15 Health Benefits Of Apples

Submitted By Amy Reid  

The struggle to stay healthy and fit in today’s world is real. It is like a moment you are healthy and then comes a gush of wind from the weirdest parts of the world and it has got all kinds of bacteria in it and there you go, down with cough, cold, flu and in severe cases Asthma. People living in the hardest regions of the world really get tired of maintaining their health and paying huge hospital dues. It is like survival becomes tougher each year since there are more and more bacteria every time and all of them are different from the ones there were before. The body and the immune system fail to recognize the old components saved inside such imposters and get ruined by their attack over and over again.

Kids and old people are the hardest to handle. Both of them are in that part of their life where everything is either too new or too exhausted to work properly. Even old people require as much attention as kids do and it is at times sad to see how such people try and survive in rash conditions. But if it were for you, you can still save your old age from all kinds of diseases by eating right and making the right kinds of choices in terms of your eating habits. True, everybody loves the sight and smell of all kinds of junk food, the presentation, the oil, the aroma everything is so desirable that no one can actually keep their hands off of it. There is no harm in having cheese or oil but when things are kept in moderation and prepared in the comfort of your homes they are far more trustable because all the ingredients are added by hand and things are cleaner inside and out.

Eat as much food as you like but you need to, you better need to detoxify yourself and your body. The body builds up as many toxins as the mind cant even register and what happens inside the body is known only by God so do not take relieve in thinking that if your able to wake up next day you are okay. Unfortunately, some things strike at the most unexpected of time. But you better not lose hope because at ‘OLWOMEN’ we are here to help you and stay tuned for this article narrates all the health benefits associated with the heavenly fruit, apple.

“People living in the hardest regions of the world really get tired of maintaining their health and paying huge hospital dues.”

15. Your Best Friend For Weight Loss


What exactly is it that keeps you full most of the time in a day? We wont raise our hands for chips, cookies or pizza because these are all foods from hell and trust us you are sure going to get asked for what on Earth were you thinking when you were all so addicted to such foods. The answer to the question is simple, the thing that really keeps us full is fibre and apples are full of it.

  • Apples have only about 52 calories per 100gm Can you even imagine this number?
  • Less calorie count and high fibre count means the more you consume apples the fuller you will feel and the less it will appear on the scale.
  • Fiber is not only beneficial for keeping you full but it also clears up your intestines by pushing out all kinds of toxins.
  • Having an apple in the time of extreme needs not only suppresses the urge but also activates the metabolism and boosts fat burning.
  • Fiber rich foods help combat heart disease and also prevent diabetes.

14. Liver Detoxifier


Of all the bad stuff we take in apart from the stomach having to pay the remaining bill our poor liver also suffers a lot because a high range of toxins in the body means that the liver is paying for the damage. Insulin production that is related directly with the working of the liver gets affected when the body gets piled up with fats and unnecessary toxins the liver also starts getting a hard time deciding how and when to produce more insulin.

  • Failure to work properly means lack of insulin generation.
  • This failure leads to the cause of diabetes at an early age because most livers stop working at a healthy age due to improper and unhealthy diet intake.
  • Doctors therefore always recommend to have apples as part of daily diet because these fruits are rich detoxifying agents
  • Not only do they cleanse the body off of any toxins but they perform ritual based operations on the liver as well.
  • Munch on at least one apple in a day because let’s face it; you are worth it.

13. Immunity Builder


To have a great form in terms of immunity is the biggest question as well as dilemma of today’s world. People no matter what they do, how many pills or multivitamins do they opt for nothing really caters to the tough times when one really wants to move on with their life and get done with those heaps of work and you are suddenly surrounded by the evil of flu and cold and that too without any prior notice. It often happens that you slept all well and the next morning it feels that you simply lost your voice box in a bet.

  • The antioxidants present in the fruit help reduce the level of free radicals in the blood.
  • The white cell brigade thus has a lot of time to sit and understand what changes the body is going through and decide how and what should be the plan of action for the next attack.
  • Quercetin, which is a flavonoid-based antioxidant, is the key member of the apple anatomy that is known to have the power to train the body to fight all kinds of different diseases.

12. Fighting Against Hemorrhoids


What do you do when you are in that constant stage of frustration that you system is not clearing up and when the system of the body isn’t clean it means that the mind will be choked along with it. This is the reality, not many people realize the association of constipation with the brain and think that this is the most unreasonable reason to present. But this is in fact true that when the stomach is unable to clear things up, when the intestines fail to push digested stuff out through the rectum the struggle then is real.

  • A hemorrhoid is one of the common problem that is deeply associated with the lack of fibre available in the body.
  • Why does someone face a hemorrhoid? It is because their diet was mainly composed of stuff that takes a good old time to digest and the food also is not rich in fibre.
  • So the intestines have to face a lot of trouble passing such fatty, gross and unhealthy food through the curves and bends and sometimes some places get swollen and strained resulting in a hemorrhoid.
  • Apples being rich in fibre decrease the cases of hemorrhoids by a good 50% and this is true with almost all fruits and vegetables.
  • The key lies in a good in take of fibre and the rest will definitely fit in because of natural and comfortable bowel movements.

11. Apples Boost Your Brain


Apples are rich in fibre and antioxidants and what do these things have in common? All these things do their best to clear out all the dirt out from your body and keep in as much of the good stuff as possible. These features and attributes of apples is something that makes it one of the world’s best fruit. This fruit is the food for all kinds of people belonging to all walks of life and all age range.

  • Quercetin the antioxidant being the chief member of the fruit fights against the free radicals that ward off in the entire body without any reason, disrupting the normal functioning of all kinds of things.
  • Antioxidants are also known to reduce inflammation and this those regularly take in an apple a day will definitely wont be going to a mental hospital since this diseases strengthens the cognitive and memory based abilities of the brain.
  • Kids especially have been reported to have extra amount of energy for activity and brain for the work when they are given apples as part of their research.

Tip: Make it a habit to add about half an apple in your kid’s diet either in the form of packed lunch or during the breakfast session.

“Eat as much food as you like but you need to, you better need to detoxify yourself and your body.”

10. Apples For Good Eyes


Carrots and apples together are known to have really positive effects on the eyesight and the memory and this information is going on for years. Many people have a habit of juicing both the fruit and the vegetable together and this juice is part of their morning breakfast like a prescribed medicine. Not only does it taste and smell good but also it has many known benefits on the health.

  • Though there has been no known definition for the reason of cataracts but there sure have been many remedies to stay at bay from this problem.
  • One of which is to consume as much fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants as possible.
  • They key and the main goal of this article is to promote healthy toxic free diet. When someone consumes fruits and vegetables as great as they apple, they realize that truly there is much truth in the facts that have been presented.
  • Many parents prefer giving their children a dose of such a juice at least for a weekend so that their mind and the eyes can compensate for the week load of crap that had done the entire week.
  • Research has proved that there was an average of about 15-120% less chances of cataracts for people who had been taking apples as compared to those who preferred not to.

Tip: It is preferred to consume apples with skin as it has been found that a large chunk of minerals, nutrients and all kinds of vitamins are found on the peel.

9. Preventing Gallstones


Your health highly depends on the diet that you take in. There’s a huge myth that only fat or obese people suffer from all kinds of chronic diseases. But this fact is completely wrong since slimmer people often consume more junk food and should be thankful of their high metabolism that most of the food is consumed rather than turning into fat. But this consumption doesn’t mean that the stomach is at ease while trying to digest kilograms of cheese consumed. The stomach as well as the liver has to work equally hard and in their case hard and fast.

  • There’s a lot of burden on the liver for it has to produce all the juices and insulin to keep the system working normally. Sad it is that little to we pay attention towards it.
  • Liver is also responsible for maintaining the levels of cholesterol in the body and to prevent gallstones.
  • When the liver fails to take away excess cholesterol from the bile secretion it tends to get accumulated in the form of gallstones.
  • This problem is resolved only by adding high fibre diet in daily routine because fibre rich diets help in maintain weight and cholesterol issues.
  • Apples have pectin rich fibre that enables reduction in the absorption of LDL, which in common words is the bad cholesterol. Low absorption means no accumulation and clearance of the toxins from the body.

Tip: Doctors recommend weekly in take of almost 5 apples that accounts for less than an apple a day to help the body get all the necessary nutrients and fibre required.

8. Having Whiter And Brighter Teeth


The one thing most people judge about a stranger is the color of the teeth when they are in a conversation with them. You might as well think that you have had them in a really good conversation but you might not know that they are spending their time thinking about all the stuff that might be accumulated on your teeth and gums. To have a healthy and glowing smile is one thing that will genuinely attract a lot of people towards you.

  • The key for good teeth is that you brush twice a day and make sure you floss well.
  • Spend at least 5 minutes on your brushing regime because anything less than 2 minutes is useless.
  • Another thing that plays a good impact on the color and health of the teeth and gums is chewing over good fruits.
  • Apples are one good fruit that increases the secretion of saliva in the mouth due to constant biting and chewing. This saliva secretion prevents premature tooth decay.
  • So an apple a day assures to delay all your dental appointments for a good while.

7. Saving From Parkinson’s


The brain is a highly complex organ of the body. This organ is the prime decision maker as well as the undying soldier that never sleeps, never rests and never really loses hope. But this soldier too has a life and one must understand that posing too much stress, depression and tension upon this soldier means that its strengthen will keep on weakening with the passage of time.

  • The gradual degeneration of the brain is also affected by the time and effort it takes to help the rest of the organs to perform their tasks.
  • Parkinson’s is one hard mental disorder which is caused by the breakdown of nerve cells and hence the body loses its touch with the nerve cells and it’s hard to have any control on the limbs.
  • Due to the presence of antioxidants in this fruit, especially Quercetin the breakdown is decreased to a great level.

6. Attacks On Alzheimer’s


Juicing is one great habit that will sure give you wonderful results not only in weeks but long throughout the life. Juicing might seem like too much of work but in reality this too much of physical work prevents the body from being attacked by all kinds of diseases. Not only does fruit and vegetable juices flushes the toxins from the body, but the antioxidants present within the juice balance a healthy relationship with the cells and all kinds od neurotransmitters within the brain.

  • Alzheimer’s is the disorder caused due to gradual decrease in the cognitive abilities of the human brain.
  • The neurotransmitters present throughout the brain start losing their touch from all the different parts that are responsible to help the brain transmit all kinds of messages to the rest of the body.
  • Flavonoid rich fruits especially Apples helps the brain in keeping these transmitters well connected and working.
  • These are also responsible in helping the body repairing all the damaged cells.
  • Having apple juice a day prevents the attack of Alzheimer’s as well as preventing gradual decaying of the brain cells.

“Apples have only about 52 calories per 100gm serving. Can you even imagine this number?”

5. Fighting Against Cancer


Cancer is one devilish disease that takes away everything good there is inside the body. Though cancer really means unwanted growth of stem cells but if you thought that unwanted growth shouldn’t be causing this much trouble but think of it this way that what will happen if a small village gets invaded by thousands of people over night? There will be no food the next morning, no place for them to stay neither for you to stay and breathe properly, you won’t be able to work the next day, your job and eventually your health will get on stake. This is what cancer is. Those extra cells are responsible for killing the functioning of the normal cells.

  • It is hard to cure the disease but we can surely be precautious and can prevent the disease.
  • There are a number of different apples that almost same in the composition but minute differences remain.
  • Studies have shown that flavonol enriched apples help bet pancreatic cancer by 20-23%.
  • It is always recommended to consume apples along with their skin/peel because all the richness and the goodness lies inside those peels and if you are of a habit to throw the peel away you are throwing away 80% of its main components.
  • For women it is good news that a study on mice has proven a 15% reduce of mammary gland cancer.

4. Savior Against Metabolic Syndrome


Though most of the people in the world run away from having any kind of healthy or helpful diet but this is all due to lack of awareness regarding all kinds of diseases that are coming up on main scale because of lack of nutritional diet and increase in sugar based oily diets. People right from the young age are suffering from problems like acidity and heartburn. This is because the stomach is under an immense pressure to work an appropriate deal to digest all the filth that is thrown inside.

  • If you didn’t know of this before, there exists a Metabolic Syndrome, what are the symptoms of such a disease? A visibly large waist line maybe? This is then highly associated with an uncontrolled weight gain problem.
  • The bigger issue that is thus connected with this syndrome is an increased chance of heart disease along with diabetes.
  • Numerous tests were generated and was found that while taking a test on a group of people who consumed apples in any form for over two weeks had limited to zero signs of C-reactive protein in their blood stream that indicated less risk of acquiring the disease.
  • Apple must be made an essential part of the diet for a lifetime.

3. Endurance Booster


How many times have you worked hard on something and then ended up blacking out in the middle of the task? Blacking out is one sign of the brain telling you that it is low on oxygen and nutrient levels. People often forget the intake of water and hence the brain cells start dehydrating along with the rest of the organs. These are all serious signs for stroke.

  • Working out is one way of confirming to the body that you are determined to help the body pick up durability and strength.
  • Presence of antioxidants like Quercetin, apples are known to prevent free radicals that are often found to be roaming freely inside the body.
  • The same antioxidant is known to enable the blood cells to pick up more oxygen and maintain a healthy hemoglobin range.
  • High rates of oxygen makes the lungs to relax quite a bit and this increases body endurance during work out.

2. Have A Healthy Heart


What do you feel when you have a happy heart? You feel like the world’s happiness is right in your lap. But a happy heart is not only associated with emotional health but it also highly depends on the health of your heart. Just like when you have an upset stomach or some trouble with the bowels you tend to get more irritated than usual and this is because the organs are upset over their inefficiency.

  • Apples have been found to prevent all kinds of chronic heart diseases.
  • These include both coronary and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Major scholarly institutes in the world devote their lifetime on researches that end up benefiting the entire mankind. One of such research has studies data of over 9000 men and women and they have concluded that those individuals who consumed apples for more than 20 years of their lives were at a lower risk of developing heart disease than those who did not.
  • This is also associated with the ability of apples to prevent excess absorption of LDL cholesterol that in turn reduces the risk of gaining cholesterol.

“But this is in fact true that when the stomach is unable to clear things up, when the intestines fail to push digested stuff out through the rectum the struggle then is deal.”

1. Known To Fight Against Colds


Vitamin C is known as the key player for boosting up immunity in the body and as yet there has not been any other study that has come up to the mark to prove that there exists some other multivitamin or a mineral that can beat Vitamin C in terms of increasing the body immunity.

  • Apples though not as rich as oranges in terms of possessing Vitamin C but the amount that they sustain are more than enough to help body fight against the attack of common cold and flu.
  • As per dietary facts there are signs of about 8 milligrams of Vitamin C per medium sized apple and this is enough to fulfill the daily 12-14% of the Vitamin C intake.
  • Apples are also linked with enhanced functioning of the lungs and this is because of Quercetin that increases intake of oxygen by the lungs.


  • Mothers don’t forget to add at least half an apple in your child’s lunch box every alternate day.
  • To start a day with a juice full of apple and carrots will give you far more energy and mental boost than a cup of coffee.
  • Doctors have presented that there is only a very minimum amount of pesticide found on the peel and washing it up thoroughly reduces the risk of consuming it even more.
  • Opt for eating apples even if you diabetes because the fruit is really low on natural sugar content.


  • Consuming apple peel is fine but avoid taking in seeds because apple seeds have cyanide as the main component and too much consumption of the seeds might be fatal.
  • Do not consume fruits and vegetables without washing if they are to be consumed with skin to avoid in take of any kind of pesticide.
  • Better to take an apple at mealtime rather than snacking over it all day.

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