15 Fantastic Makeup Tips For Beautiful Blue Eyes

Are you thinking that what colors make blue? Well, in our art classes in early school life when we were being introduced to the world of different colors, we were being taught about primary and secondary colors. What are primary colors and how many are they? Primary colors are basically the ones from which different colors can be made but no color can make them. Out of the three primary colors blue is one of them. Hence, in the world of colors and art blue is an essential color.
Ladies with blue eyes now do not need to worry which color to use in order to compliment their eyes. As now you can enhance your eyes better by following some makeup tips for blue eyes and look beautiful. Read below to see for the tips that would suit you.

“Your beautiful blue eyes could now be made even more prettier by following these tips to enhance your blue eyes.”

15. Choose A Rust shade

Choose a rust shadeGirls you should look for a palette with different shades of rust if you have blue eyes. Depending upon your skin tone you can get a few different shades of rust, and use them in a hurry when you find nothing to suit you.

  • The color rust actually compliments blue very well
  • Without even merging it with any other shade, rust itself enhances blue alone
  • Applying rust with lighter and darker shades of its own color can also do the trick, if you know the art of blending colors.

14. Using A Creamy Shade

Using a creamy shadeAnother simple, yet a complimenting color for blue is a shade of cream color. Yes, cream is again a shade that can be used on your lid. This will not only enhance your eyes but will also make your eyes pop out while giving them a bigger look.

  • When applying a creamy shade with a thick black mascara, eyes look more wider
  • Applying a cream colored eye shade will make your eyes appear bigger and better
  • For the eyes to look wider and bigger, applying the creamy shade on the inner corner of the eye will do the trick.

13. Avoiding A Black Eye Liner

Avoiding a black eye linerApplying just a black liner make your eyes look beautiful and bold. But here we will tell you a different concept for blue eyes. Blue eyes are charming within themselves and to make them more beautiful one can try different eye liners to make it more pretty

  • Blue eyes can be done with a simple navy colored eye liner
  • If you have light blue eyes, you can use a navy blue shade to make your eyes look more beautiful
  • You can also try for a purple eye liner mixed with a tinge of dark blue.

12. Color Of Gold

Colour of goldThis color is a very nice shade to go with the blue eyes. Especially when talking about dark blue shade of the eyes. Ladies with a darker hue of blue eyes should try to keep a golden colored shadow in their purse in order to use it anytime they are out.

  • Golden eye shade could be used on the lid even when not mixed with any other shade.
  • One can use it on the lower lid alone as well for a simple look.
  • Using it on the outer inner corner of the eye can also make the eyes look wider.

11. Avoiding Kohl

Avoiding kohlOne must try and avoid using kohl in the water line when having blue eyes. Applying kohl is sure to be a good idea for some while for others it is just not a good option.

  • If you have blue eyes and love to apply kohl, then find an alternative
  • Apply kohl below the water line to if you’re too much willing to go for it.

10. Using A White Liner

Using a white linerDid you know that applying a bright white color to your water line can give your eye a wider look. When talking about blue eyes, one can go for a white eye pencil to line your water line.

  • You can add a smoky shade underneath the water line and apply a white liner to your water line
  • Applying a full length white eye pencil in the water line, with a kohl beneath it applied from the outer corner of the eye just to the midway can also be done.

9. Hues Of Purple

Hues of purpleApplying the shades of purple eye shades is also used for blue colored eyes. Coloring your lid with lighter and darker shades of purple makes your blue eyes look good.

  • You can apply a single shade of lilac on your lid and keep it like this
  • Or you can apply a darker shade of purple as an liner eye when applying a shade of lilac
  • One can also merge purple with a darker and shimmery hue of the similar shade for a party look at night.

“With these tips you can now learn a lot about how to go on with the makeup tricks, if you ought to have blue eyes.”

8. Inner Crease Shade

Inner crease shadeIf you need to give your eyes a more open and a wider look than you should apply a lighter shade of cream, white or silver on the inner crease of your eye.

  • Depending on the shade which is covering your whole of the lid choose a color for your inner crease.
  • You can also go for a shade of golden if needed to apply on the inner crease.

7. Going Silver

Going silverOne can choose for a shiny shade of silver if you are going to a party. This shimmery shade could go with your blue eyes, if you know the art of blending well.

  • Apply the shade of silver on your lid after applying the base color
  • Then start blending in a shade of black form the outer corner of the eye
  • Just do it till the half way on the lid
  • Finish off with the eye liner.

This look is perfect for a prom night matched with a red lip color. And don’t forget to apply the silver eye shade on the inner crease as well continued to the lower lid (half way though) for a complete look.

6. Tones Of Browns

Tones of brownsWell, going a bit chocolaty is another good option for the blue eyed ladies. You can apply it many different manners and ways to get a look you want for the occasion.

  • One can simply apply a lighter shade of brown on the inner crease and a darker shade on the outer crease.
  • The other way a shade of chocolate brown could be mixed with a shade of bronze and applied with a blended finish.

So, one can go about merging lighter and darker hues to create a look they want to achieve.

5. Office Look

Office lookIf you’re going for an office look then you must pick very neutral color shades. It’s not only just choosing neutral shades but it is also about choosing the matte colors. Applying a shimmery shade is not a good option for a day time look. Hence one must go for neutral shades of creams, and beige but in a matte color. Finishing this look just with a mascara would be enough if one doesn’t want to go for an eyeliner.

4. How To Go About With Blues

How to go about with bluesSome say it’s not a good approach to apply blue eye shadows in blue eyes. Well, it’s a little controversial here because for some blue works really good too. But, having said this, it should be noted that

  • Dark blue eyes, should be given a touch of lighter blue shade
  • While the light blue eyes should be applied with a dark blue color
  • One can merge different colors with these shades like a dark blue one could be merged with a black shade to give a deeper look.

3. Contrast The Colors

Contrast the coloursWhile going for different shades, always keep in mind the colors of contrast with the blue color. By doing this you will have a better look and a more attractive appearance of your eyes. The better option will always be to go with a contrasting color rather than sticking to a matching eye shade. This would only suppress the beauty of your beautiful blue eyes.

“The cat blue eyes of yours need some attention here! These tips for the blue eyes are gathered for your eyes to get more attractive and appealing.”

2. Warmer Shades Over The Funky Ones

Warmer shades over the funky onesBlue eyes should be always sober with the color selection of eyes shadows. In the world of colors it is much appreciated to go with the warmer hues rather than opting for some funky shades.

  • An earthy shade is an option for the blue eyes.
  • More over matte colors a to be specific for the day time.

1. Simple And Beautiful

Simple and beautiful eyeSimplicity is the best way to be. Blue eyes are beautiful and unique within themselves so if you just do not want to play around with different colours, no worries! Blue eyes would look the best in their own self even when not given different eye shadows. Simple blue eyes with preferably a thick coat of mascara on the lashes is just good enough too for your eye catching and attractive blue eyes.


  • Give your eye shades a good blending when dealing with darker shades.
  • Use matte eye shadows particularly during the day.
  • Apply a thick mascara when only going for single creamy shade.
  • High light under the brow bone.


  • Don’t go for matching eye shadows.
  • Avoid applying a kohl in the inner corner if the eye.

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