7 Tips For Brown Eye Makeup

Most of the people are of the view that you cannot make variation in makeup if you have brown colored eyes. But the truth is that brown color goes well with any other color. All you need is to try magic of colors. Check out these tips for brown eye makeup that will help you to create a different look of you.

7. Apply Any Type Of Eye Primer

Apply Any Type of Eye PrimerApplying primer over the eye keeps eye shadow on its place and for a longer time. If you have dark eyes circles then it is good to apply concealer on them to create a flawless look with your brown eyes.

6. Metallic Tones For Brown Eyes

Metallic Tones for Brown EyesThe best thing about brown eyes is that they look beautiful with any other color. Like metallic tones helps accentuate your eyes. Same wise neutral shades also goes well with brown eye colors. Pink also gives a fantastic look. But pink shade should be used according to your brown eye color.

5. Eyeliner

EyelinerEyeliner makes your eyes more dramatic and beautiful. Variation of colors for brown eye makeup differs with specific shade of brown in your eye. If you have dark brown eyes, then the colors which enhances your eyes are violet, light purple and dark brown. If you have medium brown eye color, then you can play with shades of blue, green and black. You can also use metallic colors for eyeliners. They look the best in evening functions. Do not apply black eyeliner with light brown eyes.

4. Shimmer

shimmerAdding little bit shimmer over eye shadow brings a magic in it, creating a funkier and glamorous look. It is the best tip for brown eye makeup and helps to pop up your eyes. You can add little shimmer in highlighter color as well. So there is no need to hesitate. You will find it fun by playing with colors.

3. Mascara

Mascara brown eye makeupMascara is used for final touches of makeup. Before applying mascara curl your lashes with eye curler, then apply mascara over lashes. Mascara enhances your eye and give them a wonderful look. You can use black, brown and blue colored mascara for brown eye makeup.

2. Add The Highlight Color

Add the Highlight ColorWith the addition of highlight color, more defined look is obtained. For brown eye makeup colors like white, light pinks suits very well as a highlighter colors. Apply them with small brush.

1. Rest Of Your Face

Rest of your Face brown eye makeupIf you want that your eyes look noticeable, then keep the rest of makeup of your face quite neutral. Go for light pink shades of blush and a natural color lipstick or gloss. This will give you a stunning look. If you give your lips very bold colors then it will shift the attention from your eyes. For night functions you can add bright colors but there is no need to overdo it.

Brown colored eyes are really splendid. After reading the above mentioned tips for brown eye makeup, you will understand this that by incorporating these wonderful tricks for makeup, you can make you look more fabulous and different than others.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anna Piatt

    Mar 24, 2016 at 9:42 am

    Thank you for your nice tips. I could not bring my eyes to color variation. I saw the tips of your own, and I’m happy to try. Thanks again to you.

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