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3 Ways Of Making Olive Oil Hair Mask

The present day world is full of adverse effects to different aspects of our health. The most badly hit are our skin and hair. As both of them are exposed to the direct effects of environment so they have to suffer the most. It is of paramount importance nowadays to devise and look out for ways which will help conserve your health and natural body parameters.

Olive oil hair mask has helped those thirsty locks since times immemorial and no one can deny its effectiveness and magical effects in the slightest. It works as an amplifier for hair luster, manageability and feel, simply put: like a spell for your hair look. Olive oil is a natural conditioner and adds that coveted sheen and fights against the greatest enemy of all when it comes to hair breakage.

Moreover, for those who suffer from dry, frizzy hair, olive oil hair mask is an absolute must especially when it comes how to grow hair faster! You will be provided here with the recipes and techniques of three olive oil hair masks that will do wonders for your hair and will make you feel that you’ve made the right decision and right investment.

3. The On-The-Go Simple Olive Oil Hair Mask


Talking about hair, it goes without saying that hair is one of the most important parts in shaping our appearance. Rough, broken, damaged or dead hair add to the enormity of the situation and worsen our appearances as well. Olive oil hair mask is the most effective as well as convenient way to make use of a wonderful cure. In many ways this cure can be used and its miraculous effects can be enjoyed.

 Step 1


Heat about 5 tablespoons of oil in a mug until it becomes reasonably warm. But at the same time you should take care of the thing that it does not feel hot to the touch. You must avoid treating this oil with the artificial heat of a microwave oven owing to the fact that it denatures the essential nutrients in the oil.

 Step 2


Once you have heated it you are good to go with your amazing olive oil hair mask. Apply it onto your hair in the following way. Massage thoroughly into dry hair. You also have the liberty to apply this oil to wet hair but it becomes a little tricky because applying the oil to wet hair makes the application difficult to manage as everything becomes a whole lot slipperier. But if you don’t have time for your hair to wait then try to learn how to manage applying the oil into wet hair. There will be no difference in results. Both procedures will bring the same outcome which is healthier hair.


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