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Toe Nail Polish; 7 Stunning Feet Beauty Designs

Whenever it comes to talk about fashion, style and beauty; women are always on the top of the list. There are many departments in the fashion industry to have a smart and elegant personality and cosmetics are one of them of intense importance. Nail paint gives an alluring look to feet more than other accessories like footwear or jewelry. Here are some suggestions and methods to apply toe nail polish to add more beauty in your personality with beautifully painted toe nails.

7. Color Selection


To choose a color for toe nail paint according to season, occasion and outfit cannot be neglected. Just as in summers for a cool and fresh look you can use mint and pastel pink for casual use. It gives a fresh and smooth look. Same like bright orange and silver sparkles are very appropriate in the spring. Neon yellow is very much in for a modern look.

Chocolate brown is another color that works splendidly specially in spring with contrast of soft and bright colors as well. Toe nails can easily be painted than finger nails because to paint toe nails your both hands are free to work easily and freely. The method of toe nail polish is also very simple and easy.

6. Remove Old Nail Paint                                                                                   


Never apply a new paint on old pedicure. Always remove old nail polish, a Q-tip helps you to remove paint from edges if it is hard to reach there.

5. Shape Of Nails


Before paint the nails clip them if their length is more than about one millimeter from the nail bed and then file them in a shape of your choice to get your desired nail shapes.

4. Separate Your Toes


Place small cotton stuffing between toes to separate them, so that you can paint your toe nails more easily and neatly.

3. Base Coat


For a natural look this step may be the last one of toe nail polish. Apply a base coat that is mostly enriched with calcium, so that it is useful for nails not apparently but also for their health.

2. Apply Nail Paint


Now comes the time of very crucial step is to paint your nails. So you must be very careful and keep in mind your power that you are holding. Your brush strokes must be slow. Don’t do it hastily. Always paint a light and thin layer and let it dry completely. After that, if it is needed and you find it a light shade, you can apply a second coat. This process must be same like the first coat of paint.

1. Top Coat


A clear top coat has its own importance. It prevents your pedicure from any damage or harm. Always use the top coat of the brand of your trust.

There are lots of sources like magazines, fashion shows, web, etc. to update your knowledge about trends, colors and techniques to paint your toe nails. You can also observe the celebrities to know that what is in now days in toe nail polish. So a little concentration and practice can also make you an appealing personality.

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