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20 Best Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Yellow Teeth

People now-a-days don’t like to spend fortunes in getting rid of oral illness, rather they try out some home remedies first to overcome the problem. Teeth plays vital role in enhancing the personality of a person. Having yellow teeth makes people self-conscious and they don’t want to show their teeth in public.

They just avoid smiling and even talk, as in both cases visibility of teeth is guaranteed. Oral problems are becoming quite common these days and having yellow teeth is just one worse dilemma. There is not even one explanation how your teeth turn yellow. This happens usually because of bad dental hygiene, aging, inheriting it from ancestors, excessive consumption of tea, coffee, and lot of smoking and intake of tobacco.

These are the common factors that turn your teeth yellow and unpresentable. Along with these antibiotics, infections, stomach problems and climate can also affect the color of your teeth.


When people encounter this problem they often rush for professional dental assistance. Such dental assistance is quite expensive to afford and the procedures are usually time consuming. Nature has given us many amazing gifts and it is filled with some awesome natural products that provide some good bunch of remedies that can be tried and tested to avoid such problems. We have gathered a list of natural home remedies for yellow teeth that are going to help and restore your beautiful white sparkling smile, let’s have a look.

 20. Baking Soda


The baking soda technique is the most popular and commonly used home remedy to get rid of yellow pale teeth. Baking soda is an ingredient that is easily available in everyone’s kitchen and as it shows wonders in kitchen it will also show an awesome change in your teeth. You just have to follow the following few important steps to learn how to whiten teeth:

  • Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on you tooth brush and start brushing your teeth in different directions to get rid of the yellowness. Brushing should be done for more than 2 minutes to make the remedy more effective. This technique must be repeated every 15 days.
  • A paste of lemon and baking soda can also be used to crack this unwanted teeth problem.
  • Mix some baking soda in your regular tooth paste and brush this paste well. This also helps in reducing the yellow pale discoloration of teeth.
  • You can make a mouth wash by dissolving some baking soda and half of its amount of hydrogen peroxide in cold water. Carefully rinse your mouth two to three times a day with this solution to notice some amazing changes.
  • Try not to brush harshly with baking soda; it might harm your natural teeth enamel.

 19. Salt


Salt being a natural scrubber can help you in reducing the yellowness of your teeth. It is a natural cleansing agent that is used for decades. It also helps to retain oral hygiene and gives a hint of fresh breath.

  • Make a routine to mix a little common salt in your regular tooth paste and brush with it regularly.
  • Salt mixed with some baking soda can make a very good effective tooth scrub.

 18. Strawberries


Strawberry is one of the amazing gifts from nature that has some unique whitening agents. It helps to revive the color of many body elements where it is properly applied. Strawberries are highly enriched in vitamin C which helps in cutting down plaque that causes the discoloration of your teeth. Its special enzyme malic acid helps in removing stains from your teeth. The technique is very simple and a few steps need to be followed to learn how to get rid of yellow teeth.

  • Crush strawberries and make a paste. Gently rub this paste with your finger in all directions to make this remedy effective.
  • Strawberry paste combined with salt can also do some wonders on your teeth.
  • Make a mixture of crushed and grind strawberries with baking soda and brush regularly to see the amazing effects.

 17. Orange Peel And Zest


Using orange peel is another effective way to reduce the yellow teeth problem. Being filled with vitamin C this fruits helps us in many ways. Its zest has some whitening enzymes that help to overcome the paleness of your teeth. You don’t have to do a whole day hard work to make it work but put it in your routine to get a glowing smile. All you have to do is take a small piece of orange peel and rub it gently on your teeth.

Do this exercise for more than 2-3 minutes to make this more effective. Along with this if some salt is also used that will make the procedure more quick and efficient.


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