Want To Get “High”? – 40 Best High Protein Foods

It is a fact that protein is an essential requirement of the human body and work marvelous to keep it functioning and healthful. Its benefits are numerous; from energizing body to imparting strong immunity against various diseases to losing weight effectively and rapidly. Protein is very important for the nourishment of body cells as well. It provides the strength to your nail and hair. In the following, you will find an exhaustive list of the best high protein foods that can help you avoid protein deficiency and maintain good health.

40. Fish

fish.Fish contains plenty of nutrients and among them the most important ingredient is protein. For example, there are 19 grams of protein are found in the 85g cooked salmon. Additionally, it contains also a great amount of iodine and omega-3 essential fatty acids. These nutrients are highly beneficial for the health of brain and accurate function of thyroid glands.

39. Chicken

chickenChicken breast comes in the category of lean meat. It is rated as the best protein food that helps maintain various functions of the body. You can get 26 g of protein from the 85g breast of roast chicken. On the other hand, zinc is also available in the chicken breast and it makes it one of the best immune boosting foods you can find.

38. Turkey

turkeyTurkey’s meat can also be included in the list of best high protein foods that contains 26g pure protein in 85g. Moreover, it is the best source to provide an exclusive amount of amino acid tryptophan. It is extremely helpful to provide you a sound sleep and many people consider it one of the best home remedies for sleep problem.

37. Lamb

LambLamb is another rich source of protein. There are 23g of protein per 85g mutton. It is one of the excellent sources of other essential nutrients as well including iron that is very important for the development of red blood cells in the body. These are the powerhouse of energy and they support the healthy energy levels.

36. Prawns

PrawnsAmong high protein foods, Prawns are at the top of the list. Eating prawns help you take high amount of iodine as well. These are the true mean to provide strength to muscles, liquidity to blood and energy to the body. It is proved that 6 medium prawns contain 6g of protein. Moreover, iodine is helpful in the production of thyroid hormones.

35. Lentils

LentilsLentils can also be named among the best high protein foods. They contain a great amount of fiber and amino acid as well. This dietary fiber is highly beneficial for the health of the body. They are also the best source of natural diuretics. They contain potassium, phosphorous, vitamin B6 and vitamin A, C and K that are enormously helpful in removing the extra quantity of water from body as well.

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34. Spirulina

Spirulina powderSpirulina powder is the best protein food that is more beneficial than meat, fish and poultry. It is the great addition to the vegetarian diet. It contains iron helps cure the deficiency of red blood cells in the blood and to treat the anemia.

33. Eggs

eggsEggs are the best source of high amount of protein and some other essential food components. The egg white is the rich source of nutrients as compared to the egg yolk. Boiled egg white provides you sufficient amount of energy in the breakfast if you are on diet plan. It is considered as one of the best fat burning foods as it also helps in weight loss. It contains vitamin D that is very important to support the bone structure of the body. It helps to recover from Vitamin D deficiency that’s why it’s considered among the best foods high in vitamin d.  It prevents the body from cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

32. Tofu

TofuAdd tofu also in the list best high protein foods! It contains high amount of protein as well as vitamin B complex. Both these nutrients are very helpful in boosting up the energy level in the body. A ½ cup of tofu provides you 20g of protein. It also helps in the activation of cell metabolism and improves the tendency of the body to consume fats in routine life. Eating these kinds of foods are the best ways to speed up metabolism and get protein.

31. Nuts

NUTSFor their multiple advantages, nuts are very beneficial and healthy food item. They are the best source of saturated fats, protein and many other healthy nutrients. They are rich in amino fatty acid that is a good source to energize the body. Nuts empower the body while you are feeling weak by providing the huge amount of proteins.

The vital importance of protein can be imagined by the fact that it is an indispensable part of human body cells. It plays a significant role in buildings muscles and bones as well as regeneration human skin layers. Protein helps in repair of body cells and tissues. Hence, it is necessary to ensure the best protein foods in daily intake.

30. Seeds

SeedsIt is the best protein food that provides you saturated fats and an assortment of fatty acids also. It assists to clean the colon and excess fluid from the body. It removes toxin from the body in a natural way and provides you diuretics also. It keeps your kidneys in good working condition and helps to improve the hormonal function and the other body chemicals.

29. Protein Powder

Protein PowderIt is the easiest and the simplest way to raise the daily amount of proteins by adding it to smoothies and drinks. A 25g of brown rice protein powder contains 20g of protein. It refreshes you and gives you an optimum level of energy. It is extremely effective to control health disorders and keep you healthy. Make sure to select some healthiest protein powder for your diet to keep you energize.

28. Yoghurt

YogurtCertainly one of the best high protein foods! Starting your day with yoghurt is a wise choice because it cuts down the cholesterol level of the blood. It improves the immune system as well as digestive system of the body. It is extremely efficient food that is rich source of many useful minerals and antioxidants. Make sure to include it in your regular diet to enjoy the amazing health benefits of yogurt.

27. Cheese

cheeseIt contains very important food components that are beneficial for the health improvement apart from being the best protein food. The important quality of cheese is that it gives you high energy, having a rich amount of fiber. Fiber activates metabolism and increases energy level.

26. Cow’s Milk

cow milk.Milk contains a high amount of protein and thus can be listed with the best protein foods that energize the body and strengthen it. Milk is also known as one of the best calcium-rich foods as it is a rich source of calcium and vitamin D that wonderfully support bones and skeletal structure.

25. Quinoa

QuinoaBeing one of the best high protein foods, it helps to maintain the energy level in human body. Quinoa contains also zinc dietary fiber and many other important nutrients that heal up wounds and maintain healthy skin.

24. Kefir

KefirKefir is the best high protein food that contains also plenty of probiotics that give support and maintain the health by keeping a balance of bacteria in the digestive tract. It is highly rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and manganese perfect to remove the water. It supports the bone structure and strengthens them.

23. Grainy Bread

Grainy BreadThe best source of protein, fiber and vitamin B complex! Grainy bread is important for the health of the nervous system. In taste, it is delicious and is efficient in providing the energy to the body.

22. Avocado

AvocadoThe avocado is another excellent option in the best high protein foods that has a significant amount of protein. Health benefits of avocado are numerous and amazing for our body. It is full of taste and is extremely beneficial to make your life healthier. It minimizes the level of sugar in blood by controlling the level of insulin.

21. Beans

beansBeans are the perfect source of protein and enhance the efficiency of body cells and hormones. They make you feel full and help you control desire for food if you are on the diet plan. Moreover, it helps in regulating the blood sugar as well. The protein in beans helps you to maintain blood cholesterol level. So make sure to add them in your regular diet if you want to know how to lower cholesterol naturally.

Certain health issues are specifically caused by protein deficiency. Among them the most prominent are hair loss, nail breakage and certain skin issues. However, ensuring the required protein foods intake can help you get rid of all such issues.

20. Oatmeal

oatmealOne cup dry oatmeal yields 501g protein. The benefits of this best high protein food are many. You can use oatmeal to make various delicious foods. It is suggested to include in your diet plan due to the less calories and high proteins. You should take oatmeal at breakfast, preferably with banana to get the maximum amount of energy and enjoy the health benefits of oatmeal. It is also the best source of fiber, iron and important minerals that your body needs.

19. Mushroom

mushroomAll forms of mushrooms are equally beneficial such as crimini, enoki, oyster, portobello, shiitake or white button are equally enriched with protein. They are the best source to get the maximum amount of energy and have lesser count of calories and a great help to maintain the function of the body cells.

18. Blue Berry

blueberriesIt can easily be rated among the best high protein foods for the amount of protein it contains. They can be helpful producing energy and efficiently regularizing various functions of the organs of the body. To fully profit from the amazing health benefits of blueberries, you should use it by mixing with other fruits in a fruit salad, it will work vitally. Avoid putting sugar on it. Make it your habit of taking berries in routine to have healthy and fat free body.

17. Peanuts

PeanutsPeanuts, rich with protein, helps in maintain HDL fats in your body. It helps to build the blocks of cartilage, bones, muscles, blood and skin. To reduce ABS fats, peanut butter is considered the best source to achieve better results. It improves the structure and health of cells of the body and their performance as well. You can also use it in the form of peanut butter. You can use it regularly in breakfast to enjoy the amazing health benefits of peanut butter.

16. Dates

DATESBeing the best protein food, these are very beneficial in providing the protein, magnesium, potassium and many other essential food components. They are full of fiber, iron and vitamins also. They can be taken in different ways and can be used to reduce weight as well as to gain the weight. It contains a lot of fiber that has the quality to make your stomach full and cleanse the colon.

15. Guava

guavaIt contains protein, vitamin c, fiber and iron. It is full of the qualities that make you healthy and full of energy. Guava is the fruit full of taste and rich with health benefits. It is very beneficial to control sugar, weight and to treat constipation. It has dynamic qualities that make it popular. It is well known treatment in the home remedies for constipation. It is full of fiber and that is an incredible ingredient to treat constipation and diabetes.

14. Bananas

BananasThey are known for their dynamic healthy qualities. They provide a vast range of food nutrients and enhance the health level. Banana is the great fruit that is ideal for getting the maximum level of protein. The heavy amount of fiber in them is the cause to reduce the fats of the body. They satisfy the deficiency of sugar as well which is another one of the amazing benefits of banana. Certainly one of the best high protein foods!

13. Jack Fruit

Jack FruitA 100 gram of jack fruit contains 1.7 grams of protein. It is also considered as one of the best home remedies for diabetes because this fruit is extremely useful to prevent from diabetes and to treat it. Jack fruit contains iron, thiamin, vitamin A, vitamin C, riboflavin, calcium, niacin, potassium, manganese and magnesium among numerous different supplements.

12. Dried Apricot

Dried apricotsAs the best protein food, it is very delicious and full of healthy nutrients. Apricots are great for maintaining the sugar level in the blood. Apricots are the ideal food if you want to know how to lose belly fat and intend to lose your weight as well as decrease your sugar.

11. Grapes

grapesGrapes come in the category of citrus fruits; they are highly beneficial to consume the fats and provide the power to the weak body. A cup of grapes i.e. 92 grams yields 0.6 grams of protein. Grapes are the source to provide iron, vitamin A, C, E and many more. The substantial measure of fiber is the reason to decrease the fats of the body. They can be utilized as a part of eating routine arrangement to gain full benefits of grapes especially for lessening weight right away.

10. Raspberries

RaspberryIt is the best protein food that has numerous benefits for health. A cup of raspberries slices has 1.5 grams protein. They ate the best way to get vitally important vitamins and nutrients such as anthocyanin, flavonols and ellagitannins that can save you from numerous cardiac diseases as well as cancer.

9. Figs

FigsThe fruit is full of nutrients and antioxidants, sufficient to cut the risk of high blood pressure and the heart failure as well as heart diseases. It contains a high amount of protein that provides energy to the body and improves the function of the cells. It is one of the most effective natural ways to lower blood pressure easily that’s why it is highly recommended to eat them regularly.

8. Grape Fruit

grape fruitGrapes fruit, the best protein food, is also enriched with nutrients that are very helpful in maintaining the body in terms of energy, weight loss, diabetes and heart diseases. It is an important part of all the important juicing recipes for weight loss. It burns calories and serves to shed down a lot of fats from your body. It tends to control your appetite effectively.

7. Peaches

PeachesPeaches are great for getting protein because of their richness of protein. A cup of pears i. e. 154g slices contains 1.4 g of protein. These are extremely light food. It gives vitality to the body in the consequence of metabolizing the body fats adequately.

6. Spinach

spinachSpinach is a vegetable that is full of fiber, iron, protein and vitamins. It can be taken in different ways and can be used to reduce weight that is only one of the numerous benefits of spinach. It contains a lot of fiber that has the quality to make your stomach full and cleanse the colon. It provides energy to the body in the result of metabolizing the body fats effectively. It improves the level of red blood cells because of the iron that’s why it is one of the best foods high in iron and protein.

5. Apple

APPLE..Among the best high protein foods, apple is a highly beneficial fruit for health that has plenty of advantages. The huge amount of protein in apple provides the magical energy to human body. Its 4 grams can give you a feeling of fullness. It helps to lessen the cholesterol and fights against the blood sugar successfully. Apple can be eaten with or without peeling it off. It is a low calorie fruit and full of fiber.

4. Pears

PearsA cup of pears slices pears i. e. 140g slices contains 0.5 g of protein. The most remarkable benefit of pears is that it is the perfect treatment for diabetes. The fruit contains anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties as well that are good for health and to prevent from diseases.

3. Olive

olivesOlive is full of great qualities and provides incredible health benefits. Olive can be used in salad with the regular meal and it can be taken in the intervals between meals as well. It has many nutrients, most prominently proteins to support your health.

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2. Orange

orangesOrange is the natural way to get loads of energy. It is loaded with vitamin C, iron and sugar which are the main reasons of amazing benefits of oranges. It is also the best protein food. It is the most effective fat killer and exceedingly supportive for food digestion. If you add orange intake in your regular food intake, you can not only lower fats but can ensure vitality to your body.

1. Blue Berries

blueberiesBlue Berries are very helpful in maintaining the energy level in the body because they contain high amount of protein. Berries reduce the risk of sugar 23 percent in the body. They can be useful in lessening the amount of sugar that is the principle source of making fats in the body. If you take berries by blending them with different organic products, it will work marvelously.


This extensive list of the best high protein foods given above is sufficient enough to enlighten you to make a comprehensive food chart for you. They also provide you information on the multiple benefits of protein concentrated foods and their other vitally important components. A regular intake of such protein foods help human body maintain the production of all necessary enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals and hence maintain a good health.

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