15 Health Benefits Of Oranges You Never Knew

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Oranges are citrus fruits that have that distinctively sweet and tangy flavor about them. There are hardly a few people out there who would say no to having an orange or a glass full of freshly squeezed orange juice. A glass full of the juice or having a whole orange provides you with instant energy and you find yourself to be having a new zeal towards life. Oranges being citrus fruits are a rich source of vitamin C and not only that they are also rich in mineral and nutrients like calcium iron, iodine, phosphorus folic acid and a lot more benefits that cannot just be mentioned in a mere sentence. This rich and amazing fruit packs about a huge amount of 170 phyto nutrients and a number of different flavonoids that combine the power and make it an amazing anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant agent that also works on cancer prevention.

An orange a day will not only cover up your daily dosage for calcium but the fiber particles that are present inside the orange flesh helps prevent constipation and allows the body to flush toxins from the body. Women who are determined to lose weight should include orange in their diet as a snack or even as a small portion of the meal because this will instantly boost up their metabolism. Read up the article further to get to know a lot more about oranges and their benefits.

“Oranges contain a huge amount of 170 phyto nutrients and a number of different flavonoids.”

15. Cancer Prevention

cancer..Cancer is deemed, as one of the most cursed diseases in the world though curable to an extent the procedure that the patient has to go through is an emotional and physical wreck. Women are mostly prone to breast cancer and there has been a lot of awareness created about this, over the past few years.

  • D-limonene is the miracle compound that has been found in many other citrus fruits including Oranges that has been found to prevent and prohibit different types of cancer cells.
  • These include lung cancer, breast cancer, kinds of skin cancer, colon as well as mouth cancer.
  • The high vitamin C content also helps the body to lower the level of free radicals and prevents oxidization.

14. Helps Lower Blood Cholesterol

Lowers cholesterolCholesterol is a striker that happens to equally target both obese and skinny people. To think that high cholesterol levels target only obese people is completely a myth. The ratio in fat/obese people may be higher but skinny people are equally suffering from this issue. Women should be careful of what they eat and should look out for ways of how they should detox their body and the body fluids because this helps prevent fatty plaque creation in the arteries.

  • Oranges are great metabolic boosters that means that more food is converted to fruitful nutrients that the cell pick up and less is converted to fat.
  • Hesperidin and Pectin, the two flavonoids are researched to have positive effects on lowering the LDL levels from the blood which is the bad cholesterol.
  • Hesperidin is found to be in the inner peel of the orange while Pectin acts to reduce body’s capacity to pick up fat and thus converting it to cholesterol.

13. Lowers Blood Pressure

LOWER BLOOD PRESSUREThere are no doubt hundreds of toxins in the body that we are completely unaware of. We are unaware of the fact of having organic food vs. commercialized foods and it is because of poor food choices that we have become extremely prone to a large number of viral and bacterial infections. Being either working or home based women, both the situations are equally stressing as the demands of the world are higher and the energy levels are always lower. You might want to check out how to lower blood pressure.

  • Higher stress results in higher rate of blood pressure. An uncontrolled rate of blood pressure has an immensely adverse effect on the heart and the mind.
  • Simply smelling the scent of a fresh orange is known to reduce the stress off of your mind to over 65%.
  • Other than that orange, the fruit that is jam packed in heap loads of calcium, vitamin C, A and B1 is known to reduce this stress from the heart and regulate normal blood flow.

12. Helping With Arthritis

ArthritisMore women in the world suffer from the pain of arthritis than men and the major cause for it is the hormonal imbalances that accompany with age. Arthritis is that sharp, often unbearable pain in mostly the knee area. There are many over the counter medications available that help in relieving the pain but none of them provide long-term benefit.

  • The pain in the arthritis-affected area is caused by unwanted inflammation in the particular area.
  • Orange is jam packed with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Just a glass full of freshly squeezed citrsy orange is known to provide instant relief rom the pain stricken area.
  • Regular use of oranges in your diet helps prevent all kinds of pains caused by inflammation.

11. Great For The Brain

BOOST BRAINThis might sound very weird but our brain keeps on requiring nutrients for its on-going development throughout life and it is just not a requirement of a developing fetus for brain development; even many adults require the same. Humans have many needs that are known to go out throughout the life and a healthy bran development is one of them.

  • Folic acid/folate is the chief compound in proper and healthy brain development.
  • Pregnant women can equally enjoy the taste and also benefit from the goodness of oranges as the folate present helps in proper and better brain development of the fetus.
  • Even growing children should be encouraged to have oranges so that their early and later age brain development can be improved ten folds.

10. Immunity Booster

ORANGES AND STRAWBERRIESOranges are one of those foods that are recommended to be taken up during a flu attack. There are a lot of other health benefits other than just striking against the flu. Vitamin C the chief compound in oranges helps boost up the immunity especially when undergoing a cold or flu attack.

  • Chow down an orange or two everyday while going through a bad flu, this will help lower down the burden of the flu at the earliest.
  • As vitamin C boosts the production of white blood cells this helps in getting rid of the virus far quicker.

“D-limonene is the miracle compound that has been found in many other citrus fruits including Oranges.”

9. Prevention From Kidney Stones

Prevent kidney stone formationImproper diet and dehydration are just a few reasons for individuals to suffer from kidney stones which no doubt is a very painful condition to be in. The stones hinder the proper functioning of the kidneys to filter and purify the body fluids for flushing and hence this causes pain. Not only do we require fiber rich foods we also need foods that help flush harmful toxins from the body.

  • Research has found that oranges are found to be far more effective in terms of preventing kidney stones in comparison to the rest of the fruits belonging to the citrus family or you can try some of these foods for healthy kidneys.
  • This means that having more than one orange a day won’t bring you any harm rather more of the benefits.

8. Helps With Weight Loss

Lose WeightWomen, this might be the best benefit for you out of the all but the truth has been told and that is that oranges actually boost up your metabolic rate and helps get rid of the nasty foods in a much better way. But this doesn’t certify you to add on more and more junk in your diet because to maintain a balanced weight means having a healthy lifestyle and orange comes in the second regime.

  • Even smelling on the orange skin stimulates hormones that increase up your appetite and your rate of metabolism.
  • Oranges are fiber rich foods means it keeps your system clean by getting all the dirty grime out of the intestines and hence also prevents colon cancer.
  • With just a small 65 calories count a single orange can keep you fuller for a longer period of time preventing any binge eating.

7. Great For The Skin

Take Care of Your SkinWomen are always found to be whining about their skin in one way or the other which is true to the fact that there is tons of pollution and dirt out in the environment that our skin gets prey off. The skin breathes in such a bad environment and top it off with poor skin care regimes that no doubt women suffer from a large number of skin diseases.

  • There are a number of essential natural oils present in oranges that keep the skin moisturized.
  • The anti-oxidant properties of oranges help the skin to breathe far freely and prevents faster aging.
  • It also helps get rid of uneven skin tone, dark spots and even blemishes.

6. Fights Against Infections

FIGHT OFF INFECTIONGetting bugged by one or the other infection has become like a routine. One time it is an internal infection like cough, cold and flu while the other time you will find yourself getting struck by an awful eye infection or an acne outbreak. All of these indicate that our bodies have become weaker.

  • Oranges are great to reduce blood oxidation and this results in greater oxygen absorption and more chances for the skin and body to breathe well.
  • When the body is rich in oxygen, the organs perform far better than the usual and hence it helps the body to fight against any attacking infection.
  • Orange peels can also be used to create face masks that help get rid of acne outbreaks.

5. Eases Constipation

oranges...Oranges are no doubt fiber rich foods and greater level of fiber means that the body will feel and remain fuller for a longer period of time. As the fiber passes through the stomach into the intestines it unclogs the places that have been clogged by harmful toxins and this caused longer periods of constipation.

  • It has been rightly said that when your system is internally clean you can eventually think better. But constipation actually clogs not just the waste inside the body but also holds up the bad vibes.
  • The fiber rich fruit increases the chance of healthy bowel movements and research has also found that people who were found to consume a greater amount of oranges on weekly basis were more active and better performers as compared to those who didn’t consume the fruit at all.

“Hesperidin and Pectin, the two flavonoids are researched to have positive effects on lowering the LDL cholesterol levels.”

4. Great For Bone And Teeth Health

BONE AND TEETH HEALTHLadies as much as you are turned off by a bad smile the same goes the other way around as well. Men also go for a good smile and when you do not pay enough attention to your oral health you will not only be calling for unwanted oral infections but this will with time become a bad statement for your smile.

  • Calcium is a core ingredient in oranges and we all know what is the one main benefit of calcium and that is to make our bones strong.
  • Teeth are also considered to be part of the bone family and are entire composed of calcium.
  • Oranges help strengthen the bones and the teeth.

3. Averts Ulcers

Orange juiceUlcers are a pain wherever that they may appear. The common forms of ulcers are stomach ulcers and mouth ulcers. Both of these forms go on as a curse for the body. Vitamin C is one core ingredient that helps in relieving pain caused by the ulcers.

  • Area closer to ulcers are also affected by inflammation, oranges due to their anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the inflammation in the affected areas.
  • Because of the fiber rich content, oranges help relieve the pain caused by stomach ulcers.

2. Great For Skin Whiting

GREAT FOR SKIN WHITENINGOranges, especially the orange peel is found to be a natural bleaching agent. This means that orange peels can be made a part of different face masks that work on lightening any tough, dark spots on the skin.

  • Orange peels are often used to remove tan caused by sunlight.
  • But it is recommended to dilute the peel paste as because of the high citrus content you might feel more irritation than expected.
  • There are many orange based peel-off masks available in the shop shelves as well that have also been found to be quite effective.

1. Amazing For Blackhead Removal

AMAZING FOR BLACKHEAD REMOVALBlackheads are the dark and annoying spots on the face that takes down the natural beauty of the face. Blackheads are just the dirt and polluted material getting clogged under the pores of the skin. There are a number of ways to get rid of the blackheads but those are quite painful.

  • Mixing a part of yogurt with orange peel powder and than gently applying it on the skin is a great home remedy for blackhead removal.
  • After applying it for 10minutes, slowly massage the paste on the affected areas with small circular motions.
  • Wash it off with cold water and feel a fresher skin afterwards.

Use Of Oranges

  • Oranges can be made part of great cocktails. Add parts of orange, pineapple juice and guava nectar to create an amazing cocktail.
  • AQ simple orange sorbet recipe includes, mixing small amount of sugar in a glass of orange juice and then dressing it well with some chocolate on the top.
  • The best way to get orange extract is by bringing the oranges down to room temperature incase they are refrigerated. But to juice an orange reduces the fiber content and the anti-oxidant properties to quite an extent.
  • The world is full of delicious lip-smacking orange jams, jellies and marmalades.

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