15 Unique Ideas Of Line Nail Designs

Many of us admire nail art designs but are scared to do it on our own nails because we think it is a complex art. However, creating a nail art design is simpler than we thought but at the same time, it needs patience and practice on the part of doer. A creative way to decorate nails is deliberately a unique art and this art is used on fingernails and toenails by drawing pictures and different designs.

These days’ fingernails and toenails are considered as important points of beauty. There are varieties of commercial shops/beauty parlors where nails are worked on to make them attractive and stylish. The main product is acrylic nails with ready-made designs, which can be stuck on top of natural nails. Nail art is now considered as a fashion industry and most of the beauty salons provide nail designs and manicuring services. Here are some:

15. Weaving Line Nail Art

Weaving Line Nail Art

Weaving line nail designs are the awesome designs of black and white series. These abstract lines depict greater impact when it comes on nails. It is quite simple, just apply your base coat then paint your nails with black and white parallel lines.

14. Painted Stripes

Painted Stripes

This design is simple, creative and looks attractive on fingernails. Variety of color paints can be used in making strip pattern on nails.

13. Animal Prints


Great news for animal lovers, now you can use animal prints on your nail art designs to give them a classy look. Animal prints like zebra, leopards are simple to draw and look really cute on your nails.

12. Zigzag Touch


Another marvelous nail design that is frequently used by women is zigzag lines. It is unique, nice and gives smoother effect to your round nails. One can use according to her own choice and color combination.

11. Dressed Up Nails


Dressed up nail design is one of the most extensively used cute nail designs now a day. It is a line nail design in which lines are drawn in a sequential way, sometimes used parallel to give vibrant look.

10. Dream Catcher Nails


In dream catcher design, we use white nail paint as a base coating and then decorate it with different pictures and ornaments. White looks elegant and glitters add beauty to this awesome design. Pictures can be used according to your choice and sometimes-abstract concepts can be drawn as a main theme.

9. Braided Nail Designs


Another unique design is braided style that looks simple yet stylish. For this design, we need three dry nail colors that are used in overlapping pattern. Just make sure that time between each coating is quite enough to get it dry.

8. Digital Lines Nail Art


Digital nail art designs are in now a day as they create modern impact with classic touch. To get this design on your nails, first apply white coating and after complete drying, use black stripper pen to draw black lines. Now fill some of the boxes with bright colors and leave some spaces white. Digital design is now ready!

7. “London Calling” Nails

london calling nails

As the name depicts, this nail design is a classical style of drawing flag on the nails and we can merge it with stones, pearls and glitter to give it a unique and fabulous look. It is most common nail art design now a day.

6. Black Nail Art With Gold Ring

black nail golden ring

Black color is always inn in fashion and it is used widely in almost every designing. In this particular design, nails are coated with black nail paint and then finishing is done by applying gold line at the edges.

5. Multiple Strips In A Row

Multiple Strips In A Row

This nail design is specifically used for long nails and black stripper pen is the key. Draw two vertical black lines in the center and overlap them by three horizontal lines at the base. Fill the spaces with white and red color paints and your beautiful design is ready.

4. 4 Color Chevron Nails

4 Color Chevron Nails

Four different color nail paints can be added in this beautiful design and we can decorate it in a chevron style. V shaped curves are filled with different color paints and glitter can be used on corners to enhance this beautiful nail design. Colors can be of your own choice but make sure they should blend smoothly.

3. Chevron Nail Designs

Chevron nail designs

Chevron is similar to French manicure with slight difference. Chevron has v shaped edge while French pattern include T shaped edge. In chevron pattern, we can design each nail with different colors to enhance the design.

2. Funky Red Pattern

Funky Red Pattern

Red is the symbol of vigor, charm, liberty and love and when it is used on nails, its impact enhances the personality in no time. In this beautiful nail design, red nail paint is used as a base and white is used for designing. You can draw lines, pictures, shading what so ever you like.

1. Black with Rhinestone

Black with Rhinestone

It is one of the most beautiful and classy nail art designs that is in demand now a day. It is simple to do, just paint your nail with black matte polish and then place add colorful rhinestones in a row. Design is ready in no time.

Line Nails Designs- Choice Of Trendy Ladies

Line Nails Designs-Trendy Ladies

When we talk about nail art designs, it dates back to the long time ago, when it starts with simple nail polish. Everything has changed now, start from the presence of the bold new colors, a variety of new techniques, looks, tools to create complicated down to the simple nail art designs and do not forget so many accessories available to use, ranging from glitter, and rhinestones up to the animal prints.

These trends give this industry a charm and now nail art designing is taken as a profession and many females are doing this art at various beauty bars. Most stylish ladies do nail art at home with ease as there are countless nail art tutorials on web to educate about the procedure.

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