Must A Try – Top 10 Haircuts For Heart Shaped Faces

Hair is that part of your beauty and your face that imparts a great effect on your personality. People with shabby hair and split ends don’t give a sleek look as compared to the ones who take care of their hair and give it the best possible treatment. If you want to have a haircut just as your friend had it recently then you are thinking it the wrong way because haircuts are not about how others look in it but it’s about how your face cut would go in it. Having a hair cut that doesn’t suit your face type will make your look not at all attractive. Rather you should try the hair styles that go with you face cut.

Here in this topic we have provided you about the haircuts that will look better if you have a heart shaped face.

10. Bangs Long Bangs

Bangs long bangs

Bangs usually are recommended to those who have a broader forehead than usual. With a broad forehead it looks better to have a layer of hair hanging down a bit so that the gap is filled with beauty. Long and thick bangs look hot as hell if you know how to carry them. Perfectly suited for you if you like to have long hairstyles for your hair.

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  • If you go to your stylist next time ask him to trim your bangs vertically keep on going till the end of your eyebrows.
  • These types of bangs give a look of sexiness which every woman likes to have at some point.

9. Shoulder Length Waves

Shoulder length waves

Women usually do not want a lengthy hair if its summers coming round the corner. So, for the ones who have a heart shaped face and want to go for a short hairstyles can try a shoulder length cut which has soft waves.

  • Curling such hair at the end would give fullness to the heart shaped faces.
  • You can wet your hair and then use a large round brush for blow dry.
  • While you are done with this then spray a little hair spray to hold the hair.

8. Centered Parted Hair

Centered parted hair

This one is another hair style that you can go for if you have a heart shaped face. The ones with broader foreheads can wear this look as well. Parting your long straight hair through the midway is a simple yet an attractive hairstyle. This is also suited for those who’re looking for some simple but attractive prom hairstyles.

  • When you part the hair through mid way it automatically creates two vertical layers of hair on both the sides.
  • This help give a longer appearance to your face.
  • Curling the hair a bit into soft waves helps to give a fuller appearance where needed.

7. Layers Fill Me In

Layers fill me in

With these kinds of layers which are actually face framing makes the chin look less wider comparatively. It is one of the most elegant and attractive medium layered haircuts you can try.

  • These layers give a narrower look to your face and heart shaped faces look less wide and jaws give a more softened appearance.
  • Blows dry your hair and then use a flat iron over it to give a sleek look.

“Are you looking for some hot and trendy hair cuts for your heart shaped faces? Look here and what you can find best that goes with your hair type.”

6. Side Parted Lob

Side parted lob

This one is a long bob which is parted on the side. This one goes a little longer below the jaw line and to the neck. The side partition gives a trendy look which is even used to hide out the broad forehead. The partitioned layer is long enough to touch the ears and stays at the front not behind the ears.

  • This type of hair cut is not particularly perfect for the heart shaped faces but it can also be cut on other face types.
  • For a better style use a flat iron after a blow dry.

“Long sleek bobs look fabulous on heart shaped faces. If you think you can pull a bob elegantly than do try it.”

5. Bangs And Layers

Bangs and layers

This one is a combination of both the cuts, bangs and layers. People who want to have voluminous look should try this cut. Since it doesn’t require a very long hair length so the ones who have medium sized hair can go for this cut. Besides heart shaped faces it is also one of the most suitable haircuts for round faces.

  • Its layers give fullness to the jaw area and the side parted hair also provide with the similar effect.
  • If you wish to add more volume to your hair then back comb your hair at the crown part and your bangs as well.
  • This hair cut will suit all types of hair.

4. Loose Waves

Loose waves

This one is again another one of the amazing wavy hairstyles that will go with the heart shaped faces very well. This one is a shoulder length cut which looks more attractive when curled at the bottom. If you want this hair cut makes sure you have medium thickness hair as it would look much more better in that.

  • Straight hair would carry the look really well.
  • Even if your hair is not straight then no worries, just use a flat iron and give a little loose curls at the bottom.
  • This would help your hair look more perfect and attractive. Besides you would not have to keep on worrying about your hair if you use a hair spray and hold your hair in that style.

3. Soft Curls

Soft curls

This one is more to do with the styling than the cut itself. If you even have thin to medium type hair this cut will go on it. If you are trying to look for a night time party look with this hair, which is more than little longer then shoulder length with two layers at the jaw line and the other above it then you can make a perfect hair do. This style is worth the effort especially if you’re looking for cute and curly hairstyles.

  • You just need to blow dry your hair a bit and then curl them up and in them for a while.
  • After you are done with it spray a little hair spray on your hair and leave.
  • Remove the pins and you have got some soft curls.
  • Brush them lightly or tie them up in a bum with front hair partitioned sideways.

2. Sleek Bob

Sleek bob

This one is a typical bob which is not meant for the shy ones. It is best suited on the ones who have a heart shaped face and wants to show it. This one short above the neck where as in the front it show a little longer length, which is parted sideways. It is one of the most attractive medium hairstyles for all kinds of skin tone but especially suitable for women with dark skin.

  • This one goes well with the heart shaped faces which have a medium thickness hair.
  • It is always easier to style this hair as it would only require a little blow dry or a flat iron at times.

1. Bouncy Bob

Bouncy bob

This is a bob which is short but still gives a bouncy look to the hair. Women with thin hair are recommended for this hairstyle and the ones who have thick strands of hair must avoid this hair cut. If only they are taking keratin treatment then they can go opt for this curly bob hair style.

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  • You can curl up some pieces of hair a bit to give a hot bouncy look.
  • These curls would also add up to the volume of hair.


  • If you have a heart shaped face and a broader forehead try not to tie tight pony tails.
  • With heart shaped faces if you want to give a filled up look then ask your stylist for short layered haircuts starting from the jaw bones.
  • You can also try different bobs with a heart shaped face but if you are too conscious about the face cut then don’t go for short bobs.

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