22 Best Vitamin K Foods To Boost Your Health

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The best Vitamin K foods give many health benefits, such as greater heart health, solid bone density, enhanced immunity, stronger teeth and lesser chances of cancer.

A balanced diet is necessary for a healthy body and for that to occur, taking your vitamins is essential. Some of the best foods healthwise have a handsome amount of vitamins in them. Vitamin K foods are important in diet. It is a fat soluble type of vitamin which is responsible for activating proteins in blood which cause clotting. Vitamin K foods are important for bone marrow and their deficiency immediately leads to cardiovascular diseases. Best Vitamin K foods have lots of Vitamin K and it also prevents weak bones, tooth decay and cancer. Following are some of these Vitamin K foods that you can incorporate in diet to boost your health.


22. Dried Basil


Herds are an essential part of anyone’s diet. Not only are they a great source of trace minerals, they are also the best vitamin k foods around. Just a sprinkle can spice up the flavour of your dish and give you the health benefits of vitamin k foods. Dried basil is a good example of this. It contains 85.7µg (107% DV) per 5 grams and 17.2µg (21% DV) per 1 gram. It can be easily accommodated into diet. Use it to add a fresh and gourmet taste to your morning omelettes. For a simple recipe to get hooked, try whisking 2 eggs, then add 1 small chopped onion. Add salt and pepper to taste and then add a pinch of Dried Basil to make it a one of a great vitamin k foods. You cam also add it to soups, bread and even pizzas.

 21. Kale


Kale is a great example of best vitamin k foods. It is a green leafy vegetable which when added into diet can serve as a great vitamin k food. Although many people are starting to revert from diets which have vegetables in them and are opting for protein diets as a substitute, they are unaware how dangerous it is. Having vegetables in diet is essential to have trace minerals and salts along with carbohydrates and simple sugars which the body can work on easily. It has a good fibre content along with 531.1µg (664% DV) per 1/2 cup (65g) serving. Use it in soups, salads and vegetable stir fry and reap the benefits of the best vitamin k foods.

 20. Spring Onions/Scallions


Onions are an essential part of almost any cuisine and are grown around the world. They are the basic ingredient for most dishes and form a base for sauces, salsas and cooking pastes. They are among the best vitamin k foods around. Onions are also a good source of proteins and are added as for protein synthesis function in muscle massing diets. They go great in salads, soups and salsas. They can be minced and added to food pastes or sautéed in vegetable stir fry. Any way it goes, they are an easy source of vitamin k foods and can be added to diet without problem. Onions have 31.1µg (39% DV) dietary value per 15 grams. They have also shown antioxidant properties which fight off cancer and reduce risk of heart diseases.

 19. Brussels Sprouts


Brussels sprouts can also be included among the best vitamin k foods. They resemble miniature cabbages and are typically an inch in diameter. They not only contain an excellent amount of vitamin k but they also vitamin b and folic acid along with vitamin c, which marks it among best vitamin k foods. They also have essential minerals and dietary fibre. They can be boiled, steamed, stir fried and even roasted in dishes such as salads, soups and stir fry mixes. They have a strong flavour and some people don’t like that, which can be solved by sautéing them, which brings out its gentler flavour. It can be mixed with meats, nuts in salads, cheese toppings and butter. They have a good tendency to get mixed in foods and don’t spoil the flavour, which makes them good vitamin k foods. They have a 29.5µg (37% DV) per 21 gram serving.

 18. Chilli Powder


Chilli powder is derived from dried red chillies which are then crushed, which yields a red powder which is spicy in flavour and very hot. It is a staple in almost all spicy foods, whether they are home cooked, gourmet our manufactured. It comes packaged and can be brought fresh. Some people even prefer to dry chillies themselves and then crush them. It is mostly used in cooking and not eaten or sprinkled on food as it has a very spicy flavour. It packs 3.2µg (4% DV) per 3 grams of serving.

Though it is one of the best vitamin k foods but too much Chilli powder in any for is not recommended. It is very hot in nature and can not only burn the tongue but also cause the bowels to not work properly. Still, it is a staple food in most Asian and African countries where the locals have a spicy flavour. It can be added into spicy pastries, in food pastes, as a base for foods and is a key ingredient in almost all spicy dishes.

 17. Asparagus


Asparagus is a spring vegetable which is eaten as young shoots. It is a good source of vitamin k foods. It has both very low sodium and carbohydrate content as it is 93 percent water. However, it is a good source of vitamin k, dietary fiber and proteins. It contains 30.4µg (38% DV) per 4 spears of serving. It is typically served as a side dish for the main course. In Asian countries it is also added to Chinese stir fry recipes and is sautéed as well.

 16. Leeks


Leeks are vegetables belonging to the family of garlics and onions. Their taste is similar to onions but in a weaker context. They are good sources of vitamin k foods and proteins. They don’t contain fats and have an adequate quantity of carbohydrates. They are excellent sources of vitamin k. they can be stir fried in food, eaten raw and added to soups along with herbs, which really bring out their flavour.

 15. Okra


Okra, also known as lady fingers are edible green seed pods which can be cooked and eaten. Okra tends to get gooey when cooked because they are mucilaginous, due to which people sometimes don’t cut them and cook them whole. Having some acidic property in food also neutralizes this effect. Adding vinegar and lemon juice can have the desired effect. Not only they are one of the best vitamin k foods but they are also good source of proteins. It is usually cooked for a short period of time to prevent it from getting too gooey. It is also rich in Vitamin C and folate. Okra can be preserved and pickled, which makes it a good standby source of vitamin K.

 14. Fennel


Fennel is a part of the celery family of vegetables. It supplies a healthy does of vitamin k to keep the bodily requirements fulfilled and the bodily functions working and primed. Fennel seeds are the main ingredient that sets the flavour of Italian sausages. It can be eaten with meat, tossed with avocados and served hot and Fennel leaves have the most vitamin k, so they are consumed as an addition to omelettes and are also cooked on their own.

 13. Cucumber


Cucumbers belong to the gourd family and are a staple vegetable in all cuisines. They are one of those best vitamin k foods that have many other nutrients in them. Cucumbers are 90 percent water and can be pickled as well. They have a watery taste and a slight melony one to go as well. They are mostly consumed raw and in pickled form. Add this wonderful vegetable to your diet with addition in salads, yogurts and pickled as well as being eaten raw. Cucumbers have 31.1µg (39% DV) per 15 gram serving, which supplements diet with important addition of vitamin k foods.

 12. Fresh Parsley


Parsley is used as a herb, a spice when dried and as a vegetable in cooking. It is used as a garnish on various dishes such as boiled and mashed potatoes and rice. It is also used in chicken soups and in various kinds of sandwiches. Apart from having a good amount of vitamin k, it also contains flavonoids and antioxidants, which fight free radicals which cause aging and reduce risk of cancer. Parsley has 85.7µg (107% DV) per 5 grams of serving. This herb can easily be added to diet as it adjusts well in casseroles and stews, which makes it an easy addition to daily diet.

 11. Spinach


Spinach is a vegetable made popular with the old cartoons of Popeye the Sailor Man. It indeed bestows strength to people as it is loaded with vitamin k and is the best foods for weight loss as it contains only 23 calories for every 100 grams of serving. It also contains iron, calcium, trace elements along with vitamin k. This makes it an essential food in diet if you are looking to fulfill all nutrient requirements and at the same time lose weight. It contains 531.1µg (664% DV) of vitamin k for every 65 grams of serving.

 10. Collards


Collard greens are leafy vegetables that are best vitamin k foods. They have loads of vitamin c and soluble fiber in them as well. They are the best foods for any balanced diet. To contain calorie intake, they are often added to diet as they have roughly 46 calories for 100 grams of serving. Collards contain 1062.1µg (1328% DV) of vitamin k dosage for 130 grams of serving. They are cooked as a vegetable mix with other green leafy vegetables. They make excellent side dishes for the main meat based courses.

 9. Broccoli


Broccoli is a vegetable that belongs to cabbage family and has a flowering head which is edible. It has large amounts of vitamin c along with healthy soluble fiber. But what makes it stand out is its label as an excellent vitamin k foods. It has 817µg (1021% DV) for 100 grams of serving. It can be eaten boiled, mixed with other vegetables and sautéed in vegetable stir fry.

 8. Turnips


Turnips are root vegetables that are famous for their vitamin k content. They are served as side dishes boiled, in soups, with meat and on its own cooked with spices. It is contains 531.1µg (664% DV) of vitamin k for 65 grams of serving.

 7. Thyme


Thyme is a herb with many uses in food and medicine. It is an important ingredient for foods that have herbal flavour. It is a good source of vitamin k foods and can be added into foods such as omelettes and soups to give them additional vitamin k boost. It contains 85.7µg (107% DV) of vitamin k for 5 grams of serving. It is used to season meats, in basting of barbeques, in soups and stews to give them a good flavour and when cooking vegetables. This makes it an easy food to add to diet as it can be added to meat based foods and even in morning baking such as breads and meat pastries and even omelettes.

 6. Lettuce


Lettuce is a leafy vegetable grown around the world. It is a good vitamin k foods source and have very low calorie count, so are good diet foods. Apart from that, they have a lot of water content and vitamin a, c potassium, calcium and iron. They have many culinary uses. Lettuce as a good vitamin k foods can be cooked and served with other vegetables. Small leaves can be eaten raw. It can be added to salads and is mostly present in sandwiches and burgers. It is also added to stews and casseroles. It has 207µg (259% DV) of vitamin k per 100 grams of serving.

 5. Celery


Celery is a stalk vegetable that is used in cooking. It contains 31.1µg (39% DV) of vitamin c per 15 grams of serving. It is a good vitamin k food that contains folate, many other vitamins and calcium. It is used in salads, in mirepoix base for stews, sauces and meats and can be eaten raw as well. It is boiled, cooked and served as a side dish as well.

 4. Cauliflower


Cauliflower is among best vitamin k foods around. It is a very healthy vegetable with low calorie and fat count along with good amounts of folate, vitamin c, dietary fibre along with vitamin k. Cauliflower can be eaten raw, cooked, steamed and even fried. It can be eaten in variety of dishes such as vegetable mix fry, boiled vegetables, and fried in oil. The cauliflower can be crushed into a flour which can be used to bake foods such as pizza and biscuits. Care must be taken not to overcook it as it results in loss of vital chemicals present and reduces the nutritional value in it. Cauliflower contains 218.9µg (274% DV) vitamin k for 156 grams of serving.

 3. Cucumber Pickles


Pickles are an ingenious way to preserve food and they acquire a taste of their own. Cucumber pickles are made by slightly boiling and then immersing them in vinegar combined with salts and various other spices. They are a delicacy around the world and are marketed under many brands. They are vitamin k foods and hence good addition to diet. Simply open a can of pickled cucumbers and enjoy them.

 2. Soybeans


Soybeans are best vitamin k foods around as they not only have a healthy amount of vitamin k but also have many other beneficial nutrients. It is considered a complete protein source and has good fibre and low fat content. The vitamin k in soybeans is very beneficial for diet. It is usually used to make soybean oil, tofu and soybean meal. It is also refined into soya milk which is very high in protein and vitamin k content. To add into diet, simply substitute soy oil for cooking oil and drink refreshing soya milk to supplement vitamin k foods.

 1. Olive Oil


Olive oil is derived from olives and is a great addition to diet. It contains almost to saturated fats and is full of many different vitamins, and high in vitamin k content. It can be drizzled onto salads and can be substituted for cooking oil. Fish fried in olive oil is extremely tasty. It contains 8.4µg (11% DV) of vitamin k for 14 grams of serving.

The best vitamin k foods not only have good amounts of vitamin k but also other nutrients such as proteins, fibre, folate, trace minerals and other vitamins. With the addition of these foods in your diet, you can be assured that you follow a balanced diet along with full coverage of your vitamin k values.

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