10 Most Pragmatic Tips For Successful Parenting

A number of researchers, psychologists, educators and doctors have endeavored to explore pragmatic rules and techniques for successful parenting. Techniques for being best parents are also passed to us through our grannies and moms that too prove helpful. Being a parent means modifying your lifestyle. You change your sleep pattern, sacrifice your part-time work, and fulfill little demands all the day and night just to please your little ones. But there is more for you to learn. The following text will provide you the most pragmatic tips for successful parenting. If you follow them positively, they will benefit you a lot.

10. Be Respectful

Be Respectful

Children deserve respect like everyone else. Parents need to respect the feelings and emotions of their children, for it is vital for the development of their normal behavior and personalities. They should try to sort out the issues they are facing, be kind and gentle towards them, and fulfill their needs in time. Being respectful to a child and giving importance to him is one of the best parenting tips that will develop his abstract thinking, self-efficiency and confidence. Contrarily, a disrespectful behavior towards a child knocks him down into anxiety stress and misbehavior. Such a child will not respect others too.

9. Be A Good Listener

Be a Good Listener

The ideas your child holds are worth listening, they indicate his thought patterns. Listening carefully to a child boosts his self-esteem and confidence. Involve your children in making family decisions. Democratic parenting is far better than authoritarian parenting where parents take all decisions. Sense of independence and involvement of children in making decisions invokes critical thinking in them. The children not being involved in decision making, lack self-confidence and have a low self-esteem and suffer inferiority complexes throughout their lives. By listening to the children you gain their trust, which is a step towards building closer and better relationship with them.

8. Be A Role Model

Be a Role Model

A child’s mind is a blank canvas, whatever you draw on it, becomes an image. Children usually imitate their parents. Always be honest with them and consequently they will be honest. Speak truth and they will be truthful, Keep your promises with them and they learn the value of commitment and keeping promises. Teach them values that build a strong personality. Playing a role model for them is one of the most pragmatic tips for successful parenting that has enormous benefits. Parents need to avoid behavior they don’t wish to see in their kids. For instance, they should differentiate between having fun and making fun. For, making fun of others in front of children will lead to their mistrust on their parents. They will adopt the positives as well as negatives of you. Hence, parents need to be vigilant throughout the course of parenting.

7. Adopt A Friendly Attitude

Adopt a Friendly Attitude

Provide the children a lovable home environment: develop understanding with them, asses their needs, provide them what they want, provide them independence in their decision making. It boosts confidence. Do not misunderstand your child, when they do a mistake, try to know the reason behind their actions and assist them to solve the issue. Try to boost up the inherent goodness of your child, if you will not, fear and negative thinking will take over him.

6. Avoid Negative Disciplining

Avoid Negative Disciplining

Where positive discipline is admired, negative discipline devastates the child’s personality. Parents should avoid humiliating, scolding and brushing off the child. The judgmental behavior, negative criticism, undue checks and controls, triggers negative energies in the child which in turn transforms him into confused individual with crippling low self-esteem.

5. Encourage Independence

Encourage Independence

Where necessary checks and limits are vital for children, undue checks and over discipline make them rebellious. They should be provided Independence. Parents should allow them making choices. It helps a child develop a sense of self direction, invokes critical thinking and promotes problem solving skills. For a successful life and to be a successful individual, a child needs independence and self-direction.

4. Enforce Positive Parenting

Enforce Positive Parenting

Instead of shaming, training and scolding, parents should make a shift to assisting and understanding. Praise the children often, reward them on their achievements – certainly it is one of the most pragmatic tips for successful parenting. It boosts positive energy in child, which in turn fosters empathy, honesty, cooperation, kindness and cheerfulness. The affectionate and supportive behavior of parents boosts in child intellectual curiosity, motivation and desire to achieve.

3. Never Scold Them Publicly

Never Scold them Publicly

Scolding or disciplining a child publicly shatters his personality and on your part a very negative and discouraging parenting gesture. It is a proven fact that children who are hit or slapped in front of others are more prone to fighting with other children. They are more likely to be bullied and more likely to use aggression to resolve disputes with others.

2. Treat Your Offspring Equally

Treat your Offspring Equally

Parents should never discriminate among their children on any ground. It causes feelings of isolation, feelings of deprivation of parental attention and love. It promotes inferiority complex in the child being discriminated. The child getting more attention becomes egocentric, arrogant and develops superiority complex. Furthermore, the sense of discrimination establishes siblings’ rivalry that tends to transform into hatred for each other.

1. Help Your Child Develop Self-Confident

Help Your Child Develop Self-confident

The influx of positive energies by parents and caregivers thrive the positive aspects of a child’s personality. They develop in him self-confident, critical thinking, and the ability to solve his problems. Parents should be praising a child, supporting him in all odds and making frequent communications with him and providing him quality time. This will certainly result into boosting up his confidence.

Parenthood is a sacred job and significant too. What a child learns in cradle fixes in his brain forever. Parents have deep impact on the personalities of their children. Today’s child is tomorrow’s adult so, parents need to learn what we can term as the most pragmatic tips for successful parenting for ensuring the best results of their endeavors. These parenting tips are meant to enhance parents’ roles in the lives of their children and will also ease their responsibilities in upbringing them.

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