7 Exciting Tips Makeup For Prom

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Prom is called as most awaited and fun filled event. Every girl wants to look unique in her dress, hair, jewelry and makeup in it. And among these the most important one is makeup. Even your expensive and stylish dress cannot cover the flaws with the makeup. So to look different and gorgeous on this big day, here is the article giving you all tips regarding makeup for prom.

7. Perfect Your Skin

Perfect Your SkinThe first and main step for a makeup is to create a flawless skin. You must have idea about your skin type. So apply foundation or base according to your skin type. Make sure to use a good quality and perfect skin match foundation. It is very necessary to blend in all the base which you have applied otherwise it will not result in even tone all over face. So take good care of your skin health for looking good on prom night.

6. Cover Dark Circles

Cover Dark CirclesThe next step about makeup for prom is to apply concealer on dark circles and on blemishes to cover them up. You can also apply primer as well, it will help the eye shadow to stay for longer period of time.

5. Dramatic Eye Shadow

Dramatic Eye ShadowChoose a matching or contrast eye shadow color with your dress. Don’t hesitate in playing with colors. Like you can apply light colored shade to the corner of the eye, medium color in between, and darkest color to the outer corner. You can go for smokey touch as well, it will look fabulous. Cat eyes also look very well for function like prom. Eyeliner makes your eyes look more standing and prominent. You can up to your choice can keep eyeliner line thin and thick.

4. Fresh Cheeks

Fresh CheeksMakeup for prom is not said to be complete without blush. It makes your skin look fresher. You can use powdery blush or creamy blush as well. Creamy blush can stay for longer time as compared to powdery blush.

3. Glittery Glam

Glittery GlamAddition of little bit glitter in your makeup gives a life to it. You can apply bit glitter to eye shadow or you can use glittery eye liner as well. Don’t forget to apply mascara over the lashes. To create a more prominent effect, do curl your lashes first and then apply mascara. Mascara other than black also looks very good like brown and blue.

2. Lips

LipsDark and bright colored lipstick creates a very stylish and funkier look. You can go for red and pink colors. The important thing about makeup for prom is that if you have made your eye makeup heavy then you can also go for lighter shades for your lips.

1. Accessorize

AccessorizeThere are other things which should not be over looked. Like do not forget to paint your nails. Go for delicate matching jewelry, and perfect hairstyle for a wonderful look.

It is always good to plan things before time. What to wear, what to apply and how to apply, everything should be decided before hand. This article regarding makeup for prom will be very helpful to you if you are planning for your prom.

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