25 Cute Nail Designs That May Appeal Your Overall Personality

If you are in search of nail designs, that are easy to prepare, look fabulous and will accentuate your costume and make-up, there is certainly an option for you in this gallery of cute nail designs 2015. This list features the favorite looks among designers and celebrities, and you are likely to recognize some of them from the red carpets.

25. Almond Shaped Nails

Almond Shaped White and Black

Almond shaped nails combination in nail designs reveals an ultra modern effect. Grab an immediate attention on any occasion by wearing this great almond shaped nail ensemble. Experiment with these both nail polishes and have any customized look of your own choice to make a statement.

24. Baby Pink with Silver Cute Nail Design

Baby Pink with Silver Cute Nail Design

In scorching summers, this baby pink and silver combination seems a smarter choice in the list of cute nail designs. First apply two coats of baby pink nail polish on your nails and let dry. Now polish the bottom of the nail with silver nail color allowing baby pink nail to display its cooling aura. This simple yet glamorous nail art design is bound to make you chill.

23. White and Gold Classy Nail Design

White and Gold Classy Nail Design

Choose this fantastic option from dazzling nail designs to give your fingers a new look. It features one of the best color combinations i.e. gold and white perfectly suitable for any posh party. First apply two coats of matte white nail color on your pinkie, center and index fingers. Paint ring finger and thumb in glittery golden nail polish and let dry. Draw an alluring design with gold nail polish on your center finger while apply two or three beads on the bottom of your pinkie finger nail and index finger nail to have a statement at a commercial event.

22. Rhinestone Acrylic Cute Nail Design

Rhinestone Acrylic Cute Nail Design

Cast a spell with this iridescent rhinestone option in the list of cute nail designs. It is an innovative idea to decorate nails with shining crystals and beads yet it looks classy. All you need to do is to paint your nails with a lighter base color to make rhinestones shimmer subtly. When one or two nails show the elegance of crystal stone on your nails, it looks enchanting and dramatic.

21. Spiderweb Cute Nail Design

Spiderweb Cute Nail Design

Get a black nail polish and apply it onto your nails twice and let it dry. Now take a white nail color and draw two wavy circles at any one side of the nail, take a nail art striper brush and drag the wet white wavy circles slightly down to the side, middle and end to make it look like a spider web. Thus during this Halloween expand your Halloween costume and makeup by having this scary looking nail art ensemble with a matte finish.

20. Spooky Splatter Nail Design

Spooky Splatter Nail Design

Make your Halloween this season more spooky and bloody by having some creativity from the cute nail designs collection. Flaunt with a more Halloween spirit by having this splatter nail art ensemble that looks pretty and easy. First have a base coat on your nails and let dry. Now tape off your fingers and dip your half straw into black nail polish. Now shoot a puff of air into the straw to propel the polish on your nails maintaining a distance of six inches between the nail and straw. Repeat on all nails and you will have a messy splatter design on your nails. Now allow the design to get dry and then seal the look with a top coat. Don’t forget to clean the cuticles and fingers with a cotton swab soaked into nail remover.

19. Cute Bubbles Nail Design

Cute Bubbles Nail Design

Bubble nails also known as curve or hump nails are extraordinary and bizarre nail designs of this year. By putting a glob of acrylic in the centre of nail, you build and sculpt with it until you have a customized look. Actually the nail is thinner at the cuticle, hump shaped at the center and again thinner at the tip to look like a three dimensional dome. This 3 D quality of nail art is a confusing craze for nobody is seen to wear this nail ensemble.

18. Gilded Grommets Nail Design

Gilded Grommets Nail Design

Give your sun kissed nails a brighter and intense look by painting them in candy red apple color accented with stripes. Apply orange red nail polish on your nails twice. Take a nail art striper dipped into burgundy red and draw three even horizontal stripes across the accent nail. Now draw one straight line on the tips of other nails. Put small dots of metallic bronze nail polish on the top and bottom of every stripe. Polish your nails with a top coat for an enduring effect.

17. Cute Merino Cool Nail Design

Cute Merino Cool Nail Design

Introducing a signature style and making a statement in corporate events or nightclub bashes, this ultra chic idea is an ideal choice of the season’s cute nail designs collection. Coat two layers of sensuous autumn mulberry nail polish on your hydrated nails and allow it to dry. Enjoy a cutting edge glam look by sealing the look with a top coat.

16. Cute Well-Ornamented Nail Design

Cute Well-ornamented Nail Design

Grab the attention instantly by having this cute manicure. Polish your nails with two coats of elevated sublime scarlet and let dry. Now draw semi circle on he tips of nails using iconic platinum nail polish. Change the size of each semi circle according to the length of your nails. Relish the winter look with touching the sky limit by wearing this one from fantastic nail designs.

15. Catching Snowflakes Cute Nail Design

Catching Snowflakes Cute Nail Design

In frosty times, adorn your nails with this cool pastel idea from cute nail designs collection and make a sober statement. First moisture your nails and clean them. Now use icy frozen lavender nail color as base and apply its two coats. Now take a striping brush and make two evenly spaced semi circles at the cuticle using powder pink nail color. Then draw a vertical line starting at the centre of the cuticle and ending near the tip of the nail using powder pink nail polish. Afterwards draw shorter line on each side. Using a dotting tool, make dashes along the lines to have a snowflake image! Draw some dots as if snowflakes are falling. Enjoy the pure and untouched winter wonderland with all its glory.

14. Icy Haute Cute Nail Design

Icy Haute Cute Nail Design

Embrace a unique style by having this metallic look on your nails. First apply two coats of icy frozen lavender nail hue on your nails. Now take a fan brush soaked into jet black with amethyst fire nail polish and swipe it from tip down to the center of your nails to create Icicles effect. Break the chill and frost by plunging into this hot streamed fashion.

13. Cute Turquoise Treasure Nail Design

Cute Turquoise Treasure Nail Design

This textured pop color is a surprisingly chic and eye-grabbing option from the glam and cute nail designs repertoire. Coat your nails with tropical aqua nail color and let dry. Now apply teal pearl and satin mocha nail polishes one after the other. Using a cotton swab, wipe gently not thoroughly on your nails to show off the underneath shades. What you get is an awesome nail art design marked with turquoise, mocha and teal pearl colors. Lock this captivating look with a top coat.

12. Distressed Leather Nail Art Design

Distressed Leather Nail Art Design

Let heat up the air wherever you go with this flirty and low cut lustrous attraction from enticing nail designs ensemble. Have two coats of shimmering rich espresso nail polish as base color and allow your nails to dry. Add a few drops of orange red to a piece of aluminum foil, now using an edge of a buffing block sponge some amount of nail polish onto the nails. Do it again but this time with spice burgundy nail color. You will surely love this larger than life distressed leather nail art design.

11. Dotticure Mani Nail Art Design

Dotticure Mani Nail Art Design

This ultra simple yet very fascinated nail art ensemble is all about for everyday life. Apply two coats of snowy white on your nails and let dry. Now mark the edges with small dots of aqua azure, bright cornflower blue and cream pistachio nail colors. Get a cold and refreshing nail look sending shiver down your spine.

10. Dream Catcher Nail Art Design

Dream Catcher Nail Art Design

This tribal art stands unique in cute nail designs series. It will definitely touch the imagination with its bright and colorful nail hues. After applying two coats of dark sinister red nail polish, make a diamond shape in the center of nail with sea blue nail polish. Take a striping brush and make horizontal and vertical lines above and below the diamond using satiny smooth lilac and crème de menthe mint nail colors. Make an inner square with pastel pink nail polish feathering out the lines around the square. Relish a fabulous and pretty paradise at your stylish manicured fingertips.

9. Cute Dream Weaver Nail Art Design

Cute Dream Weaver Nail Art Design

Create a dreamy look by decorating your nails with sage pewter and gold metallic nail polishes. These colors are immensely helpful in generating a number of fabulous nail designs. Color your nails with two coats of sage pewter and allow it to dry. Draw two even stripes across the nail tips using metallic gold nail polish with a toothpick or a nail art brushing tool. Then draw 5 vertical lines that touch the second horizontal line of the free edge using gold metallic nail lacquer. This gorgeous nail art design is sure to start fashion frenzy during fall and winter styles.

8. Cute Dress to Frill Nail Art Design

Cute Dress to Frill Nail Art Design

Make yourself rock on any occasion with this dress to frill romantic nail art ensemble. First apply two coats of cheeky blush pink nail lacquer and let dry. Now you need a sleek stick offering you many stickers including a lacy detail sticker as well. Cut out this sticker with small scissors and apply it on the tip of nail. Fold the excess sticker and file off it neatly to have a lacy design on your nails. Avoid seal coat for it may damage your UV cured nail appliqué. This seamlessly neutral nail design help moving you day and night with confidence.

7. Earn Your Stripes Nail Art Design

Earn your Stripes Nail Art Design

A very refreshing and electric option in spring inspired cute nail designs! Apply coats of east side pink nail lacquer on thumb, center and pinkie fingers. Color the rest two with cool grey green nail polish. Now take a fine nail brush and draw an arc from the middle edge of the nail to the center using the opposite color of the base color. Draw a second arc from the other side of the nail across the nail. Perfectly punctuating any ensemble and making you feel like a promenade queen this extraordinary style beautifies your fingertips.

6. Cute Edgy Electric Nail Design

Cute Edgy Electric Nail Design

Get ready to rave all night long with this peachy pink and boho violet indigo nail art from the season’s latest nail designs. There and everywhere. Polish your nails with boho violet indigo nail polish twice for an electrifying look. Take a striping brush dipped into peachy pink nail lacquer, and then draw two vertical evenly spaced lines starting from the cuticle and ending at the tip of the nail. Again draw two parallel vertical lines starting away from the cuticle. Make a zig zag pattern between these lines and get wild with this flirtatious nail art look.

5. Cute Eye Candy Nail Design

Cute Eye Candy Nail Design

For a sumptuous manicure, this triple tier delicacy in three vibrant and cool colors is a super stylish idea that takes a lead in the cute nail designs collection. First color your nails with two coats of plush pink berry red nail hue. Then draw a U shape with metallic silver nail polish above from the cuticle. Repeat it with crème de menthe mint to fill in the place inside the U shape silver metallic. Enjoy a luxuriously sophisticated and tempting sweet nail art design.

4. Cute Fade to Pink Nail Design

Cute Fade to Pink Nail Design

Make a statement in this feathery ombre manicure combining creamy pale pink and bright fuchsia nail polishes. First apply two coats of pale pink nail polish as base color. Allow it to dry. On a separate aluminum foil, attenuate few drops of secret story with equal amount of clear nail polish and polish your 3/4 nails with this mixture once. Now make a more thick mixture of secret story and clear nail polish and color one half of your nails. Finally polish the tip of your nail with actual secret story nail polish and enjoy the girly nail art design.

3. Cute Flipped French Tip Nail Design

Cute Flipped French Tip Nail Design

Get this fantastic and fashion inspired option from French nail designs but this time in a reverse pattern. Apply the granite grey nail polish on your nails. Now on the smile line of cuticle, apply bronze glittery nail polish to the base of each nail with a detailing nail art brush. Achieve an urban and subtle look with this French inspired Mani.

2. Cute Foil Alert Nail Art Design

Cute Foil Alert Nail Art Design

Grab an instant unexpected effect by coloring your nails with deep plum nail polish marked with serpent texture on the fingertips. It’s one of the most captivating cute nail designs that give an extra glow to your persona. Polish your nails with rich deep plum nail polish and let dry. Cut out a small triangle of sneak e with a small scissors and paste it on the tip of nail carefully. File off the excessive sticker if there is any and relish all time favorite nail ensemble.

1. Cute Free-Wheeling Nail Design

Cute Free-wheeling Nail Design

One of the best nail art designs you can have in every season at any occasion. Polish your nails with two coats of molten magenta. After it dry, using peachy pink neon draw 3 concentric semi circles with the middle circle the thickest with a striping nail art brush. Now make spokes of the wheels and get ready to rave all night long.


With the fashion industry in a constant state of change and new trends coming up each month, it gets rather difficult to find a collection of designs that you can rely upon to be contemporary and keeping up with the latest trends. Luckily for you! This list of cute nail designs 2015 shall meet your requirements.

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