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7 Unique Nail Tips Designs

Innovations are always made by human beings in every walk of life to get an improved standard life. Today’s modern fashion world is a very exquisite picture of innovation in style, glamour and beauty. The cosmetic industry is an integral part of fashion and style.

Beside the products to apply on face, there are lots of things that are considered for the beauty of hands and nail paints are one of them. There are many designs in the art of nail painting. As you can design your acrylic nails tips by creating amazing and beautiful manicure of your own. To save you from a hectic search some of these methods are listed here.

7. Nail Preparation


Before starting the method of creating a design on your nail tips, you must be sure that your nails are not already painted. First of all remove the old paint from your nails.

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6. File And Trim Your Nails


File your nails to give a shape for neat and fine look. Always try not to trim your nails too short, enough space would be easier to make perfect round nails design.

5. Applying Base Coat


Usually a base coat is applied to nails to protect your nails from any stain or damage from paint or any other nail material. These base coats are mostly clear and bluish in color and easily available from any cosmetic store where nail paints are sold.

After applying a layer of base coat, let it stay to complete dry and then continue next procedure. After preparing nails you would proceed to the next method. Here are some nail tip designs for beginners.

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4. Painted Nail Tips


You can design your nails by painting, nail tips only, with different colors. After applying a base coat paste French manicure stickers across your nail and then paint the tips above the sticker.

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3. Design Nails With Jewelry


Another one that you can easily do by yourself. You can also design your nail tips with jewelry. It’s very simple and easy. Apply a base coat and let it dry. Then place nail glue or nail gel on the tip of the nail or the corner of the nail wherever it looks beautiful and then place the jewel or sticker on it with a pair of tweezers and then press it gently into the place with the help of tweezers as well. After that paint a clear top coat on the nail to prevent the jewel from falling off.

Now here are some other nail tip designs that need practice to make your nails beautiful and attractive.

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2. Polka Dots


Creating polka dots on your nails is not as difficult, but it needs some practice. After applying a base coat color, choose a different color and create dots on your nails with the help of a toothpick or very small brush. For a variety you can also make dots of different size with different colors on each nail.

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1. Professional Designs


Such designs that can only be created by any professional or an expert. These nail tip designs need more techniques to do them for a neat fine and charming look of your nails like water color effect, blended color design, water marbled design etc.

Your skills can be polished with the guidance of any professional in a short time period other than early practice by yourself. You can also take help from books or web. Online videos can be very helpful to design your nail tips for glamorous and stylish looks of your hands.

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