20 Health Benefits Of Yogurt You Never Knew

Yogurt is usually listed among the healthy foods list and is known to be quite nutritious and is rich in potassium, calcium and loads of protein. It’s one of the dairy products that is produced through milk, mostly cow milk and thus, is soured and thickened by lactic acid added in the milk’s sugar. It’s a recognized phenomenon that individuals should increase their intake of yogurt to at least 3 servings per day in order to get fit and healthy. It has been originated in central Asia and has been a part of the Middle Eastern diet since forever and has been a part of the Persian and Indian ancient texts and recordings.

No matter what the place might be such as hotels, restaurants, shops, canteens and even one’s home sweet home; yogurt is found to be everywhere. Moreover, now yogurt serves in a large variety from frozen yogurt to flavored yogurt till fruit yogurt. Furthermore, flavored yogurt consists of additional ingredients which are included in the yogurt such as, sugar, preservatives and artificial dyes. All of this leads to enhancing the yogurt’s taste and help in bringing out a zestful taste of it which makes people want it even more. Quite a number of the health benefits of yogurt are gathered together and listed below, so happy reading and happy eating!

“Have fresh yogurt lying in your fridge, doing nothing? You’ll go grab and start eating it after reading this.”

20. Immunity Booster


This is one of the most amazing health benefits of yogurt you can find. As yogurt is inclusive of a healthy diet, consequently it helps in boosting the immunity system of the one eating it. This is caused by the increment and strength of the active T-cells found in the body which are responsible to help combat against any sort of illness that the body can virtually collide with and work towards preventing it from any diseases whatsoever. Moreover, after a scientific research of two groups i.e. the ones who ate yogurt and the ones who didn’t it was concluded that the former group had more immunity compared to the other one. So one should follow the steps listed below,

  • Eat at least 2 cups of yogurt each day.
  • This should be followed by people of all ages.
  • Include a few ounces of yogurt to maintain a healthy diet.

 19. Calcium Provider


Yoghurt is known to be a rich source of calcium and can be termed as one of the highest amount of calcium provider. Moreover, it compliments one’s healthy and happy diet and makes them remain safe and protected from all sorts of illnesses and diseases because of its immunity booster element that is added just like a cherry on the top. Some more amazing benefits of yogurt include:

  • The live-action element of yogurt increases calcium in it.
  • Even a cup of yogurt is seen to be quite beneficial.
  • It works to provide the same amount of calcium that a cup of milk would provide.

 18. Source Of Protein


As it would’ve been engraved in your mind that how beneficial and healthy is yogurt for one’s diet, similarly it provides loads of proteins to one’s body as well. Moreover, the proteins that are present in the yogurt are termed ‘predigested’ because of the culturing of proteins found in the milk during the process of fermentation which makes them at ease to digest. It’s known to be an amazing source of protein because,

  • A cup of yogurt consists of 10-14 grams of protein.
  • It contains the same amount of protein as compared to an equal amount of milk.
  • It fulfills one’s twenty percent of the daily requirement of protein.

 17. Lowers Blood Pressure


Another health benefit of yogurt is that it helps in reducing a person suffering from high blood pressure. It’s found to be one of the features of DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet used for the same purpose. Moreover, if you’re a prey to high blood pressure then increase your intake of yogurt and include it as a part of your everyday diet to remain stronger and healthier. Health benefits of yogurt in reducing blood pressure include:

  • A person is known to be very less vulnerable to high blood pressure due to yogurt intake.
  • This happens for those who ate 2-3 servings of yogurt per day.
  • You can initiate by having it after every meal along the course of one whole day.

 16. Bio-availability Of Nutrients


Dear readers, as you came across the information above that yogurt provides nutrients; it surely provides loads of them! It even enhances levels of calcium, vitamins, live and active culture, proteins and potassium in one’s body; especially Vitamin’s B and D and is antioxidant rich too. Moreover, the lactic acid property of yogurt helps in the digestion of milk calcium which leads to an easy digestion of it.

 15. Prevents Osteoporosis


Osteoporosis is an illness related to the bones of one’s body. It is the cause behind one’s bone’s becoming weak and fragile that the most random of action such as bending or coughing can cause a fracture in them. Such fractures are mostly found in the hip, spine or wrist. Moreover, it can affect men and women both but affects women post menopause at a wider pace. A readily available home remedy which is yogurt can be used to prevent this illness. It does so because it has loads of calcium’s stored within it, Moreover health benefits of yogurt also include:

  • Vitamin D works as a great factor in it.
  • To find out whether it’s inclusive in the yogurt read the labels at the back.
  • It doesn’t give a determined guarantee to cure this illness but has on numerous occasions shown positive results.

14. Prevents Vaginal Infection


Yogurt is considered as one of the most cooling and soothing dairy products which can help combat against vaginal infection too. This is one of the best benefits of yogurt especially for women. It’s known to be one of the most effective and healthy component in a diet plan which regulates one’s immunity and acts as their shield against diseases and infections. Similarly, as stated before it is a good home remedy to heal a yeast infection or vaginal infection.

  • Such infections are becoming very common because of the impurities within the food that one eats.
  • An intake of such impurities leads to such infections affecting women of all ages.
  • To get rid of it and avoid it, women should certainly increase their intake of yogurt and eat it every day.

13. Advantageous Bacteria


Did you know that even bacteria’s can turn out to be beneficial for you at some point of time? Well yes, they can in case of yogurt bacteria. Although bacteria’s are considered to be a huge menace at one end but yogurt bacteria is considered the exact opposite. Be it, tooth bacteria, toilet bacteria, worn off food bacteria’s all are a demerit to one’s body and health whereas yogurt bacteria is a huge merit. As you read above that yogurt helps one with digestion and for yogurt to lead to such a consequence you need to eat it along with live bacteria.

  • A minor amount of bacteria that yogurt can contain reaches the intestine.
  • Next, it will pass through your digestive system within a day or more.
  • Later, you should eat it every day so that it’s present in your intestine at all times.

 12. Weight Loss


This is again one of the most appreciated and amazing benefits of yogurt. Yogurt consists of amino acid which helps in reducing weight. So dear ladies, if you were looking for a simple and quick remedy to get rid of that extra fat which you’ve stored on your thighs, arms and belly then enhance your yogurt intake and get slim and start soon and quick. Moreover, yogurt will help you with your food cravings due to its natural sugars and will keep you full for hours and longer. You can go search in the market for various kinds of yogurt products that are low in calories, good to taste and extremely healthy for your living.

 11. Fair Complexion


Apart from all other benefits, yogurt is a natural skin beautifier too. It can be used alongside facial masks, scrubs and even solely to combat against tanned skin and skin blemishes. Moreover, yogurt is an essential item which helps in clearing and purifying one’s facial skin to achieve a fairer complexion. It can be used in the following ways,

  • Apply it on the face with honey.
  • Next, rinse it after 15 minutes.
  • Furthermore, apply it after washing the face.
  • Let it be there for 15-20 minutes and later wash it off.
  • By doing this achieve a smoother and brighter skin naturally.

“Weren’t aware of the merits attached to yogurt? Not anymore!”

 10. Protection Against Hair Damage


Health benefits of yogurt include its amazing qualities for hair problems. Besides working as a fairer skin agent, yogurt helps reduce hair damage to a great extent. It can be applied in the hair and its roots for smoother and shinier hair. Furthermore, yogurt can be used in the hair all by itself or along other ingredients too for attaining healthy and beautiful looking hair. All one needs to do is,

  • Mix yogurt, honey and olive oil well.
  • Next, gently apply the mixture on the hair.
  • Wash it off after half an hour and enjoy shinier and smooth hair naturally.

9. Healthy Sugars


Although sweets and deserts contain high levels of sugar which can cause cavity and is against a good oral health are usually disapproved by dentists. However, yogurt contains natural sugars as well as artificial sugars and sugars through the fruits included in them which don’t harm teeth and certainly don’t lead to a tooth cavity. Moreover, yogurt with sugars doesn’t erode tooth enamel as well. Furthermore,

  • It’s known that yogurt is a safeguard for one’s gums because it consists of lactic acid.
  • A bit of yogurt a day helps lowering the risks for periodontal diseases.
  • Its sweet flavor can efficiently substitute for sugar cravings such as ice-cream, dessert and others.

8. Heals Intestinal Infections


Usually intestinal infections lead to momentary lactose malabsorption issues. This often happens in cases when children or young kids can’t seem to absorb or digest milk for at least two months or less post intestinal infection. However, yogurt being a dairy product which consists of low levels of lactose and high levels of lactase can be eaten during this phase as it cures the intestines and can be eaten during diarrhea as too. Here are some more amazing benefits of yogurt for this problem:

  • Yogurt is suggested for kids suffering indigestion issues.
  • It’s been known that children recover from diarrhea at a quick rate by eating yogurt.
  • Yogurt should be eaten alongside antibiotics as well.

 7. Reduces Cholesterol


Health benefits of yogurt are incomplete without mentioning its amazing cholesterol reducing qualities. One should always stay updated with their cholesterol levels as it leads to a great risk of a heart disease. Cholesterol levels can be checked after fasting of 9-12 hours through a test called ‘lipoprotein profile’. The usual factors which affect one’s cholesterol levels are diet, age, weight, heredity and physical activity. However, yogurt can be seen as quite effective way to help reduce blood cholesterol levels. This is due to,

  • Live cultures present in the yogurt.
  • And as yogurt binds bile acid, or both.

6. Helps Post Workout


Do you work out? If yes then continue reading. After you work out you must’ve definitely felt pain in your muscles and a feeling of lethargy and tiredness, all of this can be bought to rest by an intake of yogurt. This can occur if you make it a routine to eat yogurt within an hour post your workout as the proteins and carbohydrates contained in it can help in recovering your muscles without causing you any further pain in them. This happens as,

  • The proteins provide amino acids to the muscles which help in making them work efficiently.
  • Next, carbohydrates deliver energy to your muscles which will boost your energy levels even after a tiring workout.

5. Full Of Vitamins


Along with high levels of potassium, calcium and protein; yogurt is found to be rich in various vitamins as well. Even if you eat it once on a daily basis it’ll offer you with loads of minerals, nutrients and vitamins which are found to be essential for your body and health. Moreover, to be well aware of the vitamins contained in the yogurt you’re eating just read the labels behind its packaging and get familiar with how many vitamins are entering your body. The vitamins which it contains are as follows,

  • Vitamin B5.
  • Vitamin B12.
  • Vitamin D.
  • And potassium, zinc and iodine too.

4. Provides Omega-3s


We need to attain such essential fatty acids through the food we eat or by taking tablets. Moreover, Omega-3s leads to a normal health growth along with the development of brain, eyes and the nervous system. Furthermore, they even reduce the risks of heart diseases and related illnesses, inflammatory issues and psychological issues such as depression. However, these can easily be found in yogurt! So increase your intake of yogurt to be filled with them. Make sure to eat it regularly to enjoy all benefits of yogurt.

 3. Helps With Colon Health


By the use of yogurt you can help protect your colon in two various ways. Firstly, through the lacto bacteria that yogurt consists of. This is so because they are intestine-friendly that help in maintaining a healthy colon by reducing the risks which can lead to a colon cancer. These bacteria’s that reside in the yogurt work against harmful substances. Secondly,

  • Yogurt is known to be rich in calcium.
  • They help in reducing the risks of a colon cancer and efficiently work towards colon health.

2. Prevents Gastritis And Stomach Ulcer


If you’re suffering gastritis or stomach ulcer then you need not take it lightly anymore. As if you didn’t know but stomach ulcers can even lead to bleeding which is awful and no one would ever want that to happen. The primary causes for these illnesses are alcohol, bacterial infections and anti-inflammatory medicines. Consequently, eating a bit of yogurt on daily basis can help avert these and help you past all the pain and suffering caused.

1. Tightens The Skin


No need to look for products around the market, in shops and search out for beauty treatments to help tighten your skin and appear younger and wrinkle free. Now all of this can be achieved by including yoghurt in your daily diet. All that needs to be done is eat 2-3 servings of yogurt per day and enjoy beautiful, glowing and younger skin even when signs of ageing have started to hit you.

Tip’s To Follow:

  • Include yogurt in your daily diet.
  • Eat 2-3 servings of it.
  • Shop for flavored yogurts and fruit yogurts to treat your taste buds.
  • Apply yogurt in your hair and on your face once in a week.
  • Make sure to eat one cup of yogurt after you come from a jog, exercise or after a workout.
  • Eat yogurt when you feel hungry at odd times of the day.
  • If you aren’t a yogurt liker, try becoming one.
  • Avoid drinking cold water after eating it.
  • Don’t eat cold yogurt during influenza (flu).
  • Try substituting one meal of the day with yogurt twice a week.

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