Marriage Advice 7 Relationship Tips from Experts

When a new relationship begins, either its an open-relationship or closed,  everything seems perfect and easy. Maintaining a healthy, long term and strong relationship especially after marriage, is the real test. A good relationship requires sincere effort, time and patience. Here we’ve gathered some of the best relationship tips from famous experts around the country. If you’re struggling to maintain a relationship or want to deepen your bond with your partner, these relationship tips will surely help you to make your relationship stronger and your marriage divorce proof.


1. Be More Intimate With Your Husband


Maintaining a good and healthy intimate relationship with your soul mate is the first and foremost advice in these relationship tips. Mostly the earlier days of a relationship are full of intimacy and passion. After sometime, marriage lives become bore and dull because of the same routine every day and the burden of work responsibilities and children. According to experts, sexual intimacy significantly drops mostly after first child is born. To change this depressing situation, bring the element of surprise and change in your life. You must put an effort to revive your relationship and surprise him with some romantic surprise every now and then. Try to bring back the romance and intimacy of the earlier days of your marriage and love life.

2. Build Good Relationships with Your Husband’s Family and Friends


Put an effort to know about all the important friends and family members of your husband. If you want to make your bond stronger, make a good relationship with your husband’s loved ones. A common cause of conflict in marriage surfaces when sometimes wives not only make no effort to know their husband’s family and friends but they also try to reduce their interaction with them. This thing causes a rift between couples. According to experts, try to establish a good relationship with your spouse’s family and friends as it will give you chance to know more about your man. This will also keep your marriage from getting bored and dull. So knowing your spouse’s family and friends is one of the most important tips from the experts.

3. Keep Work Stress Away From Your Home


One of the most important relationship tips that experts usually give to couples is to separate business or work from relationship. According to experts sometimes when people had a tough day at work, they use their partners as a punching bag to get rid of their frustrations. So if you don’t want your work to ruin your relationship, learn to control your emotions and leave the stress of your work outside your house. No matter what, make your relationship and spouse your first priority to build a strong relationship.

4. Trust Your Soul Mate


Every relationship is built on the basis of mutual trust, love and sincerity. According to experts lack of trust is the first step of breaking a relationship. According to experts, lack of trust is one of the biggest causes of divorce. It was observed in many cases that sometimes women start to keep an eye on their husbands without any reason. In most of the cases husbands were proved to be innocent, but this mistrust kills their relationship. To avoid this sad situation, learn to trust you husband. In the beginning it may seem difficult to you; but once you got rid of your insecurities and doubts and started believing in your spouse, you life and relationship become much happier and stronger than before. But if you find difficult to believe your husband without any solid reason, you’re the one to be blamed for unnecessary problems in your relationship. So “trusting each other” is the first advice, experts give in relationship tips.

5. Choose Perfect Time for Talks


“Choosing time and place wisely for your serious talks” is another one of the best relationship tips from experts. Strong communication is the key element in every good relationship. But remember, there is always a time and place for tough talks. Always choose the perfect time for talks when you two are alone and there is not any chance of interruption during your conversation. Don’t discuss your problems when you’ve company as it will poison your relationship and never start any serious conversation when your children are around. Mutual respect is another basic element of a successful relationship, so try to avoid any criticism, hostility and confrontation during discussion.

6. Share Your Financial Problems


A common and major area of problem in a relationship is finances. According to experts, about 35 percent of couples have totally different opinion about how to manage finances and debts. As mostly, both husband and wife share the household expenses and expenses on children, these problems occasionally appear.

According to marriage counselors, mostly problems occur when one partner feels that the other is not contributing in finances or contributing much less that he should. To avoid financial conflicts like this, plan in the earlier days of your relationship how you can manage finances mutually. How will you manage if one partner stops contributing for some unavoidable reason? First estimate the expenses of essential things like children, education, medical and utility bills etc. All good marriage advisers and counselors include “managing and planning finance thoroughly” in their list of most important relationship tips.

7. Give Each Other Proper Space


Acquiring perfect balance in love and relationship is very important. As much as spending time with each other is essential in a relationship, giving proper space to your spouse is also equally important. Women should keep in mind that before their husbands meet them, they spent time with their friends and family. Sometimes, conflict occurs when women try to confine their husbands to their home only. According to experts, giving proper space to your spouse is good for your relationship as it saves a relationship from boring and frustrating routine. According to experts, giving each other proper space is among the most important relationship tips you’ll ever get.

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