10 Weird Ways To Lower Blood Pressure – Its Just “Being Yourself” !

Submitted By Jenny Smith  

People usually get tensed and stressed when they come across their medical reports which state positive for high blood pressure. High blood pressure is one issue that can be pointed out in every household i.e. at least one member of the house might be suffering from it. However, some people on the other end tend to take it very lightly by not paying attention to their physical health; continue eating unnecessarily and not taking the prescribed medicines regularly. But what they don’t realize is the fact that if this illness isn’t handled correctly or cured properly then it can lead to other various diseases such as stroke, cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline as well as kidney failure. Moreover, there are even some very efficient patients never miss on a medicine, control their diet and do as much as they can in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Although even the medicines which they take in order lower blood pressure fast end up in causing various side effects and symptoms for them such as insomnia, dizziness, irritable leg cramps which don’t let them sleep peacefully at night. Therefore, there are some natural ways and home remedies for high blood pressure which one can undertake in order to lower blood pressure fast which will end up in making them enjoy a healthy and fit life.

10. Walk, Jog, Run

RegulaWalk, Jog, Runr Running Habit

Get a treadmill, join a gym or go to a nearby park; but make sure that you walk at least 40 minutes of your day. Physical exercises are the natural ways to lower blood pressure. I’m laying a great emphasis on this because it’s a form of exercise which will help in keeping you active, energetic and smart and walk let tiredness overshadow any of those attributes. Moreover, jogging or walking will increase the level of blood flow in your body which will result in an increased metabolism and hence will keep the body fit. If you don’t like to exercise or run, just make sure to go for a walk regularly to enjoy the amazing benefits of walking.  Furthermore, this is one form of exercise which will help the heart use more oxygen and that too quite often leading towards similar effects. So,

  • Go for power walks.
  • Try to do yoga.
  • Try to do cardio exercises.
  • All of this will lower blood pressure quickly.

9. Get Rid of Extra Fat

Get Rid of Extra Fat

How to lower blood pressure immediately? The answer is by letting go off the extra fat that you’ve stored up in the form of love handles, large thighs or double chin on your body. Henceforth, even if you have a nominal weight just try to maintain it and don’t gain extra carbs or fats as it will affect your blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels quite adversely. Moreover, obesity doesn’t even seem to appear appealing for women especially girls so it’s always best to keep a low hand on the extra carbs in relevance to food in order to stay in a toned up body and in good shape. Shedding your weight and extra fat is the answer of all of the questions like how to get rid of love handles and how to lose thigh fat etc. Trust me, once you get in shape then you won’t even like the idea of losing it. The rest is up to you as to how ever you can lose weight be it by dieting, following a diet plan, having detoxed water all day round or eating only green. Furthermore,

  • By exercising, yoga or aerobics.
  • By doing dumbles or ball.
  • Or just by eating healthy.

8. Go Easy on the Salt

Go Easy on the Salt

Going easy on the salt clearly means that reduce your intake of salt as much as you can. One major factor of a high blood pressure is salt that’s why whenever someone’s BP has dropped; they usually revert to licking on a chunk of salt or drinking salt and water. Henceforth, if you seem to have high BP levels then keep a low hand on the salt each and every time you eat anything. Furthermore, this is particularly true in terms of the salt shaker. Don’t ever depend on that as unknowingly you sprinkle on extra salt, more than what is needed which results in a high blood pressure. So, be safe and beware!

7. Gym or Aerobics, Choose your Pick

Gym or Aerobics, Choose your Pick

Yes girls, you got that right in order to lower blood pressure immediately you need to be regular in doing your share of exercises be it just a bit of pushups or crunches at home. But at least something which will help in keeping your body in motion and make it stays active. Furthermore, if you’ll begin to do it initially then your muscles will pull and you will face immense pain either in your back or against your rib cage but don’t let the pain stop you from doing the exercise. However, continue doing more because if you end doing the exercise because of the pain then it will exceed and will cause you more difficulty in future. Make sure to select the best exercises to lose weight that will lower your blood pressure also. So choose your pick be it,

  • Surya Namaskar.
  • Planks or the butterfly move.
  • Or just treadmill.
  • Choose your pick and get started!

6. Say Goodbye to Stress

Say Goodbye to Stress

Another major factor in a BP shoot up is extreme tension and stress. Henceforth, due to this people even face sudden heart attacks because they undergo so much mental pressure and tension that they’re body cannot handle it and end up in shooting their BP whilst resulting in a severe heart attack at times. You have to learn about how to get rid of stress first to control your blood pressure. So most of all try to stay calm and don’t let anxiety overshadow your will power because no matter what tell your problems that your God is much bigger than all of they combined. Furthermore, always remember that problems and issues come and go but life still goes on so no matter whatever challenge you face, have the courage to look back at it eye to eye and don’t let it outweigh your mental peace. Begin by,

  • Lowering your expectations.
  • Make time to relax.
  • Make plans to solve the issues arising.
  • Always be thankful and everything will be just fine.

5. Say NO to Alcohol

Say NO to Alcohol

If you want your blood pressure levels to be maintained and don’t want to let it increase then do one simple thing, quit alcohol! Quit it even if you have to go to rehab for alcohol treatment because if spending some money can increase your life expectancy then is it. Moreover, alcohol is not good for health and neither for your BP level because it causes an increase in the blood pressure levels and reduces the effectiveness of any sort of medications used to maintain the BP levels or help it keep lower. However, occasional drinking isn’t harmful but yes to all you regular drinkers break your alcohol bottles and start living an alcohol free life.

4. Drink Hibiscus Tea

Drink Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is an herbal tea which is an output of the nexus between crimson or deep magenta-colored calyces (sepals) of the Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) flower. It has a tart flavor which seems to be a bit sour but adding and mixing sugar into it makes it sweeter and better to taste. The question arises how to quickly lower blood pressure? The answer is drinking hibiscus tea or herbal tea which is a substitute to it and consists of a good amount of hibiscus in it. Therefore, drinking it will help in lowering blood pressure. Therefore, if you drink this tea and keep high blood pressure levels at bay then you can easily stay away from risks of heart attacks and strokes. You can also try green tea shot 2,3 times a day for similar benefits. Moreover,

  • Phytochemicals in hibiscus help in reducing blood pressure.
  • Sprinkle lemon over the tea.
  • Herbal tea or hibiscus tea both will have more or less the same effects.

3. Eat Healthy

Eat HealthyThe question is how to lower blood pressure quickly? The simplest answer to this is by going green! Moreover, just going green won’t help but maintaining and balancing a healthy diet inclusive of low fat, low cholesterol, low dairy products, whole wheat food will do the trick. Henceforth, don’t eat bakery products, extra sweet or fried items because they will cause an increase in the sugar levels, cholesterol levels as well as in your overall weight too. Furthermore, try eating less than usual and drink lemon tea or lemon water at least once a day as it will help in toning down your body by keeping the extra carbs and fats at bay. Therefore, eat healthy and eat all meals but in portions. Try to eat foods that lower blood pressure and keep you healthy.

2. It is a Goodbye to Caffeine Too

It is a Goodbye to Caffeine Too

To all the compulsive coffee drinkers, it might not affect your blood pressure levels. However, you might be caffeine sensitive and in order to determine it you should check your BP level half an hour after drinking coffee. Consequently, it will affect those who occasionally drink it quite a great deal. There might be a possibility of a significant increase in the blood pressure levels due to caffeine. However, you should always consult your dietician before adding or eradicating something from your diet plan. So,

  • Don’t drink coffee on a regular basis.
  • A cup of coffee once in a blue moon won’t harm.
  • Replace your craving of coffee with a cup of tea.

1. Mental Peace

Mental Peace

The utmost thing necessary for a person to keep healthy by maintaining a low blood pressure; a healthy body and an active mind are only by carrying mental peace. As they say, inner peace and mental peace go hand in hand and are two most significant things in life. Moreover, this is actually really true because if you’ll be mentally at peace then you’ll stay positive, feel happy and enjoy things around you; however, if you won’t have the peace of mind then you’ll feel pessimistic, blue and will always remain ill.

Additional Tips

  • Don’t eat meat especially beef if you are a patient of high blood pressure.
  • Use as minimal salt as possible in your food.
  • Use very little spices too such as red chilies and red chili powder.
  • Drink lots of water and always stay hydrated.
  • Keep at a distance from deep fried and frozen foods.
  • Eat lots of watermelon to lower blood pressure.

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