns, and pinks. These colors make your eyes more prominent and help them stand out. It gives you a cool steely glow.

 7. Matching Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes


In brown eyes a varying degree of shade are found; from dark brown to hazel eyes.  For certain type of brown eyes, certain shades work better in bringing out the color of your eyes. For darker brown eyes shades, like greens, purples and charcoal greys work best. As mentioned above gold and bronze work too, however when you are going metallic it’s going to give you the night time look. So if you want a summer time look or a day time beach look go for lighter bright shades.

 6. Neutral Makeup For Brown Eyes


A medium shade of brown eyes is much more easy to work with as it’s a flexible color and easy to match up the make up with them. For lighter brown colored eyes, you may use neutral colors. If you looking to go for a natural look and don’t want to look like Vincent van Gogh puked on your face, then neutral make up is the best makeup for brown eyes. It should be noted that with brown eyes, you can simply use a liner to give you the natural look. However taupe’s, peaches, and brown itself will give you the desired natural look.

5. Black Makeup For Brown Eyes


Using black color for brown eyes, particularly if they are of hazel shade is a massive disaster as black color can be too over powering and will hide your eyes rather than showing them off. So if you got hazel eyes work with dark liner and light tones. This will further beautify your gems.

4. White Eyeliner Makeup For Brown Eyes


White Is Right; it sounds so wrong and racist, but when it is eye liner that is being considered here nothing else. Many people don’t know how to work with white eyeliner and don’t find it impressive. However, if you know what to use the white eye liner in conjunction or combination with then you can have on of the most attractive looks possible.

This is one of the best things you can use as makeup for brown eyes. Use White eyeliner with metallic tones it is the best possible makeup for brown eyes. It is unique, as it is something that most people don’t think about and it makes brown eyes stand out even more.

3. Shimmer Eye Make Up For Brown Eyes


Shimmer eye makeup adds glimmer to your eyes and multiply also the charms of your image. It makes your eyes stand out a bit more by adding a slight shimmer to your shadow. It will not only make your eyes pop out more but will also give you that movie star like look. And guys love the intricate work done around the eyes.

2. Cobalt Blue Makeup For Brown Eyes


Ladies it may seem a bit unorthodox, a little on the funky and the groovy side but have you ever tried cobalt blue? This is the most essential thing to do on the makeup for brown eyes list. It not only makes you seem younger, but gives a bright glow to your eyes, and adds to the sparkle of your eyes. It makes you look radiant and impressive.  So try it out ladies, play a little with your eyes and try this youthful look.

1. Use Concealer And Foundation For Circles


Use under eye concealer and blend away to hide any dark circles that you may have under your eyes. This will certainly make those stunning eyes pop.  Don’t forget to use foundation as well. It adds to the effect of the concealer. Make sure that the foundation you are using goes with your skin tone. Else it will give a very weird look and won’t go with the rest of the makeup for brown eyes.

So there you have it the essential do’s of makeup for brown eyes. Brown eyes are perhaps the most commonly found eye color, yet they are so appealing.  Being so common allows you to do so much with them. The best thing about brown eyes is the multiple shades they have, which gives you the flexibility to do so many different things to them and apply so many different types of makes up to them.

Makeup for brown eyes isn’t that hard to find but knowing how to apply and what to do with them, to make them pop out isn’t that easy. Hopefully this article has equipped you sufficiently with different tricks. So now you will know what to use and when to use, to get the desired look you want to create.

Ladies it is time that you close the browser and get to work on those pretty eyes. Add a little bit of oh ah to those eyes by applying the tips given above and get your man drooling.

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