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7 Different Ways How To Do Nail Designs

Simply applying the plain nail polish has been an old and out dated fashion now. Now the fashion is trending towards more adorable and eye catching nail designs. If you are worried to know how to do nail designs by yourself, then find out the easiest tips here in this article.

7. DIY Dots

DIY DotsHow to do nail designs in DIY dots is usually a nerve-racking thing but it can be done easily with a slight trick and practice. It involves simply a dibbing of round bobby pin into the paint and then dotting it all over the nails in whatever style you want.

6. Dealing With A Gradient

Dealing with a GradientA sponge, toothpick and two polish colors are more than enough to get your nails gradient with different colors. Apparently it might seem difficult to get nails gradient without a professional assistance. But with the use of above mentioned tools it requires only a little practice and skills for sure. It involves first painting of nails with light color and then pouring of two colors together with the help of toothpick at the point where they meet. At the end dab the sponge onto paint and afterwards dab it on nails to get the final touch of nail grading.

5. No-Hassle Designs

HassleHow to do nail designs in No-Hassle is merely not a problem, if you’re good at pattern scissoring. This involves simply creation of nail edges by using scissors to cut a small portion of tape and then paste/attach that piece of tape to nails and in the end paint the nails away.

4. Blinged-Out Graffiti

Blinged-Out GraffitiThis is one of the finest nail designs involving a dark coat at base and then light brush of gold and silver paint. This style is a blend of street style and slam. Before applying this design, be very sure to remove all the metallic paints from the top of bottles. It would allow you to see the bristles when applying.

3. Diagnol Shaped Nail Designs

Diagnol shapedThis design is quite unique and chic of its own kind. All you have to do is first taping the half of your nails diagonally. After that apply the paint/polish to remaining half of nails and let it dry.

2. Mad Splatter

Mad SplatterThis is one the most amazing nail designs. It involves sprinkling of different colors on your nails making it a very rough yet so attractive. To do this nail design, tape the surrounding areas around your nails and then apply the base at nails. Afterwards use the straw to splatter different colors on your nails. How to do nail designs in mad splattering wouldn’t take your more than 20 minutes to get all done.

1. Only A Single Swipe

single SwipeThis is yet another amazing chic nail design discovered by someone. This design looks perfectly awesome with good color combination. Usually for this design swiping of white color to some dark base looks fairly striking.

Creating nail designs is simply an art of expression. It allows you to let the world know, how beautifully and differently you take things in your life. Besides above mentioned nail designs, you can think of creating a few more by your own mind. But remember always the most attractive nail designs are those that are simple and don’t give a crowded look. Grab some simple tips and start nailing it.

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