18 Ways On How To Look Pretty Without Makeup

How to look pretty without makeup may look a little surprising to you particularly in the presence of today’s glittering world of cosmetics. But it’s true that you can look pretty even without makeup just like these celebrities!!! The fact is that every face has its own glow and makeup is used to intensify it. The following tips suggest you how to look pretty without makeup and get rid of your reliance on pomatum and powder that may harm your skin and hair by excessive use.

18. Befriend Your Sunscreen


Sun screen is almost always neglected by many teens who bake their soft and sensitive skins in sun for several hours and do not understand the damage they might be inflicting on their skin. This might not be visible during the early age but with time the skin loses its freshness and becomes rough. Most of our sun exposure is incidental meaning that you are unintentionally exposing your skin to sun.

For instance, during a walk through the park or running around for lunch at lunchtime all add up to wrinkles that make your skin look ugly. Applying the sunscreen is easy and simple. You just have to apply a good quality sunscreen daily preferably in the morning which will help to keep your skin young and elegant. Skin comes as first priority in answer to how to look pretty without makeup because having radiant and shining skin is the best and easiest way to look beautiful without makeup.

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17. A Cup Of Hot Water With Lemon Keeps Your Skin Fresh


If you take a cup of hot water with lemon and drink it in the morning and continue this routine regularly, you will soon notice a difference in your skin. Drink a hot cup of water with lemon grass is one of the best things if you want to know how to look pretty without makeup. It awakens your senses and flushes out toxins present in your body acting as purifying filter and hence lessens the risk of skin sensitivity. In addition to this, ensure that you drink sufficient water every day to keep your body and skin hydrated at all times, consequently it glow and remain fresh.

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16. Apply Skin Scrub


Applying this exfoliation two times a week can open up the skin pores and ensure your skin cells are breathing properly. The thing is when you do not scrub your skin; the dead and lifeless skin on your face becomes vague and loses its shine because of poor reflection of light. In order to avoid this, mix cold water with baking soda and mix it properly. Once the paste is properly mixed, use it on your face and scrub into your skin slowly for at least 15 minutes.

This method is one of the best ways for those who want to know how to look pretty without makeup. To get better results, after ten minutes wash your face off and dry it with towel and moisture your face by using coconut oil or with aloe vera mask. Your skin will look as evergreen as ever it could be.

One of the best ways to ensure that your skin looks free of dirt and dullness is to exfoliate. Exfoliation treatment is easy and works to remove the dead cells of skin that can dull the shine of your skin, block the skin pores and even cause acne breakouts. Exfoliation is one of the ways to how to look pretty without makeup.


15. Do Not Touch Your Skin Unnecessarily


Usually people have the habit of touching their faces and skin needlessly all day long. This habit is quite hard to break. One of the mantras to how to look pretty without makeup is to keep your hands off your face. This actually hurts and damages your skin as it is really delicate and more susceptible to wear and tear. Whenever you rub our eyes, pick at pimples and dark blemishes, pull the face’s skin or rest your face on hand, you deliberately cause minor tears in your skin.

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These tears which though are micro in size can lead up to wrinkles in future and hence a slow and gradual destruction of your skin’s freshness. In short, it is important to know that needlessly touching your face or any part of skin can hurt it badly and you should stop and keep your hands off your face.


14. Drink A Lot Of Water


Water is the most important need of human body. It enhances the flexibility of your skin and hydrates it. Before you start wondering on ways of how to look pretty without makeup, you should make sure that drink at least 8 glasses every day and that can make a beautiful sparkling glow linger on your skin for all day long. Drinking water is extremely emphasized to keep your skin fresh hydrated and give it a dewy glow. Water also removes toxins from your blood so that your skin will look fresh and new.

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13. Wash Your Face Every Day


If you want to avoid makeup at any cost, you will have to make sure that you wash your face not only once in the morning but once at night time also. Wash your face preferably two times but not more than that because it will create irritation in your skin. Use face wash, anti-aging creams and cleanser and a facial moisturizer. Do not forget to wash your hands properly before you start washing your face.

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12. Be Careful About Pimples


If you have pimples on your face and you do not take good care of them, then even following all the ways of how to look pretty without makeup may not enhance your facial beauty. One of the reason people fear going out without any makeup on is pimples on their faces. If you can erase them off your face, you will feel more confident than ever. In order to overcome this, you will have to follow a strict skincare plan so that skin pores are not blocked and any excess bacteria present on the surface of your skin are eliminated.

Try out moisturizers, sun blocks and non-pore blocking makeup. Figure out spot creams for your skin and facial gels like benzoyl peroxide which can take care of pimples. If these products do not help in removing pimples, then consult an expert dermatologist who will prescribe you a medicated cream to help you get rid of pimples fast.


11. Eat Less Junk Food And Take Care Of Your Drinks


If you are really interested in knowing how to look pretty without makeup, change your diet. Stop eating junk food as it causes so many health issues. Further, you will have to stop drinking sodas too. In order to compensate for soda drinks, go for fruity milkshakes and juices or better yet drink water because there are lots of benefits of water . And eat more fruits like apple, oranges, pomegranate and homemade food to compensate for junk and fast food. Healthy food is really important to enrich the beauty of your skin and also for overall healthy functioning of your body.

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Make a healthy and balanced diet full with nutrition and vitamins your best friend of life. Eat fresh vegetables daily and ensure a good intake of fats and proteins in your meals. Ensure that you eat one fruit daily, no matter what type of fruit it is. And again befriend water! Hydrate your body every other hour. Drink green tea with a little cinnamon sprinkled on it because green tea helps combat the toxins in your body and purifies it from deadly toxins and will keep your skin look natural and fresh for long hours without any need of makeup.


10. You Are Beautiful – Convince First Yourself

Beautiful Confident woman

It is just like restoring confidence in your own being and certainly the first step in knowing how to look pretty without makeup. It totally depends on your own will. Think and believe that you have your own charisma and assert it with confidence among people instead of feeling shy before people whom you think beautiful. Understand and repeat it to yourself that you are pretty without makeup.

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Your confidence will enhance your body gestures and strengthen your demeanor and ultimately imparting a victorious glow to your face. Celebrate a no makeup holiday when you do not apply anything on your face and no glossy cosmetics but still feel yourself as beautiful as ever.

Audrey had said that the prettiest girl on this earth is only the one who is the happiest girl! Try to smile every time you look at yourself in the mirror. Pass smiles to the people you see on the street to make them happy. Make smile a part of your charismatic personality and you will soon notice how the whole world would start smiling right back to you. Smile will make you feel beautiful and pretty even with no makeup on. Like yourself. Love your existence without any makeup because remember you are unique and as beautiful as a lovely red rose. This will not only boost up your confidence but also help you believe in yourself.


9. Makeup Damages Your Skin


The profuse use of makeup affects your skin badly and its texture becomes uneven. You can easily notice it when you stop using foundation for some time, your skin freshens up and you will have no need of facial masks anymore. Your skin, in fact, is everything for you. Take care of it as much as possible.

The health of your skin is the central point to answer how to look pretty without makeup. Use facial masks at least two times a week and make exfoliation a regular practice. Better exfoliate your whole body rather than only your face. Do not forget to splash cold water on your face every morning 2 or 3 times which will increase the natural glow in your skin and interestingly it will stay on for the whole day.

Caring skin in natural ways is saying goodbye to makeup. If you succeed in maintaining the natural look of your skin, you need not to rely on cosmetics and waste money on getting an artificial look. Such a cosmetic appearance may appeal to people but it is not you in fact, it is just a veil of chemicals on you. Be natural and restore that natural look which you are blessed with.


8. Be Careful About Your Eyebrows


If you are searching for how to look pretty without makeup then you need to enhance your eyebrows. Look yourself in your mirror and observe the shape of eyebrows. If they are over plucked and look thin, then grow them to make them thick. For that, you can apply natural coconut and olive oil on your eyebrows and do this regularly every morning. Once they are perfect to shape, you can put them into a nice and beautiful shape with the help of a beautician.

On the contrary, if they look too light and you drew your eyebrows with a pencil, then you can certainly try out a brow coloration which is not permanent. It will look more real so that your face will be without makeup but still look attractive and pleasing for other people. To grow your eyebrows there is another tip. You may mix castor oil with sweet almond oil and then use it on your eye rows every night. Continue this practice for 1 or 3 months and you will soon notice incredible results!


7. Massaging Lips


Your lips are the most prominent feature of your face. You should pay special attention to their natural look, color and shape. Lips become cracked and dried up easily with the changing weather and thus require your special attention if you really want to know how to look pretty without makeup.

Use moisturizer on them daily to keep your lips hydrated. You can also wear sunscreen for them if you are going to be exposed to the sun for a long time. Use Chap Stick to heal your broken lips. Make it a practice to massage your lips gently every evening before going to bed. Do it with your toothbrush for at least 5 to 6 minutes and then wash your lips. Now apply your good quality moisturizer on soft lips. This is no makeup and you will feel how tender, balmy and warm your lips.


6. Take Good Care Of Your Hair


Your hairs are integral part of your personality and enhance your look if you have tended them carefully. You should always be about nourishing them as losing hairs means damaging your look. Wash your hair daily and make sure that they are always clean. Choose a shampoo that suits well with your type of hair and combine it with a good hair conditioner.

Beware that if you are in habit of using sharphair colors such as bright blue, sharp prink or glowing green, it can enhance all imperfections present on your face. Keep your hair in good condition and use products for hair care that match with the type of your hairs. Ensure daily oil treatment of your hair and utilize hair masks. This is most important if you want to know how to look pretty without makeup.

Try conditioning your hair deeply once a week. Mix a conditioning hair mask with good hair oil like coconut and olive oil. Now apply this mixture to your hair and massage gently and let the mixture fuse in the hair strands. After half an hour, wash your hair properly. This will give you shiny and silky hair you had dreamt of.


5. Have a Nice Haircut


Hair cut is an important part of your appearance and it can be ruined or enhanced by a haircut. Moreover, having a stylish haircut needs no makeup. Cut down some layers of hair on your head so that your hairs grow easily and an even volume thickness is achieved. A proper hair cut can enhance the beautiful features of your face and can make that difference you need direly. Search through different hairstyles and figure out which one is attractive. It is better to consult a hairdresser and ask her/him to recommend a hairstyle that would best suit the shape of your face.


4. Take Care Of Your Body


All the above suggestions for how to look pretty without makeup can work even best if your body is physically healthy and toned. You cannot just know all about how to look pretty without makeup and skip exercise because for a healthy skin and glowing face, a healthy and nutritious diet is important. Assure that you do not eat foods that are fried in oil and fatty foods. Incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet which will provide you with vitamins that are ingredients of fresh skin.

3. Regular Exercise


Taking regular exercise is one of the secret mantras to how to look pretty without makeup. Try out cardio exercises such as walking and swimming. Try to swim almost once a week for at least thirty to forty five minutes. This will allow movement of all portions of your body and limbs and keep your body toned and smart. To get better results, you can draft out a plan and find a partner who will be a motivation for you and join the gym on regular basis. Try out jogging daily outside in a park for 30 to 45 minutes. Do three sets of 25-30 crunches. Try out skipping rope and make it a regular routine.


2. Proper Respite


Taking proper rest is to re-invigorate your body and refresh it. You will have to make sure that you are getting sufficient sleep every night because dearth of sleep can have an impact on your facial beauty. Lack of sleep will cause dark eye bags beneath your eyes and you will look tired and worn out. Also, you will have less energy for any activity you do and you will have laziness. To look beautiful and pretty, you must ensure at least eight hours of sleep each night or more depending upon your body. Along with following the mentioned advices on how to look pretty without makeup, sleep well.


1. Do Not Forget To Drink A Cup Of Vitamin C


Here is one another way to how to look pretty without makeup i.e. to ensure Vitamin C in your diet. This Vitamin has a number of advantages for your skin. As you wake up in the morning, drink a cup of orange juice before you go to your office. Vitamin C balms your throat and citrus spice awakens your senses. Vitamin C is one of the best ingredients if you want to know how to look pretty without makeup.

The citrus juice helps to purify your body by flushing out toxins that can make your skin look dry and reduces the sensitivity of your beautiful skin. A nice cup of Vitamin C in the morning can reduce the amount of free radicals in your body allowing the skin to stay fresh and natural.

Following the above tips, the question how to look pretty without makeup is answered well. At very first glance, the above given suggestions may appear merely a set of simple routine tips but they have immense effect on your body, health and your personality look. They can improve all the three without spending much on diet.

Moreover, following these ways to gain and enhance your natural beauty, you can save huge money that is spent on buying makeup products. Just by being a little careful in what you eat, what you drink and what you apply on your body can have incredible effect on your skin. This will be a constructive and result-oriented step towards achieving natural and perfect look. Another significant thing is that when you start believing in your personal glow, you gain tons of self-confidence and it is really an incomparable positive gesture.



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