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18 Valuable Tips On How To Strengthen Nails

Fragile and weak nails are absolutely depressing for any girl who loves to maintain a flawless appearance.  They break every now and then and make you feel terrible especially when an event is near. Those who want to know all about how to strengthen nails will find here valuable tips. Nails require extensive care and treatments when they turn brittle but once you take proper steps the best results will definitely follow you. Get your acrylic nails strengthened with the forth coming valuable tips.

18. Moisturize Nails


For getting super strong nails you need to give them proper hydration few times a day as nails become brittle when they are dry. Don’t forget to massage your cuticles to get the effect deep inside the nail bed. Dry cuticles lead to hangnails, which are more troublesome.

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17. Salt And Lemon Juice Nail Mask


Curious to know a homemade solution for how to strengthen nails? You are just going to get an amazing homemade nail mask recipe that will not only strengthen your nails but will give them shine also. All you require is a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and only a little salt, just a pinch. Mix them and brush on the nails. Let the mask stay for about fifteen to twenty minutes followed by washing your nails. Two to three times application a week will get you to the results quickly.

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16. Drinking Water


Drinking plenty of water is not only good for your hair, skin and overall health but it is also an incredibly simple ways to give strength and shine to the brittle and dry nails.  Two litters water consumption everyday will keep you hydrated inside out and you will witness the awesome effects.

15. Gelatin For Strong Nails


Gelatin from your kitchen can be used effectively to give strength to your nails. You just need a half ounce of gelatin in a bowl, mix in one cup of boiling hot water and stir to make a homogenized mix. When the temperature of the mixture is lowered to an extent that is easily bearable for your hands, dip your fingers in it for two minutes. You can keep the gelatin in your refrigerator and warm it again to soak your nails. You will witness the results soon if you do it consistently.

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14. Sea Salt Nail Dip


One of those trying to find ways on how to strengthen nails. Answer is right here; dipping your nails in a fortifying dip made with sea salt is one of easy and effective methods to strengthen nails. It’s like giving your nails a sea salt bath.  Mix a tablespoon sea salt in a bowl of warm water (bearably warm), dip your nails in the nourishing mix for about twenty minutes, rinse and apply moisturizing cream afterwards.

Do this for ten consecutive days followed by a gap of a month and then repeat it again for ten days. Continue with the process till you get the desired strength.

13. Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is one of component of kitchen that gives variety of benefits in terms of health and beauty. You will be glad to know that this easily accessible wonderful ingredient is also useful when talking about how to strengthen round nails. You can make a simple nail dip by using half cup of raw apple cider vinegar in half cup of water, submerge your nails for several minutes and you are done with the treatment. Doing this for few days can get you enormously strong nails.

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12. Cayenne Pepper Nail Mask


You might be thinking how cayenne comes into play in how to strengthen nails. Cayenne pepper is a magical gift of nature; it has numerous medical, health and beauty benefits. It is also one of the best ingredients from your kitchen that will provide your nails with strength that you desire. Cayenne pepper also helps you out when you are suffering from fungal infections of nails and it works wonders for weak and fragile nails.

You just need a homogenized combination of equal quantities of plain cream and cayenne pepper powder, apply on your nails and wait for fifteen minutes to let this combination work for you. Wash afterwards and apply a moisturizer. Be careful with the application; don’t go for this mask when you have any scars or hangnails. It is recommended to limit its application to once in a month.

11. Beeswax And Egg Nail Mask


This one is little time taking but absolutely wonderful ways considering how to strengthen nails.  Melt some beeswax on simmering bowl of water and then add in a mashed yolk from the boiled egg. You can also add in few drops of peach oil but it is optional. Apply on the nails; be sure that the mixture is not too hot to burn your nails and skin; let it set on your nails followed by washing and cream application.

10. Coconut Oil


Massaging your nails with mildly warm coconut oil enhances the blood circulation simultaneously hydrating the nails.

9. Homemade Nail Strengthener


Uses of nail strengtheners from salons bring the desired outcome but why waste money and use chemicals when you can make it yourself.  For homemade nail strengthener you will require one teaspoon wheat germ oil, two teaspoons salt and the same quantity of castor oil. Mix them together in an airtight bottle until you get a uniform blend. After application on the nails wait for five minutes and then wash off or you can just clean it with a cotton ball whatever you like best. For getting quick and effective results apply the strengthener three times a week.

8. Short Nails


Concerned about how to strengthen nails? Opt for short nails to reduce the surface area of nails that is exposed to chemicals like nail polish and removers. This will make your nails absorb lesser chemicals than before and in turn will cause less damage.

7. Limit Your Water Exposure


While drinking water can benefit your nails, exposing nails with water does the opposite if you have brittle nails. You need to limit exposing your nails with water by wearing gloves whenever you do the dishwashing or cleaning. Water makes the nails softer and causes them to break easily.

6. Olive Oil And Lemon Juice


Still finding an easy to use method for how to strengthen nails? An absolutely nourishing, fortifying and effortless treatment for the nails is to massage a mix of lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. The proportions required are a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and few drops freshly squeezed lemon juice. You can use otherwise but fresh juice is always the best. Massage the blend on the nails and then put on cotton gloves to keep them hydrated for long time. Ideal time to do this is night so that your nails get the benefit all night.

5. Proper Balanced Diet


An essential element to consider in answering how to strengthen nails is the diet you are taking. Nails, skin and hair problems mostly arise due to internal troubles and deficiencies. You need to work on the diet choices you make to get the perfect results. Take foods that are rich in calcium, vitamin B, vitamin D and iron to give strength to your nails. Make use of plenty of yogurt and milk in your diet to get the required calcium and vitamin D.

4. Avoid Using Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizers


Alcohol base hand sanitizers dry out your nails and make them weak and easily breakable, So opt for alcohol free sanitizers.

3. Skip Nail Polish For Some Days


Speaking of how to strengthen nails the extensive manicure is not to be neglected. Nails also need some fresh air for better health so skip the manicure part for some days to get the fresh air and avoid getting infections.

2. Use Non Acetone Polish Removers


Polish removers containing acetone dehydrate your nails causing them to become weak and easily breakable. So make use of acetone free polish removers to protect your nails.

1. Avoid Using Artificial Nails


There are some things that enhance your beauty but are harmful when taking into consideration how to strengthen nails. Artificial nails are used by sticking them on the natural nails, which completely blocks the air and sun exposure to the nails and also makes room for bacterial and fungal infections by holding moisture between the two nails, which makes nails weaker and unable to get the nail designs you are looking for.

Now that you have all the dos and don’ts of how to strengthen nails; start working on it without wasting time and get yourself nails with enormous strength and startling shine. Avoid the weakening procedures and chemicals and pamper your nails with the fortifying and nourishing nail masks and dips to get the desired effects. Apart from following these golden tips maintain a healthy cleaning routine to make your nails healthy, strong and shiny. Your nails also deserve your time and efforts as healthy nails are a representation of a beautiful you. Stop neglecting them and be among the perfect beauties!

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