20 Best And Essential Remedies Of Heart Disease

The brain and the heart are two of the most important organs in our body, they are necessary for life. Their proper functioning is what keeps us alive. The heart pumps blood to the rest of the body, even a minor change in this function can result in drastic effects. Everything that we eat contributes greatly to our body. Heart diseases can be prevented and treated at home, using the simplest of ingredients. If you even suspect slightest symptoms of heart disease, immediately consult your doctor.

Here are 20 home remedies used to treat and prevent heart diseases. Keep your heart healthy, always.

20. Olive Oil

olive oil...Olive oil is a good oil. It helps lower LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) levels and raise HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) levels. HDL is good for the body as it helps in transporting cholesterol. Olive oil provides an effective DIY solution especially in coronary heart disease.

  • Cook your food in olive oil.
  • Use olive oil in your salad dressings.
  • Do not use more than just the required amount of oil.

19. Yogurt

YOGURT...Scientists suggest that a daily intake of yogurt may prevent all sorts of heart related problems. Yogurt benefits the health and helps reduce the risk of heart diseases. People who regularly eat yogurt are less likely to experience heart disease symptoms.

  • Eat 1 cup of yogurt daily.
  • You can add strawberries and blueberries to your yogurt for extra flavor.
  • Eat cold yogurt in the warm summer days.
  • You can also eat flavored yogurt, but it does not benefit as greatly as the plain kind.

18. Turmeric

turmericTurmeric helps against heart related problems. It reduces clot formation and cholesterol oxidation. It regulates the blood LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) level. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. It is equally beneficial in heart disease in women and men.

Use it in a drink,

  • Boil a cup of milk on the stove.
  • Add one teaspoon of turmeric powder and stir.
  • Cool it down to a suitable temperate.
  • Drink daily for several weeks.

Use it in food,

  • Cook eggplant and mash it using a kitchen utensil.
  • Mix a quarter teaspoon of turmeric powder with 2 tablespoons of mashed eggplant.
  • Add in 1 to 2 tablespoons of water.
  • Mix the three ingredients well.
  • Spread it on a piece of bread or toast and eat.

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17. Cayenne

cayyene pepper...Cayenne pepper contains a compound called capsaicin, this compound is known to lower cholesterol levels and increase immunity. It also functions to purify the blood.

  • Warm a cup of water in the microwave.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and stir well.
  • Drink this warm concoction.
  • Drink it daily for several weeks.

This drink might cause a burning sensation, drink hibiscus tea afterwards to reduce that sensation.

16. Honey

honey..Honey is known to help against heart diseases. Its delicious taste and numerous other properties make it a key ingredient to be included in every diet. People who drink honey regularly are seldom seen to experience symptoms of heart disease.

  • Warm a cup of water in the microwave.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of honey to the water.
  • Mix well and drink it in the morning after you wake up.

Honey will help clear the excess cholesterol in your blood.

15. Almonds

almondsAlmonds are tasty and they provide the body with several heart and health benefits. Recent studies suggest that a continuous intake of almonds in the diet can help regulate blood lipid levels and helps avoid coronary heart disease.

  • Keep the almonds in a container where you can always see them and be reminded to eat them.
  • Much on a few almonds whenever you feel like having a snack.
  • If you do not like the taste of almonds, then try eating them in combination with some other food.

14. Apples

APPLE..2.jpg....You might have heard the popular saying: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

Although it may not be true in many cases, it is true in preventing heart diseases. Apples contain pectin, which is responsible for controlling cholesterol levels.

  • Slice your apples thinly and eat them for breakfast.
  • Eat apples as a snack whenever you feel hungry.
  • Increase the use of apples in your various recipes.
  • Use apples in deserts, to make your deserts both healthy and guilt free.

13. Garlic

garlic..Garlic has several benefits that contribute greatly in reducing the risk of heart diseases. It helps reduce platelet aggregation, atherosclerosis and high cholesterol. It also improves the blood circulation and is also found very effective in preventing heart disease symptoms.

  • Crush the garlic cloves using your knife.
  • Eat freshly crushed cloves daily.
  • Drink a glass of milk afterwards if the taste of garlic is too overpowering for you.

Consult your doctor before using garlic as it has blood thinning properties. Do not use garlic if you have had a heart attack or a heart valve replacement. People with heart rhythm disorders should also skip this remedy.

12. Fish

fish..Fish is very beneficial for the coronary heart disease; it contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. These unsaturated fatty acids help protect the heart and prevent heart diseases.

The American Heart Association suggests the people to eat fish at least twice a week, because of its health related benefits. Choose a fatty fish such as mackerel, sardines and salmon.

  • Use fish in your salads instead of meat.
  • Do not deep fry the fish; try different recipes that require less amount of oil.
  • Clean your fish and pick out the bones carefully.

Fish does not help lower your weight or cholesterol level, but it is a better alternative for meat.

11. Lose Weight

Weight ControlIncreased body weight poses many problems for individuals. The number of people suffering from obesity keeps rising day by day, and we all have only our bad diets to blame. The main reason of heart disease in women is obesity.

The increase in fast food chains all across the world has lead to an increase in the intake of junk food. This causes obesity which results in heart problems.

  • Control your weight by exercising.
  • Do not lose all your weight at once; this can be harmful for the body.
  • Lose your weight gradually, giving your body time to adjust to this change.
  • Maintain a healthy balanced diet.
  • Controlling your weight does not mean that you should never eat fast food. It means that you should not eat it as frequently as before.

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10. Increase the Intake of Fibers

FiberSoluble kinds of fibers help reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering your body’s cholesterol levels.

Increase the intake of fibers in your diet gradually and slowly. Give your body time to adjust to the change. Healthy intake of fiber is very essential in preventing coronary heart disease.

  • Fibers can be obtained by eating fruits and bran.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Men should aim for 38 grams per day.
  • Women should aim for 25 grams per day

9. Lower the Salt Intake

salt...An increase in the dietary salt poses a lot of threat to your heart. It is one of the main reasons of heart disease in women and men.

Salt helps regulate blood pressure. An increased amount of salt in your diet can cause high blood pressure. This increased blood pressure makes your heart work harder than usual. Lowering the salt intake can help regulate your blood pressure back to normal.

Salt causes water retention in some people and causes the body to swell. This can also be prevented by lowering the amount of salt in the diet.

8. Fenugreek

Fenugreek seedsFenugreek has many health benefits. It helps control the blood cholesterol and lipid levels. It also helps regulate the blood pressure and reduces platelet aggregation. It is really effective in reducing coronary heart disease risks.

  • Soak a few seeds in water overnight.
  • Eat the soaked seeds each morning.
  • Keep repeating this process daily until you start seeing changes.

Fenugreek is effective in preventing heart attacks and strokes due to its amazing properties.

7. Green Tea

Green tea...Green tea is an amazing drink. It is beneficial for the overall health of the body. It helps remove toxins and provides the body with a natural cleansing from within. Green tea also gives the skin a fresh glow.

It reduces the cholesterol level in the blood and helps boost metabolism along with controlling blood sugar levels. This makes it a powerful drink that prevents heart diseases.

6. Control Your Diabetes

diabetes...Diabetes puts you at a high risk for heart diseases. People who have increased sugar levels in the bloods are very likely to suffer from heart problems. Therefore, care should be taken in the diet. Scientists have found an important relations between diabetes and heart disease in women.

Avoid sugary sweet drinks and foods. Keep your blood sugar levels in the normal range and check your blood regularly.

5. Reduce Cholesterol

cholestrol..Cholesterol is the biggest cause of heart diseases. People with high levels of cholesterol in the blood are very likely to suffer from heart related problems and strokes.

The good news is that you can easily control your cholesterol levels by maintaining a healthy diet. Controlling cholesterol levels significantly lowers the  risks of coronary heart disease.

Opt for cholesterol-free foods.

4. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Avoid Smoking and AlcoholSmoking and alcohol are two very major factors associated with heart diseases. Smoking is not only bad for the heart but it is bad for the lungs as well. Smoking cuts down a significant amount of years from your life.

Therefore, avoid smoking and alcohol to put a stop to heart diseases.

3. Exercise Daily

exercise...If you want to remain healthy and fit, you need to exercise. You cannot expect yourself to stay the same size or maintain the same weight without doing some hard work. It does not matter how long you exercise, what matters is that you do it regularly without any gaps.

  • Try various options.
  • Ask your friend or neighbor to exercise with you if you find yourself lacking motivation.
  • Join a gym.
  • Take out at least 10 minutes for exercise, daily.

Regular exercise helps keep the body in shape and this prevents heart diseases.

2. Live a Tension Free Life

yogaLive a happy life free from all tensions. Do not take too much stress. Change your habits and surround yourself with people who do not make you anxious but help to lessen your anxiety. One common reason of heart disease in women is stress and depression.

  • Set up a small corner in your house free of all electronic devices.
  • Surround the area with plants and greenery.
  • Take out some time everyday to sit in this corner and relax.
  • You can also search online for various ways to relax your body and soul.
  • Try yoga and meditation.

1. Eat Healthy

Eat healthy fatsEating healthy is necessary for the body’s well being. It is not only a remedy for heart diseases but it helps prevent various kinds of illnesses.

To ensure your heart’s well being you must increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. Cut down your daily intake of meat. You should not avoid meat altogether, but consume small portions in long periods of time. Maintain a diet rich in potassium and low in sodium. You can reduces the chances of coronary heart disease to minimum by eating healthy foods.

Increase the intake of green vegetables in your diet. Reduce the intake of sugary and sweet drinks and opt for natural and organic juices.


  • Eat healthy
  • Control your weight.
  • Exercise daily.
  • Use olive oil instead of other oils.
  • Control your blood sugar, cholesterol and lipid levels.
  • Increase the intake of fish and reduce the intake of meat.
  • Lower the amount of salt in your diet.
  • Live a healthy and tension free life.
  • Practice relaxing yoga.
  • Consult your doctor and ask him or her to guide you in making various changes in your lifestyle.
  • Incorporate large amounts of fruits and vegetables in the diet.


  • Don’t increase the intake of salt.
  • Don’t take stress.
  • Don’t smoke and avoid drinking alcohol.
  • Don’t skip your daily exercise.
  • Don’t use garlic without consulting the doctor first.
  • Stop using these remedies if they cause irritation.
  • Don’t resort to drastic measures, do everything slowly and gradually. Give your body the time to adjust.

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