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How To Dry Nail Polish Faster; 10 Amazing Methods

Nails, a treasured asset of a woman’s beauty, should not be taken so lightly. Well-shaped and furnished nails embolden the grace and elegance associated with the woman faction of our society. Women employ various methods to beautify their hands and feet, one of which is using nail polish. Nail-polish, as the name suggests, is a solution of a pigment in a volatile liquid. It comes in different colors and glosses.

The rate at which this liquid evaporates is the rate at which the applied solution can dry and form a firm covering. The world today is governed by the principle “Time is Money” and until the nail polish dries, the user is rendered useless. Since one cannot afford to lose time, hence the need for finding different methods as how to dry nail polish faster. Also, a shortcut to things is always better, don’t you think?

Now, there is a plethora of these methods available but only a few work and conserve the beauty of it at the same time. It does not matter either you are having acrylic nails or not, the best of these methods to dry nail polish faster are listed below.

 10. Dip Finger In A Bowl Filled With Ice Cold Water


Take a bowl filled with water and a handful of solid ice. Paint your nails while the water cools. Now dip your fingers as such to submerge your nails completely in the icy water. Believe it or not but cooling results in drying of nail polish.

 9. Using A Blow Drier


Search for the scale on the blow drier that regulates the temperature of the air blown by the blow drier. Set it to the coldest and let your nails be under the mercy of the cool air. In about a minute or so your nails will be dry and ready to get your desired nail designs.

 8. The Nail Polish Dryer


If you are feeling magnanimous, have money to spare, and would like to buy a gray nail polish drier costing four dollars, feel free to do so. It would take about 4-5 minutes to dry nail polish faster. Others could use the good-old hand drier found mostly in the kingdom of bathrooms and save their money. It will take the same amount of time all the while keeping your pocket healthy.

 7. Thin Or Thick Coating


Whether you paint a light or heavy film will decide the time it would take to dry off. Obviously thicker coat will consume more time relative to a thin coating. One other mention-worthy point is that thick or thin, the jelly nail polish will give out the same effect. If you still want a thick coat, you can apply it in multiple sequential thin coats.

 6. Use Of Mist Spray


The use of mist spray is another way to dry nail polish faster. If you are only interested in the colour of the nail polish and not in the gloss then this is the method for you. It will dry the nail polish five times faster than any other gloss retaining method. This method is not recommended for perfectionists.

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 5. Don’t Fall For The Cheaper Product


Being a miser doesn’t always pay off.  A cheap product no doubt saves money but along with it, you buy its set-backs as well. It requires a great deal of time for an expired nail polish to dry off and if by any chance it does then it will soon wear off, much faster than the real one. It will not permeate the glossy shine that your beauty requires.

 4. Driving For Drying


If you are in a particularly tight spot, you could always apply nail polish, drive to your destination while poking your hand out in the open air. The cool air outside might make you a little cold but will , without a doubt, dry your nail polish in a jiff. Moreover, it will give your nails a particular roughened appearance that permeates an air of self-dependence around you. So go on, save time and set a new trend in your social circle.

 3. Cast Off Old Nail Polish Bottles


The nail polish changes to a melodramatic color and becomes thick and gooey because of its ill coordination with time. Hence it makes all possible attempts dry nail polish faster inadequate. The older a nail polish is the longer it will take to dry. So toss your expired nail polish bottles straight from the window and buy a new one rather than foolishly squandering your time on old ones.

 2. Freezer Dry


Right after you are finished with applying a coat of your desired thickness; open the freezer and shove your hand into it. Make sure your nail polished side does not touch the ice inside rather the finger-print sides of your digits should touch it. Hold your hands in such a fashion until you cannot any longer. Your cold fingers will further dry nail polish faster even after you have removed your hand from the freezer. This method is particularly effective in hot weather.

 1. Apply A Fast Drying Coat


Those clear top coatings are not famous for nothing. They are used for dual purpose, along with providing shine to the nail polish they serve as rapid coolers and ultimately dry your nails preserving its wanted shine. But only those succeed in this challenge who handles the clear fast drying liquid with tact. So go on, buy a clear top coating for your nail polish and save as much of your precious time as you can.

Remember to follow these methods as how to dry nail polish faster precisely and be careful in handling wet nail polish with extreme caution otherwise, tiniest mistake could transform into a blunder, wasting your valuable time and effort. One or two of the above might not work for you but always keep in mind that these are simple points; keep your mind open to new ideas and let imagination control your thoughts.

For example, you could mix your nail polish in a more volatile liquid. It could get messy but it will pay off in the end. Do not hesitate in expressing your ideas because you never know when the simplest idea becomes the best one for you. If it does not turn out well do not give up.  After all nothing is perfect in this imperfect world.

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