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7 Pretty Nail Colors For Spring Season

Spring the season of charm and colors is about to start and this time we are coming with some cheerful and elegant ideas of pretty nail colors and their applicability. Like the season, bright and brittle colors are quite in and mixing of different shades generates awesome colors to follow in spring season.

7. Coral Peach – Lively Shade

Coral peach – lively shadeCoral peach – A perfect blend of peach and pink is very smooth and unique shade that looks not too bright yet amazingly beautiful. A sweet color tone that is wearable in every season, occasions not just the spring farewells, and is mostly used with glitter gels to give extra shine.

6. Girly Pink Shade

Girly pink shadePink is a perfect and pretty nail color for flowery season with stylish shades ranging from baby pinks to shocking tint. Another quality of pinkish tone is that it suits on every skin type from fair to dark so no need to be conscious about the color of your skin, pink is surely for everyone.

5. Yellow! The Bright Feeling

Yellow! The bright feelingNothing can be compared with the brightness and charm of yellow color as it is a color of life, vitality and enthusiasm and surely one of the popular shades of spring – the season of colors. Yellow nail paint is also available in tremendous shades ranging from lighter tints to brighter ones and from softy to shimmery look. Choice is yours to rock the show.

4. Baby Blues

baby blueBaby blues is one of the coolest and pretty nail colors that give relaxed and calm feelings to the eyes, as it is a color of peace. Girls prefer to have lighter shades of blues as it suits on every skin tone especially for darker skins. If you want thickening effect, then apply two coats.

3. Tomato Red

Tomato redOne of the most vibrant and shining color is none other than red that is a perfect color for spring delight. Red is also found to be in numerous shades but tomato red is just awesome as it is bright, stylish and amazingly pleasing. Make this spring season cheerful with the gorgeous charisma of red.

2. Mermaid – Mesmerized Shade

Mermaid – mesmerized shadeAnother utterly famous and sophisticated spring tone is Mermaid, which is a fine blending of blues & greens with slight golden tint. This combination of pretty nail colors is absolutely astonishing and mesmerizing blend for spring that is a popular trend these days. Mermaid, the inspired tones will give you smoother taste in the season of joys and happiness.

1. Chocolaty Brown

Chocolaty brownI just love this awesome nail color! A color with full of energy, vitality and life that catches the attention in just a single glimpse. Chocolaty brown color is cheerful, flattering and perfect for everyone so make your spring special with this cool color.

The pretty nail colors discussed above will be helpful for you to choose finest shades in the upcoming spring season. These colors are unique, vibrant and appealing so try out these ones to have a perfect spring.

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