7 Expert Tips to Control Your Cravings

Food provides us nutrients that are necessary for growth of our body and maintaining good health. It also provides us energy for everyday work. We eat food to satisfy our hunger, but sometimes cravings for food gets out of control. When cravings strike, we start to eat unhealthy and junk foods that totally damage our health. Uncontrollable food cravings are the main cause of diseases like obesity, blood pressure and heart problems. Fortunately if you follow these simple guidelines, you can control your cravings and have a healthy and fit body.

1. An Apple a Day


An apple a day keeps doctor away, but according to experts, an apple a day also keeps you full and satiated and helps you to control your cravings. Apple is filled with dietary fiber and a normal apple contains about 5 grams of dietary fiber that is about 1/5 of a woman’s daily need of fiber. Start your meal with an apple and your food intake will automatically lessen. An apple juice or apple sauce is not a good alternative for actual fruit as they don’t contain enough fiber. According to experts, not only apples fiber but also the process of eating apple keeps us full for a long time.

2. Control Your Cravings: Realize When You’re Full


Sometimes, you don’t realize that you’ve eaten to your full and keep on eating. According to experts, don’t try to eat quickly instead eat with a normal or slow speed as it takes about 20 minutes when your brain signals you that you are full. So take at least 20 minutes while you’re eating and you’ll eventually know when to stop. Know your stomach and try to keep your stomach three quarters full or less.

3. It’s Not Harmful To Treat Yourself Sometimes


Sometimes, when cravings for junk food become out of control, it is better to eat some of your favorite chocolate or ice-cream, rather trying too hard to curb them. According to experts, if you try too hard to control your cravings, they will grow more and eventually you’ve to surrender before them. This way you’ll eat much more and your entire healthy lifestyle plan will be destroyed. So it is not harmful if you eat some of your favorite treats in a moderate quantity sometimes, but don’t make it a habit.

4. Eat Healthy Fats


Fats are normally considered to be unhealthy but actually eliminating fat completely from your food is also not safe for your health. Fat slows the digesting rate of the food which keeps you full for a long time. According to experts, oleic acid and unsaturated fat that is mostly found in natural foods like avocados, olive oil and nuts is very effective in keeping you full for a long time and help you control your cravings.

5. Use Vitamin D More to Control Your Cravings


Low levels of vitamin D can also be the cause of uncontrollable eating in women. Low levels of vitamin D affect the functions of a hormone leptin that tells our body when we’re full. Try to cover vitamin D deficiency by eating fish like salmon, tuna or you can also use some good vitamin D supplement.

6. Use Multiple Food Items in Your Meal


Instead of eating only one kind of food, using several food items make you fuller and help you control your cravings. Instead of large sandwich, take a smaller one, some pieces of fruits, and salads with a cup of green tea. Make healthy food combinations like vegetables, sea food, whole grains etc and take each food in small quantity. According to experts, different foods with different nutrients make you satiated and keep you full for a long time.

7. Eat Healthy Chia Seeds


Include Chia seeds in your food as they will help you to lose belly fat and keep you satiated for a longer time. You can simply add them in soups, salads or any other dishes for good result. According to experts, 100 calories of Chia seeds keep you more satisfied and help you control your cravings more than 100 calories of any other foods.

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