20 Most Successive Home Remedies For Water Retention

Water retention is the problem that refers to the situation of water deficiency. The normal ratio of the water in the body is 70%. The body fat contains the 50% of water and muscle tissues have 75% of water. The situation of water retention occurs when the body starts to retain the water more than this reserved ratio. There are several reasons of the situation, including unbalanced diet and the shortage of exercise. Dehydration, menopause and reaction or side effect of some drugs can be the reason of the disorder. If you are suffering from the diseases such as thyroid, Varicose Veins, Arthritis, Kidney and Liver problems. The unbalanced diet, especially the lack of calcium, potassium, vitamins, amino acids, vitamin B complex and proteins is behind the water retention. The patient has to face the situation where face, hands and feet get swollen. Here are some home remedies that enable you to get rid of the problem more efficiently and in a much better way.

“Water retention can be treated with these safe and natural home remedies. Sometimes the patient has to suffer uncomfortable feeling and bloating as well. These remedies are the ultimate solutions of the problem.”

20. Drink Plenty Of Water


Water retention can be avoided through drinking much water as much as you can. It is very healthy to drink more than 8 glasses of water in a day. So if you want to know how to get rid of water retention, make sure to drink proper amount of water regularly.

  1. Lack of water is not only the cause of water retention, but it can create the situation of dehydration.
  2. It leads to intoxication the more fatal condition.

If you drink more water it will help to purify the body from salts and harmful minerals. Drinking plenty of water is the best home remedy to get rid of water retention.

19. Reduce Salt In Your Meals


Access of salt can lead to intoxication that is very dangerous to the body. Salt has highly positive attribute towards water retention. It is one of the main water retention causes. It increases, the situation in the form of the collation of water tissue and you can get rid of it by reducing the quantity of salt for 2-3 days only. You will be amazed to see the results.

  1. You can use spices and herbs instead of salt.
  2. Helps to remove the retention of water.

18. Reduce Sugar


Sugar is the source to increase the level of insulin in the body, it is the major cause to decrease the ability of the body in getting rid of salt (sodium). It is the fact that excessive salt creates the hurdle in the flow of fluid. It means it is one of the main water retention causes.

  1. Sugar is the cause of water retention in the body.
  2. If you want to get rid of the situation, then cut sweets from your meals.

 17. Diuritic Food


Natural ways are better cure for the treatment of water retention. Eat fruits and vegetables that contain the nutrients to reduce the water retention. Cranberry juice, Cabbage leaf, nettle, apple cider vinegar, celery, seeds of celery, tea leaf, matcha green tea, fennel, parsley are the most effective natural diuretic. Include these items in your diet plan and enjoy a healthy and fresh life.

  1. It dissolves salts and wash them away from the body.
  2. It removes excess water.

 16. Food Rich In Potassium


Deficiency of Potassium is behind the water retention in the body. According to experts, potassium deficiency is one of the main water retention causes. Eat the food that is rich in potassium such as banana, dates, raspberries, oranges, apples, bell peppers, fresh mushrooms, spinach, strawberries, peaches, blackberries, apricot, and raisins.

  1. It will help to remove water and maintains the quantity of water.
  2. It reduces the blood pressure as well.

15. Herbal Tea


Herbal tea is the source of diuretic that helps to remove the extra amount of water as well as toxic material from the body. The herbal tea can be prepared from parsley. That is effective to reduce the retention of water easily.

  1. Take this herbal tea 3 to 4 times in a day.
  2. Just boil the parsley in a glass of water by covering it up.
  3. Boil it for five minutes and take drink half cup 3 to 4 times.

 14. Eat Food That Contains More Water


Watermelon is the true source of water. The water retention can be removed through more water. Take the fruits and vegetables that are rich in water, including carrots, sprout, Brussels, oats, cabbage, asparagus, lettuce, artichokes, cucumbers, watercress and tomatoes.

  1. It reduces blood pressure by reducing the quantity of salts.
  2. Removes the extra water from the tissues of the body.

 13. Exercise Is Must


Exercise is the ultimate solution of the problem because it helps to reduce water from your body. There are several types of workout that can help you in reducing the water retention. Walking, cycling, running, playing and jogging are the cause to sweat. So if you’re wondering how to get rid of water retention, make sure to exercise regularly.

  1. It helps to reduce salt and other toxic material.
  2. Water reduction is good to get rid of water retention.
  3. It helps to reduce weight as well.

12. Garlic


Garlic is the real mean to provide natural diuretic nutrient. It helps to remove the excess of water from the body and enhance the strength of the tissues as well. Taking garlic in your diet plan is highly healthy and beneficial for this purpose. Make sure to include garlic in your diet if you want to know how to get rid of water retention easily.

  1. It helps to wash the toxin and salt from the body.
  2. It helps to break down the fats
  3. It helps to dissolve the salt into fluid and remove it from the body.
  4. Reduces the blood pressure.

11. Diuretic Pills


These pills are highly effective in getting rid of the water retention at extreme levels. Herbal diuretic pills are much better to use and to provide the safety form the side effects. They are efficient to remove the salt and to wash them away from the body.

  1. The side effect of these pills is that these pills remove the important minerals with the salts.
  2. It can cause chest pain and other problems in the body.
  3. It can cause diarrhea.

 10. Sauna Bath


Sauna bath is an effective home remedy for the treatment of the water retention. In this way you can be able to release sweat that will help you in relaxing and washing the salts and toxins out of the body. It is very helpful and efficient way to remove the extra water from your cells. The sauna bath is useful in some ways.

  1. It washes the salt and harmful minerals.
  2. It helps to reduce the excess quantity of water through sweating.

9. Application Of Icepacks


Applying the Ice Packs on the swollen parts of the body can cause to get relief immediately. It is highly effective and powerful way to cure this if you want to know how to get rid of water retention. It helps to improve health easily.

  1. Place ice cubes in a plastic bag or tie it in a cloth
  2. Now tie it on the swollen area
  3. Press it lightly and repeat it three or two times
  4. It is highly effective for eyes swelling

8. Body Wrap Treatment


The body wrap treatment is highly beneficial for this purpose. If you are facing this situation then it is the best home remedy to have a body wrap treatment in the beauty salon. It is the best way to get rid of extra water from your body. It is the effective remedy to get relief immediately.

  1. Wrap your body in the bandages that are soaked in special mineral
  2. Wait for an hour and it will cause to remove extra water from the body.

7. Avoid Alcohol


Alcohol is the source to develop toxic material in the body. It produces the situation that leads to killing the cell and tissues. Avoid the food that is anti-diuretic and turns you towards dehydration. It creates a dangerous situation for the body in retaining more water. It means it is one of the main water retention causes you can find.

  1. Try to replace it with green or herbal tea.
  2. Avoid to intake alcohol, especially in the night.

6. Vitamin B Complex


Deficiency of Vitamin B complex is behind the water retention because they help to break down the molecules of starch and sugar. They help in hormone replacement therapy as well. It helps to have the sufficient amount of vitamin B complex in your daily routine.

  1. Use fruits that are rich in this nutrient.
  2. Use balanced diet
  3. It will help you to wash way harmful mineral from the body
  4. Reduces the extra quantity of water from the body

5. Barely


Barely is the drink that is highly healthy and refreshing during summer. It contains a light quantity of diuretic properties. It is the best home remedy to get rid of water retention. It is extremely effective for some disorders, for health treatment and even pregnant ladies are safe to utilize this water to get help from the swollen legs becauseof hormonal and blood changes in them during pregnancy. Here is how you to get rid of water retention using barley:

  1. Take grains of barley in a dish and wash it off completely.
  2. Add this grain to water and heat up this water for around 15 – 25 minutes
  3. Strain the blend and include either lemon or squeezed orange in it
  4. Blend it well and beverage this grain water every day.

4. Dandelion Leaves Tea


Dandelion is an herb that has medicinal beneficial and importance in the world of herbal medicines. It is used to treat kidney and liver. It is the perfect treatment of heartburn as well. It is rich in natural diuretic and flushes out the extra amount of salt that is harmful for the body. It is highly rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and manganese perfect to remove the water.

  1. Take a teapot and put this dandelion leaves (either dried or new) in this pot
  2. Pour high temp water over it and spread it with a cover.
  3. Permit it to soak for around 5 – 10 minutes
  4. Strain this tea and have this natural tea to get alleviation from the water maintenance.
  5. Normal admission of this dandelion tea for 2 – 3 times each day will remove the issue.

3. Corn Silk Tea


Corn Silk is threaded like strands of the corns that is used for the treatment of the kidney and other urinary disorders. The corn silk is rich in vitamin K, polyphenols, flavonoids and antioxidants. This silk is considered a natural source of diuretic material that successfully diminishes the retention of water in the body. This additionally dispenses toxic material and different squanders from the body for not just to get rid of the waterretention, additionally from different issues like gout and joint pain.

  1. Take a teapot and spot the corn silk either new or dried in it
  2. Pour bubbling water over it and spread the teapot
  3. Give it a chance to soak for around 5 – 7 minutes
  4. Presently strain the tea by utilizing a strainer and drink this tea.
  5. Normal drinking of this characteristic light sweetened tea for twice a day on regular routine will help to remove the water retention.

2. Coriander Seed


It is the true source of natural diuretics, and a great support in water retention. It contains potassium, phosphorous, vitamin B6, and niacin moreover, magnesium, calcium, thiamin, riboflavin,iron,folic acid,vitamin A, C and K,that is great in helping to remove the extra quantity of water.

  1. Take coriander seeds and add this to water in a bowl
  2. Heat up this water over medium heat till the water achieves 50% of its unique amount.
  3. Reduce the warmth and strain the water and keep it aside
  4. Permit it to chill off for a couple minutes before drinking.
  5. Drink this to dispose of the water and other liquid maintenance.
  6. Repeat the same procedure for twice a day on a consistent schedule till you get totally mended from the water maintenance.

1. Lemon Juice


Lemon Juice is the most efficient way to get rid of the problem of water retention. It assists to clean the colon and excess fluid from the body. It removes toxin from the body in a natural way and provide the diuretics. It provides the water to the kidneys to keep them in working condition. This at last clears the water retention issue and prevent the body from it for the future.

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  1. Take a lemon squeeze and add this to warm water
  2. Mix it well and add honey
  3. Blend it well and drink it two or three times.


You should do following things to get rid of the problem immediately and effectively.

  1. Eat healthy and fresh diet.
  2. Take balanced diet.
  3. Drink Plenty of water
  4. Always use hawthorn that is good for the improvement of vascular tone.
  5. Do exercise regularly.


  1. Do not wear tight clothes.
  2. Avoid taking sugar and salts or cut short the quantity.
  3. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as these can be main water retention causes you can find.
  4. Do not sit in a same position for a long time.
  5. Avoid carbonated drinks to prevent from dehydration.
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