10 Healthiest Protein Powders For Your Smoothie

Smoothies are good for your skin and as well as for your weight reduction. No one wants to starve to reduce their weight. So for everybody who wants to shed their extra kilos must have potions of healthy food. Smoothies are great substitute for the meals during your diet period; these drinks are not only filling but they also help to keep your body equipped with the nutrients.

Sometimes when you are taking these smoothies your instructor might want you to increase the amount of proteins in it. Hence, in those cases protein powders are recommended by the nutritionist to incorporate in their diet. This is also considered the best way to lose weight for women and men. These protein powders are healthy and are taken by the recommendation of the nutritionist as per your body requirement.
Here we have provided you with a list of a few very healthy and nutritionally popular protein powders that you can take according to the require quantity recommended.

10. Whey Protein Powder

Whey protein powder

Whey protein is amongst the famous protein powders that are used by the athletes and the gym going people as a post workout part of diet plan. As this powder is not even too expensive so it is easily afforded for the people. It is also known as one of the most effective home remedies for weight loss. Its availability in the market is another major reason for its easy access.

  • Whey protein is known to be a complete protein as it holds all the essential amino acids, all of which can’t be naturally synthesized by your body.
  • Whey protein is derivative of cow’s milk and is helpful in building the muscles.
  • It enters the body it boosts the amino acid leucine in the body effective for the building of muscles.

9. Soy Protein Powder

Soy protein powder

Apart from being a protein powder that is just used to increase the protein potion in your diet, soy protein is also used to reduce the risk of carcinomas and cardiovascular disorders. It is all because of the presence of isoflavones and organic compounds in soy proteins that is making soy protein fight these diseases. Soy is known as one of the most effective immune boosting foods you can add to your diet.

  • Soy proteins are also used to boost the immune system. For the digestive system it is also said to be beneficial and the brain health as well.
  • All this is because it contains high level of arginine and glutamine.
  • This is a plant derived protein used to increase the muscle mass of the body.

Note: men on low testosterone and women on estrogen related cancers might be at a potential health risk.

8. Casein Protein Powder

Casein protein powder

Casien proteins are found in cow’s milk hence casein protein like whey protein is a derivative of dairy product. But when we talk about casein, it is said that these proteins release the amino acids and proteins slowly. So, this type of protein is preferred to be taken before bed where you will be empty stomach for 7-8 hours.

  • As casein proteins have a slow release of proteins so it not used in building of muscles but still keeps your stomach filled up for long hours.
  • One should take it either in the morning in the replacement of breakfast or at night as your night meal.

7. Egg White Protein Powder

Egg white protein powder

As the name suggests it contains egg white in it. These egg whites are dried and added in the form of powder. It is also digested slowly but not as slow as casein protein. Even though it is not a good option for muscle building but it can still be used post work out or as a meal replacement.

  • You can try this one if casein powder is not available.
  • Or when you are allergic to dairy products.

“If you are gluten sensitive and still want to take protein powders then read here to find which ones would suit you the most in this situation”

6. Pea Protein Powder

Pea protein powder

This protein powder is derived from yellow peas. So, this is free from fats or any cholesterol which makes it healthy and preferred on for the people who are conscious about intaking fatty products.

  • Being gluten free it can be given the people who are sensitive to gluten.
  • The ones who have lactose intolerance can also take this protein powder as it just a plant derivative and no animal food is involved in it.
  • Pea protein is good for the health but it does not contain one amino acid in it i.e. cystine.

5. Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp protein powder

This powder is derivative of hemp seeds. People who have cardiovascular disorders can also prefer this powder in their weight loss smoothies because of the reason that it contains omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids.

  • This one is also known a super food and is a plant derivative.
  • Being a plant derivative this powder is also said to give less stress to the digestive system.
  • The ones who want to merely reduce their weight must not prefer this powder as it is used to increase the calorie intake in the body.

4. Brown Rice Protein Powder

Brown rice protein powder

Brown rice has been found to be a diet food. People who go on a diet take brown as a part of their meal. Brown rice protein is purely a plant based protein powder.

  • For the ones who have gluten allergy can also take this protein powder.
  • Besides everything this one is not very expensive too and is easily affordable.
  • This one is deficient in one amino acid i.e. lysine.

3. Vegan Protein Powder

Vegan protein powder

Vegan protein powder is another vegan protein powder which is a mixture of hemp, pea, rice, quinoa and others. You can also add it in some of your juicing recipes for weight loss for quick effects.

  • It contains all the amino acids and besides this it is also gluten free.
  • So the ones who are gluten sensitive can go for this powder.
  • Vegan powder could be used as a as a complete meal, post work out in dorms etc because of sufficiency in ingredients and nutritional value as well.

“After you are done with your heavy gym exercises try some whey protein powder to have a good muscle building effect.”

2. Fish Protein Powder

Fish protein powder

Fish proteins as the name suggests contain fish in it, its fillets and skin. Fish is already a very healthy food that contains god fast i.e. omega 3 fatty acids. It is recommended by the doctors to take fish at least twice a week. Steamed fish is a really good option for the ones who want to know how to reduce belly fat or their overall weight.

  • Depending upon the quantity of carbohydrates and proteins there are two categories of fish protein powder.
  • Protein powder has good nutritional values and is said to have positive impact on digestive disorder like crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome.
  • It is also said to reduce hypertension.
  • The ones who have gluten allergy or are allergic to dairy products can have this protein powder.

1. Banana Cream Protein Powder

Banana cream protein powder

Bananas contain 70 % water so this one is amazing for dehydration. Besides this, bananas are rich on vitamins and minerals like potassium, magnesium etc. if you are looking for something which has an amazing taste and good nutritional values one must go banana powder. You can try different slimming smoothie recipes using banana cream protein powder. Blend this powder in different smoothies and feel the energy in your body and enjoy the healthy benefits of banana.


  • Go for whey protein powder if you are just looking for an increase in the muscle mass and on an economical rate.
  • You can combine casein protein powder with whey protein powder if you want a meal before bed plus some muscle building effect.
  • For a high protein diet go for egg white protein if you are allergic to dairy products.
  • Scan the artificial sweeteners as you surely do not want to go high on your carbs.

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