8 Glittering Makeup for Green Eyes

Submitted By Jane Sills  


Since the beginning of times, the beauty of eyes has played a vital role in impressing other people. When words fall short of communicating your feelings, eyes take it from there.  It is also said that eyes are the passage to one’s soul. If they really are the passage then shouldn’t the passage to your soul be as beautiful as your soul is?

Among varied colors of eyes, most of the people find green eyes the most captivating, but as is said that even beauty needs to be beautified so your green eyes also need to be more enchanting. This can be done with the help of makeup for green eyes. It is not simple because when you’re blessed with something outstanding, you also have to go an extra mile to keep it that way. But if you follow the list given below, it will be very simple, easy and handy for you to make your eyes look the best. Now, the how part remains.

How can you make your green eyes more beautiful than they actually are, is tricky and difficult, but by following the below given steps of makeup for green eyes it can be very easy.

8. Warm Bronze


This warm tone is one of the perfect shades that complement green eyes and make them more dazzling. Warm bronze makes the green color of your eyes more visible which gives a sensual image of your personality. Warm bronze can also be mixed with a golden shade to give you a more classy and elegant look. The color should be evenly distributed on eyelids and it shouldn’t spread out of the appropriate areas. Only then can your eyes look what you want them to look.

7. Copper Tones


The copper tone belongs to the dark shades/tones family. Green eyes are often found to be much more appealing with darker shades rather than the lighter ones. The copper tones make your eyes look like popping out and hence they become more noticeable and visible. While doing these shades you should take care that you don’t overdo or undo do the shade otherwise it may not bring out the desired results.

6. Glittery Golden


Golden color works for a number of make ups but it is all the more beautiful when applied to green eyes. You can apply golden eyeliner on your lash lines both upper as well as lower. You may apply more than one coat of the mascara and you can also use gold pencil which will help in creating a very elegant look. It should also be noted that over makeup may deprive your eyes to impress other people. Hence be moderate in using color and merge it to your personality feature.

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